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Opp to Mopa in Salcete is a BJP ploy: NCP


Trajano D'Mello & Nilkanth Halarnkar

The Nationalist Congress Party has alleged a ploy by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party behind emergence of two groups from Salcete opposing Mopa air port, on the eve of forthcoming Lok Sabha election.

While supporting the Mopa air port, the NCP has now also demanded yet another runway at Dabolim, which the local leaders plan to take up with their party leader and civil aviation minister Praful Patel.

Trajano D’Mello, the local NCP chief spokesperson, has also demanded that the parties like the Goa Vikas Party and ‘independent’ fisheries minister Avertano Furtado should withdraw support to the BJP government if they don’t support Mopa.

“Even Alina Saldanha should resign as the minister if she does not support the government view of having both the air ports”, said D’Mello.

According to him, two groups – one led by UGDP vice president Radharao Gracias and another one led by Fr Eremita Rebello – are in fact fronts the BJP has formed to create confusion before election.

It is a replica of pre-Assmbly poll scenario where the same people demanded scrapping of the Regional Plan 2021 and helped the BJP to come to power.

“Why are they sitting so patiently for the last one year when RPG21 is still not scrapped”, asked D’Mello.

He thus arrives at a conclusion that the bogeys of Regional Plan or Dabolim air port are raised primarily to divide the secular votes and pave way for communal forces like the BJP to come to power.

D’Mello, who addressed a press conference along with local NCP chief Nilkanth Halarnkar, said the party would take up the issue of building another runway at Dabolim with their party leader Patel, the civil aviation minister.

“But the proposal should actually go from the local state government”, he felt.


“Let Mopa evolve through the necessity”, he added, while stating that the NCP is not opposed to Mopa, but with certain conditions.

1) The Govt. should demand and get one more runway at Dabolim to enable flights to land and take off without much intervention of Navy instead of concentrating on dividers for traffic congestion.

 2)   No condition in the agreement should be permitted that restrict other airport within any distance.

 3) The Goa Government should implement on the lines of the provisions in the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011 tabled in Parliament in dealing with the people whose land has been acquired and those who lost their livelihood depending on land being acquired though they may not be owner of property.

4)   Not a single rupee should be spent from the Government treasury for the building of the air port.     

5) No more land should be acquired, as the very purpose to preserve Goa’s land for Goans would be defeated. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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I wonder how many Goans pay any serious attention to anything claimed or stated by Trajano D`mello or Radharao Gracias.

As per all my research, no one has any faith or trust in these 2 characters.

All Forums I have read, have negative comments about these 2 persons

A new clown , called Adv. Ramakant Khalap ,has now entered the Mopa fray.

Would Adv Khalap tell us :

1) How his son has purchased Communidade Land at Assagao, where he is allegedly constructing 7 Luxury Villas. A petition to this effect has been filed in the High Court of Goa while there is a Petition in the High Court.

2) It has been "alleged" by the Mopa Vimantall Piditt Xetkari Samiti convener Sandip Kambli that Adv Khalap has purchased Land at Mopa along with other Politicians.

3) What part did Khalap play at the Mapuca Urban Co-op Bank played while he was in-charge. ....and what has happened to the Court Case?

Is Adv Khalap interested in the welfare of the poor Farmers/Residents of Mopa, Mopa itself or increasing his personal wealth and that of his family members.

Just because Advocates are addressed as "DOTOR" in Goa ,they should not consider themselves as "super intelligent" or "super-logical".

N.Fernandes , London

Jeff baab these street pariahs often bark and seldom bite.

Instead of talking about an issue like Mopa Airport where his ignorance gets exposed, a well reputed musclemen ( Goan version of a Bihari bahubali) like Trajano should ponder why Goans keep shunting them into the dustbin of history in every election.

Rupesh Jhamli , Malbhat , Margao

Trjano why dont you just shut up and we have seen the congress Jatkas along with NCP you should learn to keep silient when your views are of no concern to us.Goans Know how to handle this case and we can handle this Mopa case better than rouges who ruled us over the past years.Where were you sleeping to talk about the airport ?Why dont you find out and give us Goans a list of all investors who have bought property at Mopa ? Dont try to confuse us with your ignorancy ,

You are asking MLA's and ministers to resign why didnt you raise your voice during congress regime and ask Mr Kamat to disolve the Govt when Govt coffers were being looted? Make hay while the sun shine and dance all summer like grass hopper? Congress have fooled and cheated us with the support of NCP and now they look for crumbs to feed.

Keep your wisdom to yourself. its wise of a fool to remain silent than talk ignorance.

Jeff Fernandes , Doha Qatar



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