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Roses, Roses, all the way.....


With this verdict, India has entered into the prison of Hindutva in search of a few dollars more. That, to me, is an act of irresponsibility. From now on all the reforms shall be within the four walls of this prison -- or at least that is how it seems to me for now.

How do I reflect on the 2014 election  result ?  

Historian Tony Judt, in his 2008 book Reappraisals, wrote “ ... we have become stridently insistent — in our economic calculations, our political practices, our international strategies, even our educational priorities — that the past has nothing of interest to teach us ...; we are seeking actively to forget rather than to remember ....”

The results proved one thing -- that cult indoctrination can work and unite the Hindu vote across caste barrier. RSS philosophy worked. Caste - cemented dynasties fell.It catapulted a government of the Hindus, by the Hindus to the Indian parliament. It now needs to be seen whether this government is also for the Hindus. If it is then let us be prepared for a roller coaster ride.

To me this result reflects total failure of value based education in India. Total failure of development of the Indian citizen. Mind you -- a citizen and a voter are two different things.

Absence of such citizen development resulted in failure of the Congress and the same has also resulted in rise of a combination of crony capitalism and religious fundamentalism. I do not believe this mandate is a negative vote. I feel us Indian people, by and large, have repeated our performance when we allowed ourselves to be ruled by the British (or Portuguese). I may be wrong -- but I feel this is a massive failure -- of India. I say this is a failure because the most important thing that differentiates a responsible civilization from an irresponsible one is Rule of Law. And Constitution of India is the Supreme Law of the land. So long as there is no Rule of Law in India -- right from grass roots level up there can be no meaningful democracy or development. Frenzied propaganda of indoctrinated cadres can garner votes but cannot produce a happy Nation, united in peace and prosperity. And there is no need to look up to time to tell me that. Knowing history and human behavior is more than enough. What is more is Modi and his RSS can never ensure Rule of Law because they themselves are products of subversion of Law and an extra Constitutional philosophy. They have not shown any respect for law other than their own -- so far.

How would I describe a responsible civilization ? 

Fascism , like liberal sex is the biological nature of man and therefore it prevails over artificial, man-made constructs such as democracy , constitution, penal code etc. That civilization which successfully uses its intelligence to transcend the basic instinctive biological nature of humans is a responsible civilization to me. Such a civilization has strong sense of social justice and equality.  Its legal and moral institutions are sound.

With this verdict, India has entered into the prison of Hindutva in search of a few dollars more. That to me is an act of irresponsibility. From now on all the reforms shall be within the four walls of this prison -- or at least that is how it seems to be at this time. Modi will, in all probability, be concerned with bettering the conditions within the prison. Better job, better food, a little more light, a larger window so that we can see a little more of the sky. But all within the prison. 

It is very important to have self-knowledge, to be aware of all of one's activities, one's thoughts and one's feelings. That is education. Where this is lacking one enters the prison of cult indoctrination. One's life becomes a roller coaster of pent up, collective emotions with resultant sycophancy and fanaticism -- just like the one depicted by Robert Browning in his poem Patriot......

It was roses, roses, all the way,

With myrtle mixed in my path like mad:
The house-roofs seemed to heave and sway,
The church-spires flamed, such flags they had,
A year ago on this very day.


The air broke into a mist with bells,
The old walls rocked with the crowd and cries.
Had I said, ``Good folk, mere noise repels---
But give me your sun from yonder skies!''
They had answered, ``And afterward, what else?''

Alack, it was I who leaped at the sun
To give it my loving friends to keep!
Nought man could do, have I left undone:
And you see my harvest, what I reap
This very day, now a year is run.

There's nobody on the house-tops now---
Just a palsied few at the windows set;
For the best of the sight is, all allow,
At the Shambles' Gate---or, better yet,
By the very scaffold's foot, I trow.

I go in the rain, and, more than needs,
A rope cuts both my wrists behind;
And I think, by the feel, my forehead bleeds,
For they fling, whoever has a mind,
Stones at me for my year's misdeeds.

Thus I entered, and thus I go!
In triumphs, people have dropped down dead.
``Paid by the world, what dost thou owe
``Me?''---God might question; now instead,
'Tis God shall repay: I am safer so.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Dr Mukul R Pai Raiturkar is a consultant pediatrician & neonatologist practicing in Margao. He is the co-convener of Ami Goenkar, an organisation of secular young Goans working towards a novel approach to religious-political issues of Goa. Son of veteran Goan freedom fighter Mr Ravindranath Pai Raiturkar, he exudes unshakable faith in a liberal, secular and free spirited democracy of India.


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