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Budget 2013 Highlights


A minute-to-minute updating of the Goa Budget presented by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on 18 March. updated it Live as soon as he reads it out, making it available on the PC, Mobile, Tablet as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


» Tax exemptions for those impacted by mining activity ban. Truck/tipper and barge owners to be exempted from payment of fees and taxes for this year with the Transport and CoP Departments.

» Rural Welfare and Improvement Cess Act to be modified and revamped. One time and time-bound determination of all penalties, fees for conversion on any land and rent on Government land used for dumping mining rejects, to be introduced.


» Fees and charges for Government forms and services to be revised.


» Section 7(1) of Goa Non-Biodegradable Garbage Control Act to be modified to include the rate of 2% cess on non-biodegradable packing materials, bottles, containers, etc. The fund to be utilized for village level intervention programmes on solid waste man

» All petroleum products to pay Green Cess @ 0.5% to reduce carbon footprint. Legislation to be introduced shortly.


» 2% Cess on the sale value of all products sold in non-biodegradable packing materials to be collected at first point of sale.


» Service charges for developments undertaken by Government Departments, Government undertakings, local bodies, at 75% of the Infra Tax payable.

» Conversion Sanads issued to be valid for a block of five years. If no construction is carried out the applicant can renew for another block of five years on payment of conversion fee afresh without obtaining NOC. This can be further renewed for a block


» Committee to assess requirements of tourism and hotel industry. May consider additional FAR of 20% for the purpose of Hotels only and payment of `20,000/- per


» (a) Infrastructure Tax to be paid on three categories: (i) Coastal Panchayat Areas and five major towns. (ii) Census Towns and Village Panchayats adjoining five major towns and municipal areas. (iii) Other Village Panchayat areas. (b) Infra Tax on res


» Water Tariff enhanced without touching domestic and small consumers. Drawal of river or surface water ` 10/- per and ` 15/- per cu. Mtr for raw or semi-treated pumped water. Rates not to apply for agriculture.


» (c) Transfer fee for transferring the registration of used two wheeler and four wheelers to be introduced. (d) VAT on second hand car sale exempted.

» (a) Decades old stagnant stamp duty enhanced. (b) Registration fee reduced by 1% on existing rates. Housing Society covered under the first slab.


» (d) Transport permit which was last revised in 1990 to be increased to ` 20/- from ` 10/-.

» (a) Rationalization and enhancement in Motor Vehicle Tax introduced. (b) Special permit passenger tax on tourist vehicle from outside the State to be rationalized.


» (b) Labels printed on Beer bottle to record the MRP besides the value of refundable bottle deposit. (c) Cancellation fee of import and export payment enhanced to ` 5010/- and transfer fee for transfer of licence to a person within family to be maintained


» (f) Filing quarterly returns to be streamlined for effective assessment and additional e-services including e-payments and e-returns to be introduced.

» (a) Marginal increase in Excise Duty for IMFL and Beer. No changes on wines.


» (d) Scheme for incentives to officials and public who disclose malpractices by dealers and help Government to realize taxes. (e) Anti Evasion Bureau with full powers to detect and prevent offences under various revenue Acts of the State to be constituted


» (a) Goods purchased on online shopping and delivered to the purchasers through courier services or agents or interstate stage carriages, to be taxed. (b) Entry Tax on empty glass bottles used for beer and other like products to be enhanced by 12.5%. (c


» (a) Penalty provision for non-issue of Entry tickets enhanced 10 times of the entry fees charged, to be applicable to both the establishment as well as the individual. (b) Large scale ticketed events where crowd exceeds 2000k persons, entertainment tax t


» (a) Schedule I amended for room rent of ` 5000/- and above tax enhanced from 10% to 12%. (b) Special concession scheme at the rate of 60% of lax liability for the month of June to September of the year


» (aa) To ensure personal hygiene amounts adolescent girls and young women, VAT on sanitary napkins for the use by babies, young & old women, exempted.

» (bb) VAT on registration of used car/sale of used car exempted as transfer fee for transfer of registration of used cars and two wheelers introduced. (cc) Lubricating oil to be levied VAT of 15% and subsequent sales to be exempted. (dd) VAT on cement


» (x) Tax on consideration received by the builder or developer during the agreements of sales of flats or housing projects or dwelling units or row houses. For flats where the value is below ` 10 lakhs – tax exemption; for value between ` 10 lakhs to `

» (y) Schedule B of VAT Act relating to ‘Handicrafts’ to be amended to make ‘Handicrafts manufactured locally only’. This benefits local artisans.

» (z) VAT of 12.5% on empty glass bottles which are used for beer and other like products.


» (w) Common point sale through web enabled service where all the dealers are connected online and the details of sales and purchases are captured, to be introduced, to start with Restaurants and all tourist related establishments to be covered.


» (t) Commissioner to be empowered to identify goods used as industrial inputs and issue clarification or determination to help industry to avail the benefit.

» (u) Special scheme for visiting tourists –VAT paid against purchases made in the State of Goa during the residency period to be refunded on production of the bill at the Airport. Scheme to be introduced in September, 2013.

» (v) VAT on Aviation Turbine Fuel to be refunded to the Airline Carrier under Special scheme at the minimum of 5% on the basis of progressive increase of passengers by the airline carrier with reference to the base year 2012-13.


» (r) Inspection and Audits reports to be carried out on serially numbered official printed stationery, duly authenticated by the next higher authority as an administrative measure which is to be replicated in other Departments also.

» (s) One time settlement scheme to the dealers who have disputes before the courts and appellate authorities to pay 50% of the disputed amounts and withdraw the appeals. However, cases involving non-payment of tax not be covered under this scheme.


» (p) On the spot penalty of ` 1000/- for every incident where it is noticed that dealers do not issue sales bill or do not maintain proper books of account or stock details.

» (q) Section 64 of the VAT Act to be amended on the lines of Tax on Luxuries Act to authorize Recovery Officers to attach and auction the assets.


» (n) Section 35 of the VAT Act to be amended to empower authority to levy fresh penalty. All cases which move in appeal before the Administrative Tribunal to pay 50% of the disputed fees as deposits before filing cases. The revision period extended from

» (o) Penalty provisions for non-filing of returns per quarter reduced to ` 1000/- from ` 500/- per quarter. If the dealer fails to file three consecutive quarters, registration certificate to be cancelled automatically and for re-issue, penalty of ` 25,00


» (l) Casual traders who have no fixed place for business activity to be assessed on the spot and VAT collected on the spot.

» (m) Traders who sell taxable goods and who are not registered with the Department to be covered under compulsory registration and covered under concessional tax payment scheme.


» (k) All such cases regarding fraudulent claim of excess or wrong Input Tax Credit beyond limitation period to be re-opened by amending provisions of the Act.


» (g) Section 25(4) of VAT Act to be amended to make dealers more responsible and viable to renew their registrations periodically as a compulsory measure. Further to provide for exclusion of remission and penalty clause and to consider claims on case to c

» (h) Tax Deducted at Source under Section2 8 of VAT Act for contractors to be enhanced from 2% to 5%. (i) All tax schemes and other beneficiary schemes of the Government will be extended only if the billing is done locally against local purchases. If not

» (j) For the purpose of price comparison for any Government tender, rate of VAT and Entry Tax to be excluded. This clarifies confusion created by Audit.


» (c) Section 5 of the VAT Act to be amended to provide for retrospective effect for beneficiary schemes. (d) Composition scheme to be amended to assess the small dealers for renewal of application beyond stipulated turnover.

» (e) Section 9 of the Act to be amended to rationalize claims under Input Tax Credit against Tax invoices of higher value. (f) Section 9 of NPV Scheme to be amended to introduce Restrictive Tax invoices which are pre-authenticated by Department.


» (a) VAT Act 2005 to be amended to provide for special provisions to fix liability on the organizers who conduct exhibitions-cum-sales. (b) Prior permission from Commercial Tax Department will have to be obtained. However, registered dealers and recogniz


» Rs 30 crore to develop Panaji city, Rs 110 crore for town and country development

» Financial revenue collection system needs to be planned and maintained prudently. Revenue enhancement proposed without taxing the people but by rationalization of various available resources.


» One crore cloth bags to be prepared through students and distributed free all over Goa, to curb plastic bags.


» Rs 10 crore to develop Neturlim as a Model Village.


» Rs 365 crore for water resources


» 6000 youth to be covered under the scheme

» Rs 15 crore to bring 8000 youth under Minimum Employment Guarantee Scheme Rs 365 crore for water resources


» Chief Minister Rojgar Yojana to named after Dr Kurien, provision of Rs 50 crore, loan up to Rs 2 lakh & 25% subsidy if loan repaid in time


» Rs 128 crore for torism infrastructure

» Goa Investment Policy by 30 May.


» Fund provision for renovation of Old Goa for coming Exposition, by GTDC.


» Interest-free loan to photo journalists up to Rs 1 lakh

» Interest-free loan to photo journalists up to Rs 1 lakh


» Rs 6 crore for Journalist schemes

» Bharatkar Hegde Desai housing scheme for journalists


» House tax abolition limited only to BPL houses.


» Rs 145.41 crore for Panchayats & ZPs


» Ganjem river water of 60 MLD to be diverted to Opa


» South Goa Collectorate to be named after Matanhy Saldanha, to be fully operational by 30 May.


» 30% stalls to unempolyed youth & 10% to self-help groups on KTC bus stands.


» Valpoi & Sanquelim hospitals are white elephants, just like South Goa collectorate, says CM


» Special corridor from Dhawali by pass to Curti by pass, spending Rs 100 crore. Calvim bridge inauguration by 30 May. Rs 300 crore for infrastructure like roads and bridges


» 2 Crore for new Mumbai Bhavan at Vashi. Accomodation facilities for Goans at Shirdi and Vailankani

» Yellow taxi subsidy scheme extended to tourist taxis


» 2 Crore for new Mumbai Bhavan at Vashi. Accomodation facilities for Goans at Shirdi and Vailankani


» 10 each Translators in Official Language Dept and translators in all government offices for Konkani & Marathi

» Special funding to Konkani Bhasha Mandal

» Rs 113 crore to revamp Kadamba Transport Corporation.


» Rs 1 crore each to Konkani & Marathi Academies, Rs 1 crore for Konkani Bhavan

» Official boards in Konkani-Marathi in 3 months, action against private establishment boards in official language


» Rs 12 crore to restore Museum building at Patto Plaza, special grant to Goa Chitra Museum at Benaulim


» New housing scheme for poor people as well as Govt servants, journalists at the rate of Rs 12,000 per sq mt


» Rs 500 crore provided for health sector.

» New PHC in Calangute, Porvorim, Mayem, Chimbel and Navelim in South


» New hospitals in Pernem, Chicalim, Curchorem and Cansaulim

» Din Dayal Health Scheme in 3 months for health insurance, provision of Rs 20 crore, treatment of up to Rs 4 lakh


» Cancer Society to be formed in Goa by Govt.


» CM criticises unplanned expenditure in Health sector by past Cong govt.


» 4 fishing landidng centres

» Rs 12.18 crore provision to buy Petrol Overboard machine


» Fishing ban to be increased to 75 days

» Grant to Rs 20,000 for canoe with outboard motor as Matnahy Saldanha Scheme, provision of Rs 3 crore


» Rs 2 crore provision to take assistance of animal welfare NGOs.


» Provision of Rs 1 crore to give grants to milk co-operative societies and Rs 2 crore for various schems of animal welfare


» Rs 4 crore for Drive in Farmers Market in Goa Velha, Priorl, Farmagudi, Verna and Barshem

» Kamdhenu scheme to be reviewed to simplify procedure. Cattle Mela in Goa to help farmers to buy cattle in the state.


» Unique scheme to restore field in mining belt


» Loan of Rs 30,000 with 1% interest to Kisan Card holders and also to dairy farmers and fishermen


» Provision of Rs 50 lakh to survey arid land to bring it under cultivation


» 18000 farmers benefits from new agro scheme, two and half time more farmers came forward


» Goa scholar for 20 students, 20,000 dollars for education abroad

» New courses in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing


» Provision of Rs 2 crore for Bursery scholarship to lower income group having Rs 30,000 annual income


» Preference to admission in neighbouring school

» Retirement issue of those teachers retired on 58 years will be solved by May end.


» Gift deed partition of land gifted for schools, within one year

» Action against schools not completing required remedial days


» Consellor in each Secondary and Higher Secondary school

» Yoga to be introduced as Optional subject

» Loan-cum-grant for Infrastructure of Pvt schools: Rs 50 lakh for Primary, Rs 1 crore for Secondary and Rs 2 crore for higher secondary schools

» GSIDC to take up repairs of all schools


» Provision of Rs 2 crore for Free grant to schools, not linked to salary, based on number of students, up to Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month


» Automatic NOC to recruit teachers for 5, 7 and 10 years


» 68 new Konkani/Marathi primary schools started, total schools 115. Rs 2.5 crore provison in this budget

» Pending issues of BEd teachers, professional teachers & computer teachers to be solved in few months


» Provision of Rs 2 crore for pre-primary schools in Konkani/Marathi to pay Rs 15,000 per month to each school


» Rs 25 crore for Atal Asaro for tribals, Rs 15 crore for scholarship, Rs 6 crore for Ashram school and Rs 40 lakh for hostel Rs 270 crore for Tribal Welfare Dept, over Rs 300 crore including for SC/ST

» Advisory Council within 3-4 months to find permanent solution on Medium of Instruction, appeal to have patience


» 10,000 applications to be cleared every month of Griha Adhar

» 1 lakh housewives to benefit by end of year, provision of Rs 80 crore Anganwadi Sevika honourarium to be increased to Rs 15,000 & Rs 7500 to Assistants; also retirement benefits to hike to Rs two lakh & 1.50 lakh respectively


» Provision of Rs 100 crore for Laadli Laxmi

» Ladli Laxmi money to be used for education or profession of 21-year old girl


» Increase of Rs 500 for medicines to senior citizens suffering with BP, Diabetis etc Provision of Rs 8 crore for traditional bakers


» 5% job reservation for wards of freedom fighters & implementation within 18 months

» Review of Dayanand Samajik Suraksha Yojana to deleted undeserving candidates Long term health policy for widows


» Health Allowance of Rs 1000 per month to freedom fighters


» Necessary action against those responsible for crime of illegal mining Pending renewal of leases for 25 years brough revenue of Rs 239 crore, additional Rs 300 crore expected


» Rs one crore to Public Redressal Dept Service Guarantee Act to be introduced for better public service Vigilance Dept budget increased from Rs 71 lakh to Rs 525 lakh Reward to provide information about corruption increased from Rs 80,000 to Rs 25 lakh

» Amendments to Lokayukta Act as fast as possible Zero based Budgeting from 2014-15 Review failed schemes

» Various schemes of Rs 140 crore for those who faced pollution, health hazard, loss to agriculture and loss to ecology Various schemes for those who lost livelihood due to stoppage of mining


» All economic facilities in future through Adhar Card Restructuring of administrative status on anvil Konkani classes for top officials held Management Information System to be implemented to increase revenue & stop encroachment on land


» Estimated total deficit Rs 1206.39 crore, fiscal deficit Rs 1365.25 crore Estimated Fiscal deficit is 3.12%, above FRBM rule of 3%, wil reduce below 3% Rs 2013 crore to be spent on Social Infrastrcture, rest through private investment

» Good Governance is transperant, responsive, effective, ethical, responsible, law-abiding, sensitive, participative & consultative Strengthen vigilance and anti-corruption machinery through Lokayukta Introduced purchases through e-tendering & payment th


» Fiscal deficit increased from Rs 755.16 crore to Rs 1457.15 crore (3.74% of GDP) If not these hurdles, could have achieved zero revenue deficit & less than 3& of fiscal deficit Estimated debt of GSDP: 2011-112 is 29.75 & 2012-13 is 30.80

» Assures to keep under control revenue, capital & fiscal deficit and restore economic health of State Estimated Revenue deficit is Rs 204 crore, Capital deficit Rs 652.23 crore


» Estimated Plan size for 2013-14: Rs 4748.92 crore; rise of 36.25% Estimated revenue deficit for 2012-13 was Rs 82.90 crore & fiscal deficit of Rs 755.16 crore

» But had arrears of Capital Account of Rs 1350 crore; already paid Rs 860 crore PWD – Rs 650 crore, Power Dept – 280 crore & retirement scheme – 160 crore Burden of arrears of Rs 450 crore & Rs 600 crore due to mine ban Revenue deficit increased f


» Total budget size of Plan & Non-Plan of 2012-13 was Rs 9148.47 crore Total estimated budget size of 2013-14 is Rs 10,053.24 crore; 9.8% more than last year Plan size for 2012-13: Rs 3485.82 crore


» GDP reduced from 10.15% in 2010-11 to 8.94& in 2011-12 Hopeful of 12% GPD next year GSDP: Primary – 9.70%, Secondary – 38.05% & Tertiary – 52.25% GSDP Growth in 2004-05: Primary – (-) 2.52, Secondary – 5.84% & Tertiary – 13.85% GSDP Growth


» Rooted out system of illgal commission on projects Renegotiated with JICA lowest tenderers and reduced project rate by 13%, saving Rs 40 crore

» Faced the challenge due to mining ban, Govt treasury lost Rs 1400 crore 1 lakh mining-dependnets lost livelihood, Goan economy lost over Rs 20,000 crore Common man suffered due to selfish attitude of handful of big people


» Mining ban impacted recession in mining belt & deficit of Rs 900 crore

» Still implemented Dayanand Samajik Suraksha Yojana, Laadli Laxmi, Griha Adhar, Kala Sanman & several other schemes

» Explored new methods of revenue generation, plugged revenue leakages and reduced administrative expenditure


» CM begins speech quoting Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s poem


» CM begins speech quoting Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s poem


» Watch Live Goa Budget on Mon from 3.00 pm. Now available also with Mobile & Tablet editions. Also on FB & Twitter on 'goanewsdotcom'. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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