Thursday 25 July 2024

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Covid deaths appear declining, but working people still on the road

After playing havoc for the last nine days, Covid19 death rate appears to be declining. The picture however would be clear only tomorrow when the GMC bulletin reports deaths of the second half of the ... READ

Around 50 die every day, 246 Covid deaths in 5 days

As predicted, unfortunately, the month of May is becoming scarier day by day. With an average of around 50 per day, a total 246 Covid deaths have been reported in the last five days against ... READ

Covid19: 98% recovering but Bardez exploding; May getting scary…

423 deaths due to Covid19 in mere 32 days is, no doubt, quite scary. In fact the number of Covid deaths has shot up in the first two days of May; 78 deaths till the ... READ

Nov. Covid toll: No deaths in 2 talukas, No. declines, but Goa not out of death trap

November has brought a little respite with the death toll of Covid coming down to less than half than the previous month and barely crossing the number of daily deaths to more than four. READ

Goa eagerly awaits for the day with no Covid death, two in the 30s die this week

Goa continues to report Covid deaths every day in spite of cases getting declined. In fact, yesterday reported the youngest death of this month, a 29-year old boy from Pernem. READ

Covid death proportion not declining among 40-80 age group

Covid19 deaths have declined in one month, but not the proportion of deaths between the age group of 41 to 80. Though Goa lost three infants in October, the number of deaths among the youngsters ... READ

‘Chovoth’ outbreak subsiding, will it be a repeat show during Navratri & Diwali?

Goa’s Covid19 death rate continues to fluctuate, unlike the impression that it is declining. However, active cases have reduced tremendously this month after the Chovoth outbreak. READ

Covid death rate declining, 32-Yr old girl dies

It’s a great relief that fewer and fewer people are dying of the Covid19 virus. But also a matter of concern is that young people continue succumbing to the deadly virus. READ

Have Covid19 cases really dropped to 187? Where?

Hope it is true that Goa found only 187 Covid19 positive cases on Sunday. Because it’s a huge drop. But unfortunately, it cannot be traced in the health bulletins published by the Goa government. READ

A ray of hope: Covid cases & deaths shrinking, more getting cured

Everybody is waiting for the day the torturous period of a pandemic would be over. And looks like the reverse process has started though the situation is still gloomy. The graph of cases, as ... READ