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Rane + Monseratte + Alemao camps = 20


If the whole Alemao camp gets elected and joins hands with Babush-Vishwajeet camps, then they would be short of only one MLA to form the government.

If money, winnability and strongman tactics continue to be the basic traditional criteria to win the forthcoming Assembly election, then it is certain that Ranes, Monserattes and Alemaos would rule us for the next five years, undoubtedly.

It would also mean the individuals like chief minister Digambar Kamat, GPCC president Subhash Shirodkar, minister Alexio Sequoia or lone fighter Dayanand Narvekar would be a non-entity.

Thanks to the ‘visionary selection’ of the Oscar Fernandes and group of high command headed by Sonia Gandhi, the Rane-Monseratte camp itself comprises a group of 14

Next in the line is the Alemao camp gaining six seats while Ravi Naik camp has also succeeded in fielding three candidates.

All of them however do not belong to the Congress alone.

Biggest camp among all appears to be headed by Babush Monseratte. Except NCP candidate Rudresh Chodankar in Mayem, the rest seven candidates of this camp belong to the Congress.

They include Babush in St Cruz, his wife Jennifer in Taleigao, Isidore Fernandes in Canacona, Yatin Parekh in Panaji, Pandurang Madkaikar in Cumbarjua, his brother Dhaku Madkaikar in Priol and Agnel Fernandes in Calangute.

The second in line is Rane camp with Pratapsing Rane in Parye, his son Vishwajeet in Valpoi, Pratap Gawas in Sanquelim, Rajesh Patnekar in Bicholim, Dayanand Sopte in Pernem and Uday Palyekar in Siolim.

Ashish Shirodkar in Mapusa also believed to have been close to Babush camp, but from NCP.

Babush has succeeded in fielding two municipal presidents as candidates – Parekh and Shirodkar.

If elected, it is obvious that both the groups together itself would be 14 in the 40-member House, almost 35 per cent, only seven short to the required majority of 21.

The Alemao camp has also succeeded in getting 6 seats.

It includes Churchill Alemao in Navelim, his brother Joaquim in Cuncolim, his daughter Valanka in Benaulim – all Congress candidates and Joaquim’s son Yuri as the NCP candidate in Sanguem.

In addition, Curtorim Congress candidate Alex Reginald Lawrenco also belongs to Alemao camp while it is rumoured that Alemao has managed to sideline Vijay Sardesai to get Fatorda ticket for M K Shaikh.

If the whole Alemao camp gets elected and joins hands with Babush-Vishwajeet camps, then they would be short of only one MLA to form the government.

Ravi Naik camp is comparatively a very weak one with himself in Ponda and his son Ritesh in Madkai besides fielding Govind Gaude as independent from Priol.

In short, it is just not 11 members of five families that the Congress has fielded. It’s much beyond that.

Each voter thus needs to look beyond his/her constituency and think about the whole state of Goa, while also keeping in mind this whole calculation.

Of course, if people want it this way, then who can stop the Ranes, the Monserattes and the Alemaos from ruling the state? 

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

This happens in the absence of a strong independent anti corruption agency to nail the corrupt Politicians...They know that the easiest way of making wealth for next ten generations is to grab the seats of power and that is the reason why they bring in their kith and keen and make gangs to come in power. This can happen only in a degenerated democracy like the one we have converted our own. The shameless use of looted money power and muscle power to grab the seats of power and then to resort to shameless loot of the masses,,,is never to be proud of for any right thinking citizen...If the citizens have any ability left in them to decide as to what is good for them and their kids....they will send home all the Dynasty Raj members...........

vishwas prabhudesai |

We all talk about it before elections. But, when we vote and the results are out, the picture is totally different. I simply fail to understand as to how these candidates mange to win their respective seats, when there is so much public sentiments against them. So far, wherever, i have seen, interacted or observed on Net, every where there is a clear and loud feeling of a strong anti dynasty, ant incumbancy and anti current government wave. But, i have my doubts whether this wave will convert into a big occean and throw this corrupt govt out of power.

Today we have people in current govt. who claims to be educated, but when you actually see their affidative, you will realise how dumb they could be, but yet amased huge wealth in a very short span of time. Will anybody question their credentials and then vote them?. I do not want to single out anybody, but look at the education qualification of Mr. Monseratt in the current affidavit. It shows he has passed his Secondary Council Examination in the year 2009 from Mohali. Of course anybody is entitled to answer from any place in our country. But the cruel joke is our Education Minister himself has taken his secondary school examination certificate after becoming Education Minister i.e in 2009.

My humble request to all the voters is to please go through the credentials / affidativess of all these candidates before you actually decide to cast your vote. In fact Election Commission has given us this wonderful facility on their website "". Leave aside the authenticity of these affidatives, but it will certainly force the jagrut goans to choose between the right and the worst candidates

Nilesh Salatry |

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