Friday 31 March 2023

News Analysed, Opinions Expressed


Covid19 is not a picnic, it's a monstrous villian!

Whatever any naysayers may tell you, this is something Man has never ever seen before. From relatively stable patients crashing suddenly, to CT scans consistently showing savage infiltrations in almost all patients, to the unpredictable ... READ



My Tryst with Gender Bias

I wonder sometimes, what the scene would be if only daughters were born into this family. To whom would they give all the family wealth? In families which only have daughters, the daughters receive what ... READ



Beware of bumpy ride! Killer Potholes Ahead...

It’s Monday already and Government has yet again failed to fill potholes on Goan roads. Just last week a 26-year old lost his life while trying to avoid a pothole at Bhoma. The heavy rains ... READ



सूदिर सूक्तः निषेध विष्णू विरोधकांचा, आणि विष्णूचाही!

विष्णूंच्या कविता संग्रहास पुरस्कार मिळू नये म्हणुन ज्यानी अट्टाहास केला व ज्या सरकारने हा पुरस्कार फेटाळला त्यांचा मी निषेध करतो. त्याचबरोबर विष्णूचाही निषेध करतो. ‘सरस्वतीने’ ने प्रदान केलेलं अती सुंदर शब्द भंडार असलेला हा ‘कुबेर’ ... READ



Divided media cannot provide justice to Gauri Lankesh

If we have failed to raise our voice as effectively as we should have in previous instances of violence against journalists, then the time to change that is now: If we stay silent and disunited, ... READ



दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार

तुम्ही प्रकरण घेऊन आलात की ते छोटं किंवा मोठं असेल, पण जेन्युइन असणार याची सगळ्यांनाच खात्री होती. तुम्ही म्हणजे मूर्तिमंत संवेदनशीलता. तुम्हाला निवांतपणा नव्हताच कधी. READ



मतदार लोकसत्ताकाचो सन्मान करता?

पयसो लोकांकडें आसता. कारण पयसो निर्माण करपाक लागपी वावर-शक्त लोकांचकडें आसता. तेच तो निर्माण करतात. ती शक्त गिरेस्तांकडें केन्नाच आसना. गिरेस्त हांतल्यान निर्माण जाल्ले पयशे आपल्याचकडें कशे उरचे हे संबंदान तरा तरांच्यो क्लुप्त्यो करुन ते ... READ



The Politics of Loyalty and Betrayal    

Thus, in our context, we can see how the BJP claims that is represents the interest of the Indian Hindus while it simply represents the interest of the corporate in India. But to mask this, ... READ



सदानंद म. रायकर : कोंकणी ही मराठीची बोली असल्याचे जे विधान कौतिकरावानी केले, त्याला ...READ

Rodney Pereira: Sandesh has presented the facts well. I have great memories ...READ

Satish: I like ur pageREAD

Utpal Khot: The analysis is great except the fact that you seem ...READ

Prasanna Utagi: Good analysis. well presented facts and interesting arrangement of statistics ...READ

URBANO FERNANDES: The Portugal left GOA on 19th DECEMBER 1961, I WAS ...READ

Walter: Very informative and factual.....Gives a lie to the statements of ...READ

Gary Azavedo: What about the Babus, Babushes, etc.? Incidentally, these three former ...READ

ekomeme: [url=]Imudio[/url] Aqosexah

Jack De Goan: AAP has given Financial Support for the people of Delhi. ...READ

Jack De Goan: Oxygen and Vaccine, Where are you? I am coming from ...READ

Jack De Goan: Oxygen and Vaccine, Where are you? I am coming from ...READ

Nitin Neogi: Heart touchingREAD

Sitaram Naik: सरांच्या सभावाचे दर्शन लेखात घडलें. असो मनीस राजकारणांत दुर्मिळ....READ

Judas Mascarenhas: Beautifully pennedREAD