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The Goa Assembly of 40 would have four Alemaos, three Naiks, two Ranes and two Monserattes. 11 out of 40 in the hands of four families. Almost 30 per cent!

How long will the Congress continue fooling all the people all the time? It’s possible, till the people act foolish. But does the Congress really believe that majority Goans are foolish? Or is it really easy to fool them? It appears so, the way Congress leaders are behaving to get tickets.

Congress has declared only 22 seats. 18 are still remaining. In fact all the controversial seats are pending. Except St Cruz, practically every controversial seat is pending. Though there was a controversy, seats of Mandrem and Bicholim, given to former BJP MLAs Dayanand Sopte and Rajesh Patnekar, cannot be termed controversial. The party has ‘honored’ the assurance.

But the list of 22 suddenly displayed the real hidden truth of the so called Congressmen. The list clearly indicates that the family dynasty would be the thumb rule of the Congress, under the guise of winability. The list has cleared two Ranes – Pratapsing and Vishwajeet. The list has also cleared two Alemaos – Churchill and Joaquim. Allotting St Cruz to Babush Monseratte is a clear indication that Taleigao would go his wife Jennifer.

But that’s not enough. Valanka Alemao’s Benaulim ticket is not yet declared. But there is hardly any claimant whom the central leadership could give it to. Joaquim wants Sanguem for his son Yuri. And Ponda candidate Ravi Naik wants it for both his sons – Ritesh in Madkai and Roy in Mayem.  If Congress cannot give it, they have found a solution – the Nationalist Congress Party.

The NCP has lost its ‘independent’ identity long ago. In fact it has no ideology to define in what way it is different from the Congress. Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin is simply forgotten by Sharad Pawar himself. Today, at least in Goa, it is acting as the ‘Reserve Force’ of the Congress. Call it two different parties, talk of alliance and allot tickets to those family members who could not get it in the Congress.

That’s the reason Ravi Naik with Roy and Joaquim Alemao with Yuri were seen openly and shamelessly visiting NCP leader Praful Patel in a Vasco hotel on Saturday. Pratapsing Rane, who doesn’t even seen visiting his own high command sometimes, visited Patel with his son Vishwajeet. Not to lobby for their family members but perhaps for their close confidants, whom Congress cannot accommodate.

The NCP has already declared that it would contest seven seats - Tivim, Vasco, Mapusa, Saligao, Porvorim, Mayem and Sanguem. The last two are being tried by Ravi and Joaquim, for their sons Roy and Yuri respectively. If they succeed in getting the tickets and winning the seats subsequently, the Goa Assembly of 40 would have four Alemaos, three Naiks, two Ranes and two Monserattes. 11 out of 40 in the hands of four families. Almost 30 per cent!

The BJP, on the other hand, is no more a party with a difference. It is slowly becoming the party of ‘rejects’. But wise rejects, who shifted their allegiance from Congress much before the Congress declared its list of candidates. Not a surprise if these rejects win tomorrow and follow the suite of Dayanand Sopte and Rajesh Patnekar, provided the BJP does not come to power. In spite of knowing this, the BJP is waiting for the Congress to declare its list. Still waiting for more rejects, like Naresh Sawal in Bicholim?

And the MGP has absolutely no ideology. Till yesterday, Congress was their dear one. Today, BJP is their ‘people’s choice.’ But if the Congress gets the majority, they would shamelessly embrace them, calling it People’s Verdict. The UGDP and Mickky Pacheco’s GVP are nothing but a bunch of opportunists. Dr Willy, who calls himself a ‘true’ Congressman, has imported yet another bottle, with the same old wine called Trinamul Congress.

Is there really a difference between the Congress and the BJP and the MGP and the UGDP and the GVP and the Trinamul? Should we really judge these parties on the grounds of ideology, loyalty, sincerity and love for Goa and Goans? Or should we take politics purely as a business and choose the best businessman? Where is the Parliamentary democracy taking us? Frustration; or helpless and hopeless surrender???

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

You are absolutely correct. There is very little choice for goans. In fact, it is true now a days everywhere.

All are oppurtunist. Why blame Politicians, when we only elect them. Whether it is son and father, brother and brother or Husband and Wife. They all were elected last time, may be on a different party tickets. Who elects them?. We only elect them. Politics has changed 360 degrees. It is no more party centric. It has become person centric. However, gives more benefits gets elected, whichever party he belongs to.

But, our constitution is such that you have to have majority for a party to form the government. So what to do?. You have to have such 'Marriages' in the form of alliances and then play circus once you are elected. Once elected you are sure of some reward for self, does not matter which party you belong to.

If we want real change, only we have to think and vote. We have to force the government to bring about Electroral Reforms. There should be many more Anna Hazare's fighting for it. Merely talking and writing will not serve any purpose. Elections will come and go and we continue to talk about it and the dominace of few influential families representing us as if they are Modern age 'Kings and Queens' of their respective Kingdoms. We are going back towards Dynastic Raj.

Nilesh Salatry |

You have echoed The Solemn Truth!!!! What the hell are we doing about it!!? Are we ready to support the activists led candidates who will stand for the right and are accountable to the people!!? We have put ourselves into this ransom! It takes one person to make a difference, let that be you!!! GO & VOTE!!!!

Vernon Fernandes |

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