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Going Godless ...!


Perception of reality requires a mind that is extraordinarily free. Free from all the ideologies. Free of all the Gods !

Nowadays one can learn from two worlds- real and virtual.Google and Facebook have added another world to our lives.Learning is a continuous process. It continues day and night. It continues at conscious and subconscious levels.

Let us begin our small sojourn into this world of learning with a small disclaimer. Disclaimer that I am not a teacher. Not a guru. Life is the best guru. Life in the real world and life in the virtual world can both teach. Here I am only narrating a few of my observations.

For life to write its messages on the mind, mind must be like an unwritten slate. Clean. Unconditioned by ideology and therefore perceptive in real time. Ideology hampers perception. Ideal by definition is something that does not exist in actuality. That is, an ideal is something which "should be" and not something which "is". Ideology is a set of ideals. To train a mind to follow any ideology may it be communist, capitalist, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, environmentalist, humanist, rationalist, atheist or theosophic, spiritual is to train a mind to remain continuously preoccupied with something which "should be". Such a mind has no space or time to perceive "what is" -- the reality.

However sacred may an ideology be, or however inhuman, it is still a product of thought and a pursuit of ideals. Gandhism may preach non-violence and tolerance while Nazism may preach violence and extreme intolerance. Both are ideals and therefore both block the view of the actual, the factual.

Thus to perceive the reality the mind has to be free from the shackles of ideas which breed ideals and these in turn breed ideologies.

And God is the ultimate ideal. The ultimate what "should be". It is therefore the ultimate obstruction to perception of truth in day to day life.

Ideologies breed organizations.Members of such organizations are but slaves to the organization and organization is in turn a slave to its ideology.

Such enslavement and freedom do not go hand in hand. Perception of reality requires a mind that is extraordinarily free. Free from all the ideologies. Free of all the Gods !

Then there are organizations that promise Godhood ! That guarantee salvation. Such organizations have self styled gurus and avatars at the helm. These gurus tell people overtly or covertly "come to me; I will take you to God". How are these gurus different from quacks who say "come to me; I will cure your cancer with herbs" ?

As things stand ideologies rule the world. Gods rule the world. Then there is the question of "my ideology is better than yours -- my God is superior to yours". This is how ideas and Gods divide humanity. This division causes conflict and fragmentation of humanity. Fragmentation of human consciousness.Human consciousness may be individual consciousness or the consciousness of a civilization. A fragmented consciousness remains forever in conflict. Such a consciousness that is forever in conflict with itself can never perceive that which is not fragmented; that which is whole and infinite; that which is in the present moment. Such a mind is always restless, continuously chattering to itself, continuously engaged in thought.

For the perception of "what is", it is very important for the mind to be at peace with itself. A mind that is free of all conflict, free of all chatter, free of all ideologies, free of all Gods, free of all pursuit of spiritual advancement or of Godhood is a free mind. Such a mind is very still. Such a mind is the unwritten slate on which life can write its words of wisdom.

In both my worlds, real and virtual, those who came into maximum conflict with me due to their inability to grasp my points were people who represented the strongest of ideologies. they were people who were in constant struggle with themselves to perform to their ideals and many a times to perform to the diktat of their gurus. Such struggle is so intense that the inner conflict finds reflection in the outside world - both real and virtual. The ending of strife and conflict in the outside world requires that the conflict ends inwardly - peacefully, without any effort, without any struggle or war, without leaving any ashes.

The question that pops up now is, "why is it necessary to perceive WHAT IS ? What is wrong with dedicating one's mind to an ideology and therefore not perceiving WHAT IS ? This question was in fact asked to me by a very eminent thinker of Goa though he did not put it in these very words. What he meant was, "if I am not happy to be free why should I not be "unfree" or if shackles of thought give me happiness why not remain bound ?"

Another question is "can a mind that is free from all ideologies and therefore free of all conditioning act and stay alive in today's competitive world ?"

THOUGHT has a beginning and an end. There is a gap between one thought and another. Thought thus weaves the perception of TIME -- psychological time or inward time. Thought creates memory. Memory is but a neurochemical change in the brain which when viewed in retrospect also creates the perception of time. Deep, inner realization of these facts brings freedom from thought and time.

Such a mind is free to think if it wants to, when it wants to. Such a mind is free to compete should it choose to. Such a mind is truly happy.

A happy mind knows no violence - inward or outward.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

Dear sir Prapanch. I am happy that you have the inquisitiveness to go into this. Spirit of enquiry is very important. Reality has nothing to do with our thought. Thought is based on our past conditioning, our past memories. Thought is therefore always in terms of the past." What is" is the present. Thought brings in the duality between the perceiver and the perceived, the past which actually does not exist and the present.Out of this duality comes the question of acceptance which you have posed. When the perceiver and the perceived are one there is no acceptance. There is only "what is". Acceptance comes after thought intervenes, after the past intervenes.

Again, sir, thought can only perceive in terms of "should be". It can never perceive "what is". Anchor is the need of thought. Thought is frightened to let go, to drift with life, to die every second. It always needs an anchor. It is anchored to the past and to a projected future.

Mukul |

Agree with your observations totally, but don't you think it is just one side of the story? I feel the restlessness of the mind can be arrested by answering the question that keeps popping up -'what is?' Once the reality is accepted, then I think the mind would realize that most worries are futile. Calmness would set in. The second part about ideologies-again agree with you but I am of the opinion that our mind is like a sail boat without an anchor in water on a windy day and 'ideology' is that anchor that once cast, prevents the boat from drifting aimlessly in the choppy waters & inflicting damage to itself.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Prapanch A Ravi |

Deep, profound, intense yet breath-taking.... U make us think Dotor... Think WHAT IS then what SHOULD BE...

Anwesha |

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