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Eye Capture


Alfred Eisenstaedt said it so well that ‘The important thing is not the camera but the eye!’

Nowadays at various events, we see a common sight of many enthusiasts, standing in an awkward pose, back bent backwards and forefinger on the trigger... all set to capture the ongoing scene on cameras of different types. Never mind that the professional photographer is blocked out of view by these over excited, trigger happy camera-men.

Earlier the camera was meant for the ones who could afford it or the ones who could use it. Now it is easily affordable as well as usable. It comes as an add-on with other tools like mobile phones. It has empowered the needs of photo documentation. Journalism and even activism has found its uses to capture, chronicle and transfer visual information.

However the fundamental focus of the camera’s real potential is lost on its many converts. More often not, the furious frenzy of such enthusiasts, displays that they are only interested in clicking the shot rather than experiencing the activity. They rush from shot to shot, observing nothing. For some, the motive is to upload the photograph on Web 2.0 before someone else does.

It is akin to W H Davies’ poetic lament, ‘no time to wait till her mouth can... enrich the smile her eyes began’! We need tolerance for time so that our eyes can notice the minute detail as well as the larger vision. The camera is a highly useful invention, but it remains secondary to the human eye and its capacity to observe beyond the scene... a necessary trait for every photographer.

It would be better for us to use our eyes before we use the camera. The personal experience and the understanding that comes from it help empower the photographer’s penchant for perfecting the skill... like so many passionate photographers so well display! Alfred Eisenstaedt said it so well that ‘The important thing is not the camera but the eye!’ 

BE BETTER at using eyes to capture the activity...

Instead of hasty clicks for needless posterity!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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