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Goa's passport officer booked by CBI as well as local Excise


The raid of Central Bureau of Investigation cost Goa’s passport officer Agnelo Fernandes two cases – for issuing passports to the people having criminal background as well as possessing liquor bottles beyond permissible limit.

Goa’s passport office and residence of Fernandes was raided by the CBI on 9 September, but they refuse to disclose its final outcome.

“We are still investigating, but we have seized all the relevant documents”, SP Ashok Kumar of CBI officer confirmed with

He also said the truth will be known only after verifying the documents they have seized.

The local excise office however has confirmed that Fernandes has been booked for possessing 104 liquor bottles, since the permissible limit is 12 bottles.

According to CBI office, there is no question of booking anybody after the raid.

“We file the FIR against the person and then only enter the premises. FIR has already been booked against Fernandes”, said SP Kumar, but refused to divulge any other information.

“I am not authorised to reveal anything more. Please don’t ask me”, he said.

Goa’s excise commissioner Menino D’Souza however confirmed that they have taken possession of 104 bottles, which are mainly foreign single malt brands like Johny Walker, Black Lebel etc.

Information reveals that the CBI had taken officers from both central and local excise offices as witnesses when they found huge amount of foreign liquor bottles at his residence.

The permissible limit, said D’Souza, is maximum 12 bottles of IMFL or foreign liquor and 24 beer bottles for personal consumption.

He also said Fernandes would be compounded with a fine of not more than Rs 5000 for the offence, for which a show cause notice would be issued to him.

But it is still not known whether Fernandes had actually issued passports to the persons having criminal background, which is a serious offence.

The raid came as a surprise since Fernandes had succeeded in streamlining the passport office functioning and people at large were quite happy with him functioning. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Well done!

Hope this corrupt guys remains behind bars. He had this coming.

Aryan , Panaji

Absolute rubbish! Come everyone open your eyes this is an obvious plot against an innocent man who unlike previous passport officers was not for himself but rather worked for everyone! CBI booking a case because he had foreign liquor?? What a pathetic bunch of so called investigators!! This is an oblivious case of corruption against Agnelo as I'm sure there are people who hate the great work he is doing for everyone. It's always the case one person tries to do good while the slackers (BJP associates) just what their bribes!! Here's an idea for you officers at CBI, how about your team of investigators go out and raid the homes of politicians and government officials and see how many bottles of alcohol and hundreds of Lahks they have stored up in their mansions!! People wake up!! there is more to all news reports and these alleged cases, all we need to do is listen to the other side of the story or simply do our own research to know what he CBI really stand for (corruption)!

Jay , Goa

Just name few persons anywhere in the Universe who are not corrupt ...!

Who does not do corruption... ? Why corruption takes place ?

and I have more questions and we need Answers ASAP...

We need to find solutions in this Kali Yug (Dark Ages)...

Jose Cunha , GOA(UK)

Mr. Agnelo Fernandes is an upright officer. A walk by any common man in the passport office will vouch the same. It is utter shame on targeting upright and honest individuals like Mr. Agnelo who work with the common man in mind.. right under the nose of this high handed CBI and the police the big sharks roam freely with no fear..... shame on the Government for targeting selective individuals.

Philip Almeida , Vasco

This is selective targeting of Minorities in Goa by Govt ruled in Delhi. Such a huge raid and then booking only for possession of 102 bottles (offense not relevant to his job) and for issuing passports for 2 persons of criminal background is utter waste of time by CBI. So as per their early reporting that they have seized foreign and Indian currencies is a big lie.There could be lapse in issuing one or two passports to criminal record persons, which is within acceptable tolerance, a officer cannot be cent percent right. Why not raid RTO, PWD, TCP officials etc. A one hour raid there could easily net amount worth crores.?

Goa for Goans , Goa

I presume criminal records of people are checked by the police.

By the way, how many bottled can be kept in a house by ordinary people like us?

Francisco Lourenco , Goa