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Cong expels Raymond, suspects CM's hand


The opposition Congress today expelled Raymond D’Sa for withdrawing from Cortalim contest, while alleging that chief minister Manohar Parrikar threatened him to withdraw.

The opposition party has now constituted a four-member committee "to study and expose the operation by BJP", which resulted in the withdrawal of their (Congress) Cortalim by-poll candidate from the fray ahead of the polls.

BJP candidate Alina Saldanha was elected unopposed today after Congress candidate Raymond D'Sa and another independent candidate Ramakant Borkar opted out of the race.

All India Congress Committee General Secretary Jagmeet Singh Brar told PTI that a four-member committee, comprising Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Subhash Shirodkar, Leader of Opposition Pratapsingh Rane, former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and party legislator Aleixo Lourenco Reginaldo, has been formed to study and expose the operation by BJP in Cortalim.

Brar alleged that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, "who speaks high about good governance", was instrumental in pressurising D'Sa to withdraw from the fray.

"The committee will expose how the operation was executed, which hotel the meetings were held and all other details will be brought out. We have ample proof against the BJP,"  said the Congress leader.

He was instrumental in selecting D'Sa for the candidature.

The committee, he said, will be reporting back to the high command within seven days with the report.

Brar claimed that the entire operation went for seven days.

Congress party has alleged that Parrikar was threatening D'Sa to gag his business through various government inquiries.

"The panchayat, which is represented by D'Sa, was also pressurised by the chief minister," he claimed.

Brar said that the Congress has already started acting and D'Sa has been expelled from party's primary membership for next six years.

"GPCC president Shirodkar has already served the order expelling D'Sa for six years," he said.

The Congress leader claimed that the party was in the dark over D'Sa's withdrawal.

"Congress leaders were waiting for him in the Congress house in Panaji, when he went alone and withdrew (his name)," Brar said. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Prior to the by-elections, Churchill Alemao was busy dishing out money, , to the migrants in various NAGARS created by Mauvin Godinho in Cortalim Constituency,on the basis that he would be the un-disputed and only electable Congress candidate.

On his electoral Curriculum Vitae (C.V), he claims that he was an Ex-CM, ex-PWD Minister and Ex-smuggler (par excellence) & father to Goa`s most famous loser,Bai Valanka Alemao .

Also on his CV ,he quotes his favoiurite Sports are Thuggery & Goondaism & Looting.

On Countries where he has travelled, he has included all those ,where the major Tourist past-time , is stashing(Banking) the loot from Goa & Goans (poor & Rich alike) and the major attractions are BANK Buildings & Hawalas..

He describes his favourite Comedian & Tiatrist,as himslef.

His main aspirations is to become an "absolute" DICTATOR of Goa, ably assisted by his family,relatives and cronies.


His favourite car is a Ford Contessa.

His Favourite Goa Police man is Costa

He describes the best ever Chief Minister Goa has ever had, albeit for 14 days only, as himself.

The person he admires the most is Jagmeet Brar.

His Super-Hero is an Italian called,Soniaji.

The person he hates most is "N Fernandes- London,who comments here!!

The electronic item he hates the most is EVM`s.He prefers ancient BALLOT PAPERS.

The item that gets destroyed & decimated the most , in family disputes in Novangully(his home),is LCD Television sets.However Videocon is happy about this for their profitability.

His hopes are that, Bridges ,useful or not, will be built all over Goa, and in every village,regardless ,if they are pratical or not.He would also like a Raheja Mega Project, in each and every Goan Village,again regardless of infrastrcture and water supplies. He woud also like all South Goan 5 Star hotels renamed to, Churchill Resorts or Churchill Mahals.

He also would like every Goan to be employed as a "WATCHMAN".......,from "Cradle to Grave".

FInally ,It will be interesting to know, how Churchill will recover this expense, as he no longer has a proper 9am to 5pm daytime job, is currently "Bekar" and the Commissions have dried up.

N.Fernandes , London

HI Ravi sangekar::::It is not just the Congress leaders that are THUGS" (or GOONDAS).It is also the lower Cadres.

JUst go to a South Goa Bar/Tavern or eaterie and you will see Churchills thugs.Usually accompanying Churchill is Warren & Kennedy Alemao (his nephews) and a well known South Goan extortionist whos pet name or street name is "BHAKIA".Go to Goa Velha and the Silvera Brothers are in control.Go to Santa Cruz & Taleigao and Babush Monserattes men are in murderous Charge. Go to Valpoi and Viswajeet Ranes thugs loiter about.The Ravi Naik Gangs rule the roost in Ponda.Mauvin Godinho has his amongst the Migrants (politely refered to as Ghantis by Goans) , in queeny Nagar .

Many of these Thugs are also now Panch members ,under the partronage of the Congress Thugs mentioned

N.Fernandes , London

'Nachunk yena, angonn vaankde', is an old saying in Goa. Brars, Reddys( and other dignitaries of High command) come only for ticket distribution and settle cases with suitcases for the High Command and themselves. This is common talk in any bar during election time. Many contributors have stated the money aspect openely...even sitting in far places. If Parrikar has outwitted the dumbos in Congress, then let this smart man rule for the term given to him by Goan people. We will evaluate him in 2017. If Raymond was lured or threatened then it speaks for his character to make hay when the sun shines or has something to hide and is afraid. Either way, why blame Parrikar?

francis pereira , margao

It appears less the HC emissaries visit Goa--it would help revive the Party more......Every now and then, just for little silly issues---visiting this Place and advising as if expert in each and every matter is ---demeaning and lowering the self esteem of the Goans...

And where from all this expense for the Air flights may be coming from..? Everybody feels--all this expense is a pure waste of National wealth...Lesser and fewer the visits---rest assured--will help the Party will rise more quickly-- from the ashes....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

My question is why dummy candidate was not fielded by the congress party? and if the congress was in the know of things as to in which hotel the meetings are taking place, and what are the things going on.what the Party bosses were doing? a party that can not keep its home in order, has no business to blame others. people in Goa has seen through their game. Congress has lost all credibility and their leaders in Goa are a bunch of THUGS.

Ravi sangekar , Margao

Congress leaders are coming Goa from Delhi, to decide or to elect candidates either election campaign

and giving advice are nuts. They are not even capable to see screen or shadow through glass. Congress party in India are worst corrupt party everyone knows about this.Everywehere looting, tenders, crickets etc.

People of india must ignore this party from top to botton corrupt all leaders are criminal, cheating, looting,in Government offices. People of india must

ask those cheaters like Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel, Chindambam,Krishna,Mukherjee and many more in

congress fold to leave politics and go home, enough is enough cheating and looting business. They are old

now medically not fit now , still need more money by cheating, corruption. In Goa must leave the same like

Ravi Naik, Pratap Singh, Churchill, Babush, Luisinho,

Joaquim Alemao, Narvekar, Digambar, Mauvin,Shirodkar and many more.

Sanjay Kumar , Goa

Jagmeet Brar has forgotten his "HAND" in giving tickets to encourage "Family Raj".

Every Goan and Indian too, has come to know that Jagmeet Brar was paid in crores & entertained in Luxury 5 star Hotels, to issue tickets to the Alemaos,Naiks and Monseartte familys, under the umbrella of "Winnability".

If he could predict "Winnability", how come, he could not predict "Duralibity" or "Reliability" and "Culpability" of Raymond Dsa.?

I even heard that Churchill was offering Avertano Rs. 30 Crores, to widthdraw his candidacy.what does Jagmeet Brar have to say about this?

Caitu D`silva in Benaulim was offered Rs 3-10 crores to widthdraw from Benaulim by Valanka.what does Jagmeet Brar have to say about this.

Lets us not worry about Joaquim Alemao and Yuri .It goes without saying that they too played a dirty game.

N.Fernandes , London

just loving every bit of this 'comedy '. Parrikar deserves kudos even if was not involved in these moves.

Brar must have been busy in some ' Bar' when all this was happening.

Good move Raymond. You have saved a lot for yourself and the state by your move.

gerson rebelo , bangalore

Jagmeet Brar,

Congress Party does not exists in Goa any more..

Go Back to Punjab take some rest.. and take the so called congress men from goa to drive tractors in your state...

to hell with congress... desh ke lootere!!!!!!!!!!

J Dias , Navelim

On behalf of all right thinking Goans Mr. Raymond deserves congratulations...He has save lot of public money on conducting elections, appointment of observers, deployment of security etc....He has also saved the public of ridiculous scenario of the slogan shouting hired people under the guise of Party workers, drab speeches by Politicians coming from Delhi -- and many of them could be coming by showing some official work on tax payers' money,---and worst reality of huge looted money being distributed to purchase votes....Well done Raymond....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Let us assume for a second that Parrikar indeed played a role in pushing Raymond to withdraw, than what does it speak of congress-- that they can be bought and sold!

I think Raymond and Borkar did the right thing. These guys didn't have a chance in Cortalim and they chose the honorable way out!

Rajesh , Goa

Congress is a divided hut not a house incase of goa.Mr Brar who is incharge of goa along with Reddy made good use of donations recvd from some contestant.. during last elections They are trying to save thier face blaming D'sa besides other people for his withdrawal . He did wise thing and saved money for himself as well for Indian Govt. Very soon D'sa is going to joined BJP along with his supporters. As i said before Congress is finished in Goa for the time being lets wait and see till 2014. Congress be aware Lokayukta bill is knocking on your doors.

domnic , bahrain



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