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Punish ‘Portuguese’ Indians, snap ties with Portugal: FF


Goa’s freedom fighters have demanded that Goans, who have adopted Portuguese citizenship, should be punished for staying in India illegally.

Nagesh Karmali, Goa’s veteran freedom fighter and leader of their association, has also demanded that India should snap friendly ties with Portugal and shut down Portuguese Consulate in Goa.

According to him, 40,000 Goans have sought Portuguese passports while almost 4 lakh Goans have registered their birth in the Central Registry of Lisbon.

After registering their birth in Portugal, Karmali said they get Bill of Identity which has clearly written on it that the holder is a Portuguese citizen.

“How can such people live in India illegally when they are foreign nationals? Identify them and punish them as per the law of the land”, demanded Karmali.

He also refused to believe that Goans have sought Portuguese citizenship out of ignorance, while he also opposed BJP government’s stand to give them a chance to come back as the Indian citizens.

“You know how to go to Europe to seek a job and don’t you know that you lose Indian citizenship once you seek Portuguese nationality?”, asked the veteran freedom fighter.


According to him, all these ‘Portuguese’ Goans are a security risk for India and not aware whose side they would take if a war breaks out tomorrow between India and Portugal.

He also asked how Portugal could unilaterally decide to grant dual citizenship of Indian Goans by amending the organic law in 2006 when India does not allow dual citizenship.

“The government of India should demand with Portugal to withdraw this amendment. If they don’t agree, snap ties with them and shut down the Consulate”, he demanded.

According to Karmali, the former colonial power had no right to come to Goa and make Goans Portuguese citizens.

He also opined that the central government’s decision to constitute an Authority in Goa and give them a chance to come back as Indian citizens would not resolve the issue forever.

The ultimate solution is to make Portugal withdraw the amendment of granting dual citizenship to Goans when India does not grant it reciprocally. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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If the Portuguese government punnish the ilegal indians who live in Portugal, moor than 100000 and expulse them to India wil be interesting.

Why some Goans change nationality and dont want to be indians? This is the point. May be Goa needs a new liberation.

J. Saldanha , Lisbon

How old is this man who calls himself a freedom fighter?

Ravi Tamba , SANGUEM

Plz ask mr.karmali wat has he done to sustain people from taken other nationality?had he along with d government solved the problem of illegal migrants who have occupied places in goa?how many jobs have been given to goans so tat dey can happily stay in goa?they call dem fighters den fight for d corruption,rapes n all d dirty politics which is in an around goa .

Marina gomes , Margao

Let me correct you Cruz Rodrigues: in my humble opinion, it should be "Why Karmali is quiet on all the illegalities ,corruption and crimes,rapes taken place in Goa after INVASION and ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of our birth place Goa."

And who gave nuts like this one the MANDATE to call themselves FREEDOM FIGHTERS?

How can an INVASION be called or equalled to LIBERATION? What dictionary are they using? By simple logic: if all it was Liberation, then shouldn't India duly have gone back as they did after "Liberating" East Bengal (now Bangladesh)?

As per my information this gang was nothing but a bunch of terrorists who terrorised Goans coming illegally - due to prevailing political situation then - to their birthplace Goa via forest and robbed the women's gold including their mangal-sutras with the help of guns provided to them by the Indian Government.

They say "all looks yellow to jaundices eyes". May be karmali sees everything in Goa in a different perspective - without corruption, robberies, rapes, murders, etc. while enjoying the Govt. dole...

AnindO , U.A.E.

Very sad the way people think as Goan culture is different from India and its mainly because of a bit of Portuguese culture that is still around. People need to think of the future and not get stuck in the past like calling for a war with Portugal. Do the freedom fighters objecting Portuguese Passports even know as to how many jobs were created and how many lives have changed for the better. We should be happy that creating opportunities like these can at least reduce the population on our country and increase the inflow of foreign exchange which is good for the Government. Dual Citizenship would be ideal.

Leon Fernandes , Margao

Portugal or whatever, people holding two passports must be dealt with law, they can be either Indian or Portuguese, not both!

Snapping ties with current day Portugal is ludicrous. Karmali is turning senile, may be age is catching up (no offense to old folks).

Aaicho Salazar , Damao

Why karmali making issue on Portuguese passport if have problem take issues on Nigerian or Russian they stays illegal in goa karmali family don't taken Portuguese passport

Ajay Chodankar , Goa

Karmali do you know how many millions Indians holding other country's nationalities are they treat to Indian security, don't be so ignorant, be respectful.

Sebastiao , Uk

Mr Karmali does not know what he is talking..please do not waste time .. I m Portuguese passport holder but love for India is always there and that cannot be judged by anyone .this freedom fighters want to make political issues that's why there's no respect in there own country by their fellow man...shame to Karmali...Jai Ho Bharat mata

Marvino , India

hey mr Karmali.dont show off by saying u are freedom fighter.if u are fight for curruption going in goa illegal constructions, robbery, rape,,killing of father bismerk, fight for whts going in goa, if u dont like goans adopting portugues citizenship offer them jobs in goa. we are working in us and middle east because to give our children education to raise our family.if u are so worried if war breaks out tomorrow.let me tell u something empty vessel makes more are trying to

put stop and look wht is going in goa.

vicente , qatar

India should come into the modern age and allow dual citizenship which is allowed in most of the forward thinking and Western countries. India is actually denying an inherent right by restricting this due to unfounded fears.

wade , canada

This so called freedom fighter woke up after 54 years. He should first ask himself what he, as freedom fighter, did for Goans to stay in Goa. Did he conduct any study or survey why people are leaving and what best he can do to make them stay in Goa? Today Goa is looted by politicians and duplicate freedom fighters. Common man is struggling to make both ends meet. Our land is grabbed in name of development and job taken away by migrants through bribes to politicians. You register your name in Employment Exchange and let alone getting a job, do not expect even a call till you die unless you are from majority community. Today govt jobs in PWD, health, police etc are occupied 100% by majority community. Who stopped him and his Govt in taking action on those who attain Portugal citizenship. Goans are peace loving, open minded, accepted world over and are never considered as security threat anywhere and are flexible to live in any part of the world. Instead he should be thankful to the same minority community for saving Goa during opinion poll and for their sacrifices, which include death of 7 people, during Konkani agitation. May I ask him why the army of freedom fighters increasing day by day even after passing 54 years of liberation? Also Pls note as per the highest court of India ‘The Supreme Court”, Goa was occupied by Indian Army and not liberated on Dec. 19, 1961

Goa for Goans , Goa

What is your problem Karmali if some Goans strive for a better future? Why is it tickling you so much that you want to punish them? Punish all those in Government who can not govern or give jobs to Goans. That is why Goans are leaving for fresher pastures ie: for Job Opportunities.Do you have Jobs for them??They have their Souls in Goa so stop this bullshit in the event of War etc which is far fetched. The BJP Govt. is not adverse to the idea of Dual Citizenship which could happen in your lifetime or mine.Great respect for Freedom Fighters but is this the Freedom we all envisaged?? The Rich & Corrupt are getting Richer & the Poor Common Man is getting Poorer.

Donald Arthur Dsilva , Mumbai

Mr. Karmali people of Goa will not take Portuguese citizenship if you clean Goa from illegalities ,corruption crimes and rapes.

Can you ensure this to us.

Salvador , Mumbai


Francisco Fernandes , ABU DHABI

With due respect to the Freedom Fighters, we have to say that there are several unfreedoms that Goans experience which push them out of Goa in such of livelihoods. A Goan may be out of Goa but Goa is never out of him. This sudden out burst is too naive and does not see how we are all living with neocolonial forces right in our back yard. Goa is being sold to those who are benefiting from free market economy. Where is the Goa that our hounarable freedom fighters fought for ? These days it appears that our freedom fighters are not free as they seem to have become megaphones of divisive forces. we need a second liberation of Goa but no freedom fighter worth his salt inspires us to move to save Goa. While we wish to save Goa we need to save Goans. For once please put down the shackles of law as you'll did during Portuguese regime. Today actors have changed . But the plot is same . like the Portuguese time we have collaborators of the neocolnizers. A humble request on my side to all our honourable freedom fighters is to march to Morjim and see for yourselves. .. are we free in a land freed by you all? Let right reason and compassion be our guide when we Goans deal with our fellow Goykars who are toiling not just to make their life but contribute significantly to our economy. using your tactics let's tell them to go on a Hartal and widraw every paisa from our banks? ....We need our Goan brethren who are abroad as well as we need our honourable freedom fighters .

Victor Ferrao , Rachol

Dear Mr. Karmali, You know very well why our Goan brothers are going to Portugal, don't make a big issue about it, Just maintain your position and respect. I think they have much more freedom there compare to mining trucks, accidents, rapes, drugs and harassment from people like you here.

John W D'Souza , Margoa - Goa

Firstly, I respect Mr. Nagesh for being a freedom fighter but that does not make him Mahatma of Goa, his decision may be completely wrong since he is not aware why his own Goan fellowmen take dual citizenship and that too of Portugal. Which Goan on Earth does not like his native place all the people who have taken nationality are hungry for jobs and to send the revenue back home hence I dont see any risk, Lastly you talk about war with Portugal this makes us understand on how to get educated from your knowledge.

Franky Lobo , Abu Dhabi

You can't just cut ties with another country !

Just cause they are not listening to you to end our birth right .Shame on you for call the Portuguese goans as a threat .We are

not the threat to India ,Indian government is the biggest threat to India .Also heard what bad things were done by the Indian military when they were taking back Goa.

Phillip pereira , Dubai

Give goans good jobs than u talk

Francis Picardo , Kuwait

Nobody wants dual cuntizenship.

Kamali Baji can keep all the Indian passports.

Christians are persecuted in India and better off being Portuguese only.

What about all the Brit and US dual passport holders.

Kamali Baji you can keep your passport.

Rockock , Kathmandu

How will Portugal go war with India.

Is there any sense what this man is talking about?

Joaquim , Goa margao

saddiest who cannot see others prosper.Look at the loot in goa by your bjp ministers.fake freedom fighters who enjoy looting the benefits in the name of freedom fighters.

santosh , goa

karnali is jealous he is living on cost of govt stop his dole or pension Iam a true n honest Goan job is first

Lington monteiro , Swindon

"According to him, all these ‘Portuguese’ Goans are a security risk for India and not aware whose side they would take if a war breaks out tomorrow between India and Portugal."!!!!!???? -


Savio Fernanades , Margao

Has the Government of India considered dual citizenship? Many developed countries in the world like Canada do. While I respect the freedom fighters there is no need to punish Goans who are looking at the future to keep body and soul together. Mr. Karmali should stop taking a punitive approach and seek to understand why 4 lakh Goans registered their births in Portugal. There must be reasons why. Three people in my village got murdered and the killers were let loose under the Indian Regime. That would not have been the case while the Portuguese were ruling India. I'm not saying that the Portuguese should be back to administer justice. I'm saying don't waste your time on petty stuff like people holding two citizenship. Perhaps if Goa did not go to the dogs then no one would look outside to live in other countries. My advice to Mr. Karmali is to stop talking about this issue and be proactive in eliminating corruption, cleaning the environment and creating jobs.

oscar correia , Toronto, Canada

Why Karmali is quiet on all the illegalities ,corruption and crimes,rapes taken place in Goa after Liberation.

What right he got to make such a statement on Goans holding Portuguese P/Port. He is not the Authority on this matter and i personally condemn his statement.

Cruz Rodrigues , Margao



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