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पोर्तुगीज पासपोर्ट आशिल्लो गोंयकार 'राष्ट्र'-विरोधी?

A question on Goans opting for Portuguese passport in SSC examination has thrown up a public debate with BJP leaders calling it anti-national.

Is it fair to call them anti-nationals when they don’t want to give up their Indiancitizenship while opting for Portuguese citizenship to get jobs in Europe? is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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First of all Niz Goenkar is taken for a ride in whatsoever case it may be may be job or own estabilisment..if job giving or in bussinss lot of harassment is been done and job sector it doesn't even meet up with basic needs if Goan forget about supporting their own families..then about Government jobs as we all know what corruption is going on in government job sector's or even to do with government scheme...then now you say what choice is left or was left for Goans ...and let me come back and remind you during the time of Parrikar regimes the permission for Portuguese passport was given as it was before but that span of time they where doing it with high speed which made Goans attract and thus there was no choice left they have to straight go for it as there was no choice left...and now you call the Portuguese passport holders a Anti national?

Hug! It's the so called the present and the passed government who are called the anti National now they have no choice left (government) that's why they are creating a disturbing atmosphere within the peace and harmony Goa and Goemkars

They will never win

Am I koxti..ani te chor

Lino Dourado , Murmagoa sancoale

It is mindset that is prevalent in a section of population in Goa and among those who were connected in Goa and now live abroad.

Portuguese have gone but not this mindset, why don't they take the Portuguese passport like Remo and like that paper-setter is saying and go away from India if they hate living here and the Indian culture so much.

The paper setting is a responsible job don't mix up with bigotry and political philosophies. So tomorrow, is it OK, if someone sets a question like.

"Portuguese during inquisition burned down several Hindu villages, their temples and deity, therefore, current day Portugal must apologize to the Hindus in Goa"

Isn't this a part of intellectual freedom blah blah that the posters below are blaring about!

PL Thomas , Goa

Sons of soil

Welcome home. Welcome Goa

And the Parma award goes to all the teachers who set this question paper

Cruz , Australia

A Goan (Indian) holding Portuguese or any other passport is a violator, law-breaker and should be dealt according to the immigration law. He or She is an illegal person living in India and first thing should be send back to whichever country the person is holding the passport of.

Jeevan Rane , USA

Very well said,giving all the evedience and spoken words and phrases of people in political scenero.

Socorina Baptista , Kuwait

I feel that there's nothing wrong in what the paper setter did.. It is absolutely true.. It's a fact that's presented to the students in a Hypothetical manner. And if anyone feels that it is something wrong then they are trying to turn a blind eye towards a fact. To stop it they should hurry up to pass the POGO Bill. And not take any action towards the paper setter..

Seles de Oliveira , Merces




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