Wednesday 22 May 2024

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पोर्तुगीज पासपोर्ट आशिल्लो गोंयकार 'राष्ट्र'-विरोधी? READ

US-based Goans volunteer to make ‘A Better Goa’

Goa’s prominent organisations and NGOs have appealed to the Goans settled in USA to come forward to help several developmental projects, in the field of industry, education and culture. READ

Brexit: Indian workers apprehensive of jobs

Brexit may have bought happiness to more than half of the population; however, the Indian diaspora is left clueless about their status in the country. READ

What will be the fate of immigrants now, post-Brexit?

“Take back control of our borders” proved a potent message for those who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU. Now that the country has voted for Brexit, immigration will be one of the big ... READ

‘Portuguese Goans’ need not come back, feel experts; GF offers help

Will the decision on Brexit poll of UK to leave the European Union result into compelling Portuguese Goans to come back to their original homeland? Or will they be retained by UK out of necessity? ... READ

BREXIT may not have immediate change in immigration status: Independent

The British people have voted to leave the EU. So what happens now? READ

BJP, MGP, GVP in the Govt clash over Portuguese citizenship issue

The alliance partners of the ruling BJP-led government are divided over the issue of dual citizenship and Goans embracing Portuguese citizenship. READ

Punish ‘Portuguese’ Indians, snap ties with Portugal: FF

Goa’s freedom fighters have demanded that Goans, who have adopted Portuguese citizenship, should be punished for staying in India illegally. READ

Qatar assures Modi to improve working conditions of Indian migrants

Qatar has reassured India that labour reforms will improve the conditions of more than half a million Indian migrants, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised concerns of abuses during a weekend visit to the Gulf ... READ

Centre offers option: Be a 'Portuguese' or come back as Indian

Generations of Goans who enjoyed easy access to Europe through their Portuguese ties may now have to give up the privilege of holding a 'Bill of Identity' granted by Portugal to retain their Indian citizenship. READ