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Beef shortage is anti-Chrstian: Sardinha


Stopping supply of beef is anti-Christian decision, South Goa Congress MP Francisco Sardinha has alleged.

Though the matter of animal slaughter is presently before the high court, Sardinha has put the entire blame of beef shortage on the BJP government.

“Beef is the main food of Christian community in Goa”, said Sardinha, giving community colour to the whole issue.

The media persons tried to bring to his notice that the animal slaughter was stopped by the high court, based on a petition, without even asking for the government side.

The fact was also brought to his notice that the government, with its intervention later, had managed to relax the stay granted on animal slaughter at the Goa Meat Complex.

“I was not aware of all these things since I was in Delhi”, said Sardinha, but continued blaming the government for short of beef supply.

“What was the government doing all this time”, he asked, while stating that the situation of complete ban on animal slaughter would have not arisen if illegalities at the GMC were stopped in last one year.

He also observed that in spite of the high court relaxing the ban under certain condition, beef was still not available in the market.

“Who is responsible for this”, he asked.

While relating it to British empire approach of ‘no bread, eat cake’, he asked whether the BJP government wanted Goans to eat costly mutton since beef was not available. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Francisco , Goa:::

You are absolutely correct.

This should not be a Religious or communal issue.

Francisco Sardinhia,has chosen to make this an issue to serve himself & maintain his political credibility.

If Mr Sardinha wants to consume beef that is as tastless, tough & edible as "Rubber", then he can buy some of these condemned cows and keep them in his backyard for his personal consumption.

My relatives in Goa have not complained about the shortage of beef. Instead they welcome the move to get good quality & edible beef and also ensure it is Value for money.

It is to do with the sale of sub-standard & un-licenced beef.

I doubt Christians will be happy to be sold sub-standard and possibly contaminated beef.

I expect that the fumbling & bumbling Mr Sardinha, will soon state that his remark was taken out of context.

N.Fernandes , London

I will not like to communalise this issue but the fact remains that good quality beef should be made available for consumption of locals (not only Christians but also Muslims and many Hindus, specially from Kerala who, I know, relish dishes of beef).

Tourists also like beef. Hence, it should be available in plenty to the hotels and restaurants who serve beef dishes specially to the foreign tourists.

CM may please give extra time and energy to sort out this issue.

Beef is not the main non-veg item in Goan houses but it is very important item special in this festive season.

Let beef be available to those who like to eat it.

Francisco , Goa

Not very long ago, bovines(cows) in the UK suffered from what is commonly known as "MAD COW " disease.

The medical term for this is "Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)"

Recently there was also an issue in Europe with Horsemeat being sold as Beef.

This is quite similar to the Goa Meat complex selling condemned beef as approved.

This Mad-Cow disease is transferable to human beings and Mr Francisco Sardinha must surely be a victim of it.

His thought processes are a little wayward these days....much like symptoms in the infected cows

Put into perspective, many of his recent rants/public statements, do not appeal to the public.

The most powerful man on earth President Barack Obama of the USA ,is happy to display his greying hair.

On the other side we have a small time Goan Politician ,that dyes his hair black ,out of sheer vanity.

Mr Francisco Sardinha seems to spend more time, dyeing his greasy & oily hair (either himself or at the barbers) and no doubt, spends a lot of his time looking in the mirror at every available opportunity.

Growing old gracefully, does not seem to appeal to him.

Trying his hardest to look young and younger ,which is akin to a form of age deception, is his way of life.

His Policies & Public statements too, are equally deceptive and at best deformed/defective.

Goans are not wholly dependent on Beef.

From my research, many Goans also consume Chicken & Pork, as they are cheaper & widely available.

Fish still reigns supreme, amongst Goans(specially Christian ) all over the world.

N.Fernandes , London

Ronny Gracias , Pune::::

You are absolutely correct.

It is widely attributed to Marie-Antoinette (1755-93), the Queen consort of Louis XVI(France).

She is supposed to have said this, when she was told that the French populace had no bread to eat.

Mr Francisco Sardinha, a Caste elitist, likes to pretend he is knowledgeable.

N.Fernandes , London

I thought the "No Bread, Eat Cake" was a French thing

Ronny Gracias , Pune

As usual, Mr Sardinha has opened his loud & ageing mouth to vomit some nonsense.

Perhaps when he starts dyeing his hair jet black and returns to natural grey, he make make some sense.

The ban on beef is temporary and not permanent.

It is subject to a Court ruling.

Beef is not a staple diet of Christians in Goa.

Fish as per my understanding is. It is what housewives talk about every day when they meet each other.

N.Fernandes , London



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