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The real Parivartan!


What is more important is the Parivartan witnessed among the youngsters as well as those middle class and higher middle class people with indifferent attitude, who lined up in front of the polling booths with a purpose.

Goa has created history, once again almost after 45 years, perhaps to teach once again an unforgettable lesson to Goa’s politicians.

82 per cent is a record-breaking voters’ turnout. To elect the representative, it is for the first time. The last time Goa witnessed such a huge turnout was during the Opinion Poll, on 13 January 1967. The polling percentage was 81.70 per cent. And now, it is 82 per cent on 3 March 2012.

The common factor on both the days is YOUTH. Bhausaheb Bandodkar was an undisputable leader, whose Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party had literally flushed out the Congress, not allowing them to win a single seat in Goa’s first ever democratic poll in 1963. With the same overconfidence, Bandodkar agreed to have an Opinion Poll on the issue of merging Goa into Maharashtra. He even dissolved the Assembly, to pave way for a democratic level playing field.

But the rational-minded youth thought otherwise. They opposed Bhau and his MGP and took to streets to educate the people about the benefits of keeping Goa separate. The major issue at this first and last every plebiscite of the country was the language issue – whether mother tongue is Konkani or Marathi, besides several other economic, social and cultural aspects of Goan life. Over 81 per cent marched to the polling booths to foil the attempt of the overconfident politicians to merge Goa into Maharashtra.

Since then, Goa never witnessed more than little over 70 per cent polling in Goa. In fact, voting for 2007 Assembly poll was sort of a historic one, with 72 per cent turnout. Even that election had a wave of making Manohar Parrikar the chief minister. But the BJP could not succeed. In fact, it slipped down from 17 to 14 while the Congress-NCP rose to 19 from 16.

It is still difficult to say whether this exercise of 2012 would actually translate into the BJP getting absolute majority as it is contesting only 28 seats in the 40-member House. But it is beyond doubt that the BJP would turn out to be the single largest party. It could also come to power if the MGP wins at least three to four seats, while also sticking to their promise to maintain their alliance after results.

It is also possible that the Congress could lose miserably in areas like Salcete, where the BJP could gain only in Cuncolim but not in other places like Navelim, Velim, Curtorim, Nuvem etc. The Parivartan wave could simply benefit the independents, whose political future lies in the Congress and not with the BJP. The Parivartan wave may also make many more independents victorious in places like Porvorim, Bicholim and Cumbarjua.

The highest record turnout thus may not translate into Manohar Parrikar becoming the chief minister, in spite of the fact that people also want to make him the CM while wiping out the rude, ruthless and filthy rich Congress. But if the wave really turns strong, then Congress would not get more than three to four seats.

Does not matter. What is more important is the Parivartan witnessed among the youngsters as well as those middle class and higher middle class people with indifferent attitude, who lined up in front of the polling booths with a purpose. This Parivartan had blessings of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare as well as the Congress and the NCP, who made each and every voter furious after 12 tickets were distributed among five families. Even the traditional non-voter came forward for a change.

This itself is a big change. A change to self-realisation. A change of upholding self-respect. A change of performing democratic duty to vote. A change to make a change.

The real Parivartan!!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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