Thursday 30 March 2023

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Female deaths rising, below 51 reducing

The Covid19 death rate among females has started slowly rising in the month of October, though the rate of deaths below the age of 51 seems to be reduced compared to last month. READ

Nearly 500 deaths, but 93% of Covid19 patients recovering now

The death toll of Covid19 is now nearly 500 in Goa, but the recovery rate has improved tremendously in the last 10 days. READ

Is 40s a vulnerable age group for Covid19? Female deaths also rising

People in their 40s need to be more careful with Covid19 as this age group appears to be getting affected more with the deadly virus, not just the old people between 60 to 80. READ

Oct: One youngster dying every day, five without comorbidity

Three more young lives have succumbed to Covid19 in the last three days. And five have died of Covid without having any comorbidity this month. READ

21 Covid deaths in 3 days, Goans in 50s succumbing to Covid

October has begun with Covid19 taking the lives of 21 Goans in the first three days. A sizable number are also from the age group of 50 to 59 and also the females. READ

Covid recovery rate splendid in Goa, but cases not declining

It's good news during the scary Covid19 pandemic. The recovery rate has improved splendidly in a month. But also the matter of worry is that cases are rising in Goa, which is now also opened ... READ

Half of the Covid deaths in Sept, Max in Salcete, spreading in the hinterland

September has been the deadliest month during the Covid19 pandemic to date. More than half of the deaths have occurred this month alone. And the virus has now also started killing people in rural Goa, ... READ

Covid cases are rising or reducing in Goa?

Are Covid cases rising or reducing in Goa?. On the one hand, the government says that the number of active cases have reduced by nearly 200 since yesterday. On the other, it says there is ... READ

503 fresh cases today, only 73 traced at 8 centres, where else is Covid spreading?

There are 503 fresh Covid19 positive cases found today. But the government’s media bulletin continues misguiding the people of Goa about where exactly these cases are found. READ

Covid death rate of Sept equals to last two months, 61% being treated at home

The month of September is being proved deadly. Goa has lost people equal to what we lost in the last two months of July and August. But in the last two days, Covid deaths seem ... READ