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‘Goa Forward’ floated, to oust BJP, even by ‘sacrificing’ own programme


GF President Prabhakar Timble with Com members

Goa Forward, a regional party was floated today, with a prime objective to oust the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party by even ‘sacrificing its own programme’ and work with other political parties and independent politicians.

“We are prepared to sacrifice and work with other politicians even though there may be some issues on which we are not on the same platform”, said Prabhakar Timble, the President of GF.

Anybody and everybody are welcome to join our political outfit, except the BJP, he said.

While stating that three independent MLAs – Vijai Sardesai, Rohan Khaunte and Naresh Sawal – have already supported the GF, Timble claimed talks are already on with two other legislators besides ZP members, councillors and panchas.

Replying to a question, Timble said they decided not to join the Aam Aadmi Party having similar objective solely because its high command is in Delhi while they want their high command in Goa.

The party has decided to begin its field action on 1 February from Amdai in Sanguem, where coconut trees are cut to set up a distillery.

The party has also announced that it would build a Fouz (brigade) of 2000 youth within six months, aiming at forthcoming Assembly election.


While its state executive council will consist of 30 persons, the GF today came forward with 11 among them, besides the president, as follows:

Vice Presidents: Dr Renuka D’Silva (Porvorim) and Rupesh Naik (ZP of Penha da Franca), General Secretary: Mohandas Lolayekar (Canacona), Joint Secretary: Vidya Parab (Bicholim), Treasurer: Suraj Lotlikar (Margao) and Members: Nisar Subhedar, Prashant Naik, Vishnu Ghadi, Dilip Prabhudesai and Joao Nicholas Crasto.

“None of our key office bearers will contest Assembly elections”, announced Timble.

The rest 18 members would include 10 women and 5 students, he said.

The GF also plans to constitute Constituency Council, State Council and State Political Affairs Committee.


“They are worse than the Congress and have threatened the DNA of Goa, which is mosaic of liberalism, pluralism, multilingualism, openness and bountiful nature of a Niz Goenkar”, said Timble.

According to him, the Brand Goa is under attack with bad state of finances, the U turns on each and every promise made in the last election, trust deficit, authoritative working style and unhealthy lobbies controlling the government.

Any government has to run for the benefit of institutional lobbies like Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mineral Ore Exporters’ Association, Travel and Tourism Association of Goa etc, he said, but not the secret lobbies which are unknown.


He however denied that the new regional outfit is financed by mining barons like Audhut Timblo, while assuring that all donations the party receives would be accounted for and displayed on the party’s website.


In its 24-point programme declared by general secretary Lolienkar, the major highlight is less than 20,000 litres of free water to each household, free power for agriculture, free Wi Fi, affordable housing for homeless Goans and day care centres for senior citizens and children as well as fish, coconuts and bread at affordable price.

If brought to power, the GS said, the party would ban junket tours of ministers and officials, no special privileges to VIPs, district offices of all functional departments in Mapusa and Margao and Special Status provisions by making necessary laws in Goa.

The GF also wants the Investment Promotion Act to be repealed, bring coconut under Preservation of Trees Act and declare coconut as the State Tree.


Timble said the party has constituted a 10-member committee of experts to study the issue of Medium of Instruction scientifically rather than politically, which would be ready by 15 February.

“The whole issue is caught up between the child studying in mother tongue and the freedom of choice of the parent. The UNESCO has also changed its stand recently”, he said.

On the issue of recovering Rs 35,000 crore from the mining industry, Timble said Shah Commission is not a judicial authority and no judicial authority has passed any order to recover the amount.

However, when asked what would his party do if it comes to power, he said it would definitely probe into all such matters like mining or tendering infrastructural projects by quoting three times more than the actual cost.

The burning issues of Regional Plan 2021, casinos and marinas also did not figure in the prime commitments released by the party.

On RP21, he said the party would prefer making corrections rather than scrapping it.

On casinos, the party wants it not more than shifting it from the River Mandovi.

The party has not yet studied the issue of marinas.

While they want to begin field action on coconut, the party was not clear about their demand of bringing coconut under the Preservation of Trees Act.

When it was pointed out that the recent amendment has included the word coconut in one of the sections of the act, Timble admitted the issue has not been studied fully.

We will support the demand of Coconut Protection Act, he said, when media persons said MLA Sardesai has also supported the demand in the Assembly.

The party is also in the process of preparing a detailed agenda on industry, service sector, tourism, solid waste management, agriculture, education, health, housing, real estate, governance, women and youth empowerment. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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I have one question: if this party is formed to primarily defeat the BJP and as its ideals are similar to Congress and other like minded parties, then is it wrong to assume that they will be successful in splitting the anti BJP votes and actually helping them (BJP) to win... rather than defeat them? What a tragedy that will be. Only time will tell. But then it may too late for Goans to realize their folly and vote any Tom, Dick & Harry who happen to be mushrooming spontaneously just before the elections.

Dear Goans make a deep study of these so called

"Political Parties formed to help Goans...". Don't forget the havoc created by such parties in the past. This is not to cast aspersions on the Goa Forward. I only hope another party, may be named Goa Reverse doesn't spring up soon. Personally mine and my family's vote will be only for Goa Suraj Party.

Floriano are you reading this?

AnindO , U.A.E.

Onward and forward

Cyril boadita , Dubai

Goa forward has given an new option...Very much required, awaited & in the best interest of the state.

Pradip Kakodkar , Curchorem

This party’s manifesto seems like a rehash of what AAP promised in Delhi. Free wifi ? It’s never free and it can never be free. The free aspect works for a small meagre usage only, then the real billing kicks in. Who are they fooling? Affordable housing for homeless goans ? Are goans homeless ? I don’t think so. The homeless ones are not goans but those who have migrated from outside. And where are they going to build the houses for these “homeless” goans ? Looks to me like tall promises and nothing much. Free power for agriculture …ergo doles. Tell me something new. Fish,coconuts and bread at affordable price ? How providing subsidies. So more doles.

Their stand on MOI is still unclear. No matter which party comes to power it can never remove the grants of English medium church backed schools. Thats a hard fact. We the people of this state should accept this very fact and just move on. Enough of this creation of issues out of nothing mindlessly.

vishal s , ponda

My best wishes to new Party. At last we are getting a party which will make Goa a paradise "nandanvan".

Madhav Bastodker , Ponda

This will be another party like Goa Suraj, Raut Party, Dayanand Narvekar Party, etc. A mining lobby funded tamasha. In stead of being a people centered party this party is anti-BJP. I am sad Mr. Timble fell for this.

Raul , Goa



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