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No announcement, but strong signals on Modi in Goa


Parsekar & Tendulkar addressing media

Practically everything would be done to promote Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate, except officially announcing his name formally, at the national executive meet in Goa this week.

Like all other BJP leaders at national level, Goa’s health minister and one of the national executive members Laxmikant Parsekar also said no name for PM’s post would be announced.

However, he said the meeting, scheduled from 7 to 9 June, would chalk out a detailed strategy for the forthcoming Lok Sabha poll.

“This Goa meet would decide the future of India”, he said.

Parsekar also did not hide the fact that PM’s candidate would be discussed at the meeting, though not announced.

“The meeting will definitely send strong signals regarding PM’s candidate”, he said.

He also admitted the fact that Modi has become a major attraction of debate in terms of promoting him as the PM candidate.

In fact, the state BJP committee is planning a workers’ convention, which would be addressed by only one chief minister – Narendra Modi.

The other speakers are BJP president Rajnath Singh and two opposition leaders – Sushma Swaraj of Lok Sabha and Arun Jaitley of the Rajya Sabha.

Why only one chief minister?

“Because even our workers want Modi to address them”, says Parsekar.

Regarding announcing Modi as the national campaign chief, Parsekar the decision in this regard would be taken by the Parliamentary Board.

While addressing the media, Parsekar however left yet another hint – Goa has always proved lucky for Modi.

He recalls the last national executive meeting held in Goa 11 years ago – 12 to 14 April 2002 – on the background of the Gujarat riots.

Modi had offered to resign as the chief minister at this meeting, but the national executive did not accept it.

On the contrary, then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, at the public rally, had countered the allegations of government-sponsored genocide, asking who started the whole issue with Godhra killings.

Around 172 office bearers of the National Executive, including the state presidents, would sit on the first day to chalk out the political strategy of the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Later, the national executive committee, comprising of around 360 members, would meet on 8 and 9 June.

After the meeting concludes on 9 June at around 2 pm, the Goa state workers’ convention would be held at Taleigao community hall at 4 pm. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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There is never a consensus on any issue in any given party may it be congress or BJP or any other party! And yet, because of party, members come to one acceptable solution. This is a fact and a reality!

Considering this, and present by-election results in Gujarat, wherein BJP mastered 6 seats which formally belonged to congress, Modi is definitely a front runner for Prime Ministerial candidate. There cannot be second opinion on this.

Some say Modi is a hard core hindutva, to them I ask,” what’s wrong in him being a hindutva?”, “Is his being hindutlva contradicting the requirements of Indian Constitution for him to be named or made Prime Minister of India?” If no, all such things said against Modi are to be called “rumors” and shown the dustbin!

Most importantly, I feel, more we hate Mode….more stronger he will grow….. stronger will be his claim for Prime Ministerial candidate. Moreover, we have equally seen what RUBBISH government UPA II under Mr. Manmohan Singh has given us….scams after scams…corruptions after corruptions…..and to add to all this “no governance…no control…loot as much as you can…has become the motto of UPA II….their coalition dharma.”

Uday , Margao

I do not think this is a mere coincidence that two conventions are taking place in Goa.

It is a well planned move to organise both the conventions simultaneously in peaceful Goa.

The main purpose is definitely to give a boost to the claims of Modi to be the Prime Ministerial candidate.

Modi is a hard core Hindutva and is not acceptable to the moderate parties in the NDA.

With Modi as the PM candidate, BJP's chances of coming to power will evaporate as some NDA allies will desert this alliance.

Francisco , Goa

Is it a sheer coincidence that the BJP top honchos meet and the 2nd convention by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, a front organization of Margao bomb blast fame Sanatan Sanstha for the formation of a Hindu Rashtra is being organized at the same time?

According to media reports, the Hindu rashtra Convention is expected to gather over 400 delegates. The hidden agenda is undoubtedly to declare Modi as the PM by offering him blessings of so called Sadhus, Sants and other Hindutvavists.

While Gujarat was a laboratory for hardcore Hindutva, with Modi as the bigger than life 'Parashu' brandishing avatar using Dand and Bhed, Goa is being experimented for testing soft Hindutva where the well educated CM plays a pied piper with Saam ( his latest debut on facebook) and Daam (laadli laxmi and other doles), amassed from various lobbies like mining, real estate, casinos etc. as his main strategies.

The common thread between these meetings can unfortunately be seen only by a minuscule population that can read between the lines without getting swayed by the paid propagandist media.

Sanatan claims it is factory that produces Saints (sic) and also endorses various other Saints who adhere by Sanatan's definition of Hinduism. Congregation of these Saints is a very cunning move to prove that they can control some votes which otherwise would obviously go to BJP and to checkmate Modi opponents. Some of the elements at this convention also comprise, BJP rejects, aspirants kept away due to their radical hindutva, self proclaimed champions who want to create their own identity and a large number of JB Atahvale's 'Sadhak', one of them is an elected representative in Goa Legislature. Three other MLAs ( two MGP and one BJP)who seek Guru Athavale's blessings may not go to avoid public attention.

J B Athavale's cult according to Prof. Sham Manav is the most dangerous as it talibanizes semi educated unemployed Hindu youth by using trickery and falsehood. He has time and again exposed the fraudulent acts.

The mambo jumbo professed by JB Athavale is amusing. He claims to fight attacks by the wizards from the hell and being a reincarnation of Lord Krishna (sic) His followers have already begun to beat the drum that his blessings would determine whether the BJP will have successful deliberations without interruption from evil wizards of the seventh hell (?) through their own media. What an idea of spiritual blackmailing!

I wonder when Mr. Yadneshwar Nigalye who consistently exposes fraud Gurus and does a great job will expose JB and his chicanery.

rajan kamat , Mapusa



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