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Lokayukta to probe land conversion scams


Chief minister Manohar Parrikar said the government will hand over all land conversion scandals of controversial Regional Plan 2011 to the Lokayukta.

Babush Monseratte, who was the town and country planning minister during this alleged scam, said the inquiry would help him clear his name.

Parrikar said let the Lokayukta find out who was involved in the land conversion scandal.

“There were MoUs signed with conversion rates and even cheques were issued as a consideration”, said Parrikar.

As the RPG 11 was subsequently scrapped, Parrikar said the underhand money taken for these conversions was not even repaid to the interested parties.

“I am not saying you were involved. Let Lokayukta find out who was involved”, he told Babush when the latter shot back at the chief minister.

The issue was raised in the Assembly today by opposition leader Pratapsing Rane, asking how long Goa has to ultimately wait for the new regional plan.

“We have no Regional Plan for almost 12 years now”, he observed.

Though the new plan was withheld for further modifications and got it delayed further due to mining crisis, Parrikar said it would be kept open for public suggestions before the next Assembly session.

However, he made it clear that only limited agenda would be kept open for suggestions and not everything.

Let the villages also decide what they want in next ten years, but not through gram sabhas which, said the chief minister, had become wrestling grounds for the vested interests.

The CM now plan to set up a committee of senior MLAs and some experts to modify the Regional Plan 2021.

“I believe in Swiss model and want to implement it”, he said, while also stressing upon micro level planning for the whole state by the experts.

He also assured the House to incorporate Outline Development Plans in the RPG 21, which was a long pending demand of the activists including the Goa Bachao Abhiyan.

The chief minister also assured the House that the town and country planning act would be amended before making the RPG 21 public. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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AC , Goa:::::

Recently another well known Goan Corrupt & traitor of Goan identity & values ,Sudin Dhavilikar stated (on TV) that....

there is gong to be a "rampage" of Cases files against Congress MLA & other Government officials.

By this he means a "flood of cases".

The Dhavilakar bros. have been an intrinsic part of the Congress Party when in Power.

And by that very act must also have had their hand dipped in Corrupt acts or act of corruption.

The RTO dept. in Goa aside from the PWD is one of the most Corrupt of Government Departments.

Dhavalikar was once was Chief of this Dept.

As part of a deal to support the BJP, he insisted on being given the PWD. He got the cake he wanted from Parrikar, in this deal.

Goans are waiting .patiently at present,to see all the Thieves & looters brought to Justice, as promised by Parrikar & the BJP.

But as you state, it seems like Mr Parrikar is having difficulty or no guts, keeping his promise, because many of his own are also corrupt.

He amended the Lokayukta to benefit these scoundrels.

And my best bet is,that Parrikar will get his whole Government Machinery, to prepare weak cases so they start floundering at the Lokayukta and get disposed /acquitted.

But I still hope Parrikar will prove otherwise.

Thus far he has made many mis-calculations.

N.Fernandes , London

N. Fernandes you are right on money. But it is a fact that Parrikar has no guts to take action against Monsarat or Chorchill or the rest of the congress goons.

AC , Goa

Aren't there any other law enforcement agencies to take care of such issues? or it must be Lokayukta only?

AC , Goa

It is a well established fact that Babush Monseratte has amassed his huge fortune & that of his wife`s too through extreme acts of corruption.

Many of his actions also include violent acts.

No person is feared in any village unless he has murderous and violent tendencies.

If facts be known Monseratte has grown up on acts of extreme violence.

He is known as a thug amongst all Law abiding folk

Even with all the money he has made via corrupt acts, he is never ever likely to be seen as a respectable Goan.

He definitely belongs in Goa`s Hall of SHAME.

And what about his money laundering activities.

His company for acts of fraudulent activities & money laundering as well as land scams , is Raj Hospitality.

In my humble opinion, Mr Monseratte along with his wife are despicable human beings.

N.Fernandes , London



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