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Police to tighten lose ends of Mahanand cases


Learning lessons from the frequent acquittals of alleged serial killer Mahanand Naik, Goa police have decided to tighten the lose ends in rest of the cases chargesheeted against him.

Naik, 30, booked for 14 murders of young ladies was acquitted in first three cases by the local court by giving him benefit of doubt.
State Home Minister Ravi Naik today said that the department is studying all three orders and if require will file supplementary additional chargesheet in other cases. "We need to study the grounds for acquittal," he said.
The serial killer, a former rickshaw driver, shocked the state after he confessed of putting to death 14 women in the span of 15 years.
Mahanand, a married man, used to lure the women with a promise to marry them and later kill them with their dupatta, mostly after having sex with them on isolated places.
The Home Minister said that the police have fairly done good investigation in all the cases but since they were being investigated by different police inspectors, there were some loopholes.
Naik said that the cases booked in Ponda police station will end up in convictions as they are water tight and have ample evidence to prove Mahanand guilty.
Mahanand has been acquitted in cases related to murder of Nirmala Amolkar, Bhagu Upaskar and Surat Gaonkar. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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......No! there are no loopholes anywhere else BUT to the BRAIN of the Home Minister -Mr. Ravi Naik. May be the Home Minister is also a part of all the Murders and Rapes commited by MAHANAND. Just keep on ACQUITTING the Serial Killer from all the Cases and Finally I will be the One to CONVICT the Dupatta Killer the Day He Is Released. This Message is with Love to all those Who Supported him and who still support him for his FUTURE....

Joe Ganja , overseas

Tightening the loose ends should have been done in the very first instance when the case is built against criminals and the authorities are not supposed to wake up after he is acquitted! Let all necessary care be exercised when a case is filed against a criminal also let it be ensured that an innocent is not harassed !

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Meninobab, These things can happen only in OUR GOa where murderers are aquited and person like Manohar Parrikar is grilled!

Hope our MP Mr. Shantaram Naik will ask question in parliament reagrding status of murder cases in Goa which is a shameful matter for Goans.

Shekhar Gaitonde , Panaji Goa

My question to the Home Minister Ravi Naik, were you and the police sleeping all the while? Tell me for what reason do you have to file an additional Charge sheet when you could ask your sleuths to investigate thoroughly the cases and then file the charge sheet in the court of law. In a murder case the Police can have the custody of the accused for 90 days in each case. And for every case I am sure the police could ask for more days of remand. Ravi Naik are you trying to fool the people. Y:ou are not even ashamed of yourself for your departments failure and you are trying to cover up that failure by your rubbish statements to the press. You are unfit to be the home minister or any minister at all. You should go back to you PILOT days. If the cases were investigated by different Inspectors then what kind of Inspectors have you recruited in the Goa Police Department? How much did you take from them to appoint them? I am sure there are still some honest and good and educated and impartial Police Officers in the Goa Police department. Give the case of Mahanand to one of them. Instead of filing another additional charge sheet. Hand the case to the CBI because it is a chain of murders (15 murders is not a joke) And here you are playing children’s games. Ravi you are saying that the police have done good investigation then how come Mahanand is acquitted and not convicted. Good investigation always leads to conviction. Why only the cases booked at Ponda PS will be convicted? Is it because you are the MLA of Ponda and to fill up your personal treasury? You had one brilliant Police Inspector Manjunath Desai alias forty one (41) CRPC at Ponda PS, an unfit fellow hand over the case to him. Let us see if he can investigate thoroughly the case and get the accused convicted or if he can only arrest young Goan kids under section 41 Cr. P. C. I have doubts that Mahanand will ever be convicted for any of the Murders at all as long as we have brilliant officers like Manjunath Desai and Ministers like you - Menino

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain