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Kolhapur Toms & Dicks can't dictate terms to Goa: Parrikar


“Some Tom, Dick and Harry from Kolhapur cannot dictate terms to Goa government”, warned chief minister Manohar Parrikar, in reply to the threat of ‘truck roko’ agitation planned from Saturday midnight in protest of the entry tax.

The All India Motor Congress has decided to stop all the vehicles of essential commodities entering Goa on Sunday.

“We are not wearing bangles and sitting here”, said Parrikar while talking to the media in Margao today evening.

He also warned that the truck operators and traders would be at loss if they stop sending the goods vehicles to Goa.

“It is our right to decide where and when to impose tax on what”, said Parrikar, in a tough language.

According to him, there is no question of getting panic as the government has made all the arrangements to get regular supply of essential commodities.

The chief minister also sounded critical of some Goa editions of newspapers, owned in neighbouring states, not protecting interest of Goa but procuring advertisements of Goa government.

“We don’t want such newspapers in Goa if they want to protect interest of their own states”, he quipped.

He also hinted that a calling attention motion on the behaviour of such newspapers may be moved to stop their government advertisements.

Interestingly, Goa government is presently not charging entry tax to the vehicles registered in Belgaum, Sindhudurg and Karwar.


According to information reaching here, truck operators from Belgaum and Kolhapur have decided not to load the essential goods in the vehicles on Saturday midnight.

They have even appealed to the farmers not to get the fruits and vegetables to the market for few days.

From Kolhapur and Belgaum, around 47,000 litres of milk travels to Goa every day belonging to Gokul, Shahu, Varna and Mahanand from Pune.

Over 50 trucks enter Goa from Belgaum and Kolhapur, also carrying rava, pulses, oil, garlic, onion and other grocery items.

Parrikar however says all these vehicles top up their petrol or diesel tanks as fuel is much cheaper in Goa than their states.

“I can otherwise charge extra for fuel and cancel the entry tax”, he warns.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that vehicles entering Goa may be stopped at Banda, the border area in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Parrikars reasoning on record over entry permit is as follows. entry permit is justifiable because petrol is cheap in goa and the people coming from outside fill the tanks here. This statement he makes with such ferocity that all indians who come to kingdom of goa are here to steal Goas cheap petrol. his chamcha brigade then tom tom his proclamation all over goa. The stupidity behind the whole thing is this. Tourist who come to goa by car come from three main points. Bombay, Pune and Banglore. All the 3 points are 600 kilometers away. now all these people who come to goa for holiday drive 600 kilometers on empty tanks by magic to fill petrol in goa? Really mr Parrikar you need to get well soon.

Peter , Margao

that means parrikar has gone mad as aires rightly pointed out. He thinks he is dictator of goa like North Korea. he thinks he is independent from India and wants india to declare second blockade of Goa. what i remember about the 1st blocked is Nehru called for it. then salazar brought goods from all over portuguese empire and places like pakistan. then salazar decided goa should pay from its own resources. so he gave mining permits. thats why blockade was not successful. now our little salazar part II has first stopped all the mining. then created an artificial dispute with india declaring semi independence of Goa under his regal rule almost with entry permits to his kingdom. next when all goods including rice, grains, foodstuff, cloths, medicine everything will come to a halt he will shout evil india has invaded us. its time for great sacrifice folks. and blah blah blah. first he has ruined goa's economy. made people jobless, homeless, starve for water, and now even no cloths and no food. i dont understand when the BJP MLAs are going to stop following this fancies and tell the king that he is naked.

Peter , Margao

E D'Souza , Porvorim, well said. Parrikar has no marbles to apprehend the MLAS and ex-minsters, miners who have amassed illegal wealth.

John , UAE

“We are not wearing bangles and sitting here”, said Parrikar

I would like to know what this statement means? Mr Parrikar, you can prove a point without sexist slurs, can't you?

E D'Souza , Porvorim

i support cm. goa should declare independence from india. only one person can be dictator of goa that is parrikar. there should not only be entry tax on goa border but also a Goa passport. better put a plate on the border dogs and indians not allowed. jai parrikar jai pakistan. we the people of goa are ready to die out of hunger for our spreme leader.

shiv , aldona

I like your tough talk for once Mr. Parrikar. Keep it up !

A.Pinto , Olaulim

Our Beloved CM Parrikar is an Honest and tough Person.

He is right to say “I can otherwise charge extra for fuel and cancel the entry tax” This is Hard Talk and Truth is Bitter.

We must support him on this Decision.

Jose Cunha , GOA(UK)



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