Monday 20 May 2024

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Goenkar will now get Voddlo Pao for Rs 5

Goenkar can now have two sizes of Pao or Unddo, from 1st July. READ

Goa's Feni to be marketed as 'Heritage Spirit', not liquor

Goa’s cashew feni, which got its Geographical Indication (GI) certification in 2000 is all set to be delisted as “country liquor” and will be standardised and marketed soon beyond State's borders as Goa’s “Heritage Spirit.” READ

Goa’s traditional balanced diet keeps malnourishment away: Varsha

“Goa barely has any case of malnourishment since our traditional diet is balanced and full with nutritive contents,” said Varsha Naik, Assistant Professor at the Goa College of Home Science. READ

Gurgaon replicates Goa,starts motorcycle pilots

After Goa, Haryana is all set to approve bike taxis, a new concept that has been creating a buzz across the globe. READ

‘Akashdivo’ of writers and fighters enlightens the real spirit of Diwali

Comes Diwali and the artists display their talent by making different kinds of Akashdive (sky lanterns). But stands among all is the Akashdivo made by student-activist Yugank Naik this year, in his tiny village of ... READ

The rose-tinted world of Goa's brass musicians

The room belongs to Rui Lobo’s cat, Ceul. She creates music by walking over the keyboard and producing a single note on a guitar when she bites off a string. She sleeps on sheet music, ... READ

Poderanchem Fest: Honouring Goa's unsung heroes

Podderanchem Fest is not a tradition, but Socorro village started a new tradition, by holding this Fest for the first time, by dedicating it to Goa’s traditional unsung hero - the Poder. READ

Now, stability audit for old Goa houses

In a move which could have an impact on Portuguese-era mansions in the state, the Goa government today decided to conduct audit of buildings that are more than 30 years old and make it mandatory ... READ

NIO scientists explore 3rd century port in Goa

Scientists in the country have found remnants of a historically important port on Goa's Zuari river which is expected to be amongst the oldest signs of human trade on the central west coast and may ... READ