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Will Mauvin be Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka?


Will Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho, a ‘frenimy’ of the ruling BJP and the Congress legislator, has to spend next three years as ‘Na Gharka Na Ghat Ka’?

Mauvin, who always called himself a ‘loyal’ Congressman, openly supported BJP MP-elect Narendra Sawaikar this time.

His efforts borne fruits by providing a lead of 3295 with the Congress candidate Aleixo Reginald Lourenco polling only 9221, against 11,826 for the BJP.

While the Congress leaders in Goa have decided to sideline him completely, the ruling BJP is also planning to dump him.

Dismissing the prediction, chief minister Manohar Parrikar has ruled out any possibility of making Mauvin the minister in his cabinet.

“What do I gain by making him the minister”, he asked when journalists raised the issue before the results.

GPCC chief John Fernandes, on the other hand, said the party has decided to allow him to rot in the party as he has proved himself to be a traitor and an opportunist.

The Congress has decided not to expel him from the party and make him unattached, after which he is free to do what he wants.

The possibility of Mauvin resigning to contest once again on BJP ticket has also become bleak since the MGP, alliance partner of the ruling BJP, has categorically said it would not leave its hold over Dabolim.

Mauvin was elected by defeating the MGP in the Assembly election held in 2012.

According to local Congress president Fernandes, Mauvin jumped the bandwagon to save his own skin as the power scam case in the Supreme Court is coming to an end.

The scam was exposed by Parrikar in 1994 when Mauvin was the power minister.

“What can the BJP’s central government do to save him from the Supreme Court? They have simply used him and dumped him now”, says Fernandes.

Parrikar has also said the case would go on.

It needs to seen whether the BJP rewards Mauvin by changing the government stand in the Supreme Court, failing which the one-time Rajiv Gandhi loyalist has to live till next elections arrive in 2017 as Na Ghar Ka, Na Ghat Ka! is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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@Jose Rod , Goa

Excluding newbies, Avertano and Caitu, it would be ill-advisable and detrimental to import the "cancer cells" or "Cancerous Brigades" from the Congress Party.

Mickky Pacheco & Mauvin Godinho both have criminal & corruption cases pending against them.

If one digs further, one may find a catalogue of their criminal activities or enterprise.

They also have rather "extra large"(XL) egos.

They both came into Politics by "FINDING" money" ...not EARNING it, through KNOWN legal means.

How they found this money is yet to be discovered and a mystery.

If Goan Politics need a good clean-up, then these 2 need to be thrown out with the rest of the dirt bags.!!!

N.Fernandes , London

Saint Francis Xavier is still in Goa!

Goan , Goa

Babaush, Mauvin, Micky, Caitu & Avertino Should Join BJP. They Are Indirectly Supporting BJP. Better They Support Directly And Get A Ministerial Post For Each.

Jose Rod , Goa

Not much more can be said about Mauvin Godinho other than he is a man or breed of "Pure Evil".

Anyone coming through the Gateway of Goa, Dabolim Airport can see all his creations...of slums. These slums such as Queeny Nagar and Zuari Nagar have been named after his interests in a Building construction Company owned by him and his relatives called "Queeny Realtors.

While Goa Government's are busy investing crores of rupees in Tourism and beautifying Goa, tis man has turned parts of Goa into slums, with total, complete and thorough disregard to the beauty, environment and neighbouring villages and Visiting Tourists....all for his selfish financial interests.

Mauvin Godinho deems to be steeped deep into POWER scams. One scam related to "utilities" (electricity) and the other his Supreme Power of the Congress, in Goa.

Many Goans are now convinced that Mauvin should be jailed for his crimes against Goans and Goa`s Natural beauty.

Next stop for Mauvin, and God forbid this, is creating more slums in MOPA.

N.Fernandes , London



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