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Stop blaming only Christians for primary education in Eng: KBM


The Konkani Bhasha Mandal has rejected the ongoing attempts of communalising and politicising the Medium of Instruction issue by blaming only the Christian community for studying in English medium at primary level.

“We don’t agree with blaming only the Christians for the trend of having primary education in English despite knowing that Hindus also send their children to English medium schools”, said Chetan Acharya, the president of Konkani Bhasha Mandal.

He also assured thousands of students and youth gathered for the 21st Goa Yuva Mahotsav that he, as the KBM president, will not allow the Mandal to be part of any political thought.

“The Konkani Bhasha Mandal does not belong to any particular religion”, roared Acharya while speaking passionately about the MoI issue.

The Mahotsav was today inaugurated at the hands of Dilip Salgaoncar, MD of Geno Pharmaceuticals while students and youth gathered from all over Goa performed at Jose Pereira Nagar built at Bandodkar Grounds at Campal in Panaji.

Acharya also touched the issue of official language, appealing to the Chief Minister not to fall prey to the false claims made that Goan youth are demanding Marathi as the official language of Goa.

He also appealed to the youth to think seriously about the issue of Mhadei diversion and attempts of Karnataka to divert our river (also called Mandovi in Panaji).

Mhadei is the main theme of the 21st Goa Yuva Mahotsav, held on the banks of river Mandovi in the capital city.

Anwesha Singbal, the working president of the Mahotsav, also spoke elaborately on the Mhadei issue.

She assured Siddharth Kuncalienker, the Panaji MLA, that all the youth will come on the roads as and when Goa Assembly seeks their support to fight the issue.

The Mhadei Jyot (torch) of the Mahotsav has already visited over 20 colleges, before reaching the festival venue, making awareness among students over the Mhadei issue.

Kuncalienker, the reception committee chairman as the local Panaji MLA, appealed to the youth not to oppose developmental projects by rallying behind the same leaders who are seen opposing all kind of welfare projects.

Chief Coordinator Raj Malik, Dr Prakash Parienkar, HoD of Konkani Department of Goa University and Sharat Raikar, the secretary of Mahotsav also spoke. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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KBM is right. Parents irrespective of their socio religious rootings desire their children education in English. It is their strong belief that education in English alone will guarantee socio economic salvation and a good life. Nobody has proof. Secondly education in english helps a person overcome his/her inferiority complex.

Madhav Bastodker , Ponda

Wow! Beyond the catchy heading this story stops dead, I would only say in this age forget blaming only Christians or many others, language has to be a matter of choice. The British are long gone into history but in the e-age and today's India English is an indispensable reality that holds the hopes (well thought out or otherwise) of even tender hearts and their parents. Why unnecessarily put avoidable limitations and make things more difficult for the children of a lesser God spread largely in rural Goa, I think in this enlightened age 'Mhaka di (Konkani/Marathi) teka (English) naka is not a heathy approach at least (IMStupidO). I would personally limit my hatred to the (erstwhile) British and the Portuguese for their unchecked excesses during their respective regimes but every language is only a language rich and vibrant in its own way. May be schools in Goa should whole-heartedly open its doors in a big way to French and Portuguese at least for the benefit of innocent children across Goa - particularly rural Goa..

Tony Martin , Canacona