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Will Mandrem Congmen remain together to defeat CM Parsekar?


The grand alliance of anti-BJP forces fizzled out within a week at state level; how many days will the anti-Parsekar alliance remain together in Mandrem?

This is being heatedly debated everywhere in Mandrem, especially after former minister Sangeeta Parab joined the Congress yesterday, projecting her son Sachin as one of the probable candidates.

With this, the number of Congress contenders now rise to four – former Mandrem MLA Ramakant Khalap, former Pedne MLA Dayanand Sopte, Congress vice president Babi Bagkar and now Sachin Parab.

Parab, who had supported Parsekar in last election, announced that they would work for the Congress, no matter who the candidate is.

He had an impressive rally of almost 150 four wheelers and hundreds of bikers with 400 youth and hundreds of women, going all around the constituency.

The contenders – Khalap, Sopte, Bagkar and Parab – shared the platform, but neither Congress president Luizinho Faleiro nor any top level party functionary attended the rally held at ZP hall in Mandrem.

The state level leaders were Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik and Dr Pramod Salgaonkar, supposedly the in-charge of Mandrem, besides former minister Babu Azgaonkar and other local leaders.

The coming together looked quite impressive as everybody vouched to fight unitedly to defeat Parsekar.

The seeds in fact were sown with anti-BJP forces rallying together, demanding government grants for Khalap’s Mandrem College, which Parsekar has flatly refused.

However, people wonder why Sopte and Bagkar are constituting their own block-level committees, if the Congress is together.

In fact supporters of Sopte have been speaking openly that their leader would contest independent if Congress denies him ticket.

Some people within the Congress disclose that Sopte is actually the B Team of the BJP in the Congress, which would divide anti-Parsekar votes in Mandrem.

Perhaps this is the reason Sachin Parab yesterday appealed to the people not to entertain any candidate, who revolts to fight as an independent.

He has also clarified that he would not contest election if Congress denies him ticket.

If this is true, then yesterday’s ‘show’ would prove to be the ‘strength’ of the chief minister since too many cooks are bound to spoil the soup; advantage Laxmikant Parsekar! is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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it a case of strange bedfellows coming together.All the

Retoric notwithstanding,they will fight among themselves come election time.It was at once pathetic and comic to see Mr.Khalap, standing in a Q to " welcome " the prodigal Mrs.Parab.She was responsible for his defeat and eventual victory of Mr. Parsekar.This time things may not be any different rendering Mr. Khalap a chronic loser against ,Mrs. Parab whom after his last defeat was loathe to name and instead call her "That woman"

Ratnakarvnevrekar , Margao