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AG accuses Govt of protecting right wing Ram Sene


Ami Goenkar, the organization formed to oppose Sri Ram Sene’s entry into Goa, has condemned BJP government’s partisan attitude of forgiving adopted while dealing with the right wing extremist elements.

While the issue was raised in the Assembly, urban development minister Francis D’Souza, in the absence of chief minister Manohar Parrikar, had made a statement: “let the Ram Sene come, we will take care of it.”

The AG has objected to the statement in the wake of highly unconstitutional activities carried out by SRS and its leader Pramod Muthalik.

Meanwhile, Muthalim in an exclusive interview to Times of India today has reiterated that he would open SRS branch in Goa in August and would target the bars and pubs run, projecting western culture, in an aggressive manner.

In response to the government stand, AG spokesperson Adv Prasanna Timble has said that the government is turning a deaf ear to the statewide protest by all the Goans.

Ms Timble has also pointed out at Ramnath Hindu Sammelan held recently, which Muthalik attended and unanimously passed a resolution, demanding that India be declared as a Hindu Nation.

“We believe that the Constitution of India is supreme and hence non-secular organisations like Ram Sene are an obvious threat to our country”, she said.

While pointing out at Muthalik’s statement that the SRS would act in aggressive manner, the AG asked whether the government has any concern for the safety of Goans or would it tactfully sideline this threat as altu-faltu.

While reacting to the statement of D’Souza that Constitution of India provides freedom to any Indian to roam everywhere in India, Adv Timble has advised the minister, who is also a lawyer, to read the constitution properly.

“The Constitution restricts these freedoms in the interest of secularism, independence, sovereignty and integrity of India. In the interest of morality and public order, the government can also impose restrictions:, she pointed out.

The AG in a press note has also listed down the activities of SRS till date, which it terms as unconstitutional and unlawful.

The AG has also stated that Muthalik has over 45 cases pending against him and he is wanted by the Karnataka police in 11 districts.  

The cases relate to making inflammatory speeches, inciting hatred between religious groups, conducting training with intent to carry out violence. Pramod Muthalik has over 45 cases pending against him, and is wanted by the police in 11 districts of Karnataka.

Most of these cases are still under investigation and relate to subversive activities, defiling religious books, unlawful assembly, violating prohibitory orders, and evading judicial warrants, states the press note.

The AG has listed down the incidents reported of SRS as follows:

* Pramod Muthalik is being held to be an "important link" in the criminal conspiracy to trigger blasts in Malegaon.

* Pramod Muthalik was banned from entering Dakshina Kannada district for one year by a Mangalore court. The court passed order citing various reasons like attack on young women in a Mangalore pub, disruption of Valentine’s Day celebration etc.

* Police had arrested Sri Ram Sena leader, Pramod Muthalik for alleged role in the Mysore communal clashes. Muthalik who was arrested in Belgaum is accused of making inflammatory speeches and inciting violence in Mysore.

* Pramod Muthalik, the chief of infamous Sri Ram Sena chief was arrested by the Gulbarga police with around 138 people and placed him under preventive custody. Government took this measure to prevent unwanted incidents on the Valentine's Day. Muthalik and his Sena have warned earlier of disrupting the V-day celebrations alleging it is not part of the Indian culture.

*Tagging Sri Ram Sena Activists as 'threat to country', Union Home minister P Chidambaram said that the Center is watching their activities. He also urged Karnataka to take stern action against the Sena responsible for Mangalore pub attack.

* The Bijapur police arrested six youths — all members of the right wing Hindu group Shri Ram Sene — for hoisting Pakistan’s flag at the office of the tahsildar of Sindhagi town on January 1.
On 24 August 2008, the Sri Ram Sena vandalized an exhibition of M F Husain's paintings in Delhi.

* On 27 October 2008, activists of the Sena ransacked the central office of the Samajwadi Party in New Delhi, in retaliation to alleged defamatory comments made against slain Delhi Police Inspector M C Sharma by SP leadership. Taking responsibility for the attack, the outfit's national general secretary Binay Kumar Singh told PTI that he and his supporters had entered the premises of the SP office at Copernicus Lane and damaged some vehicles parked inside, as well as furniture and hoardings.

* On 12 October 2011, a few Sri Ram Sena activists allegedly roughed up senior lawyer and social activist Prashant Bhushan in his Supreme Court chamber.

* A six-week undercover investigation by TEHELKA has revealed that Sri Ram Sene members are not just committed ideologues who are spontaneously willing to become violent law-breakers for a “cause”. That’s just one of their criminal and negative faces. They are also people who can be bought for a price. “Contract rioting” — thugs being handed out contracts or money to create riots — no longer needs to be a matter of mere speculation. TEHELKA’s investigation shows it is an alarming reality. Vandalism can be purchased; ‘cultural nationalism’ can go on sale. That’s what Ram sene is all about. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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HOW LONG IS THIS mahendr dalvi AWAY FROM OUR GOA ? DOES HE READ OUR SUNAPATRANT ? OUR GOA NEWS ? and does he still make this comment ?GROUND REALITY ?????

Altina Rego , salcette

Goa is the safest place for ladies / kids even during night ...ask Freddy Pitt.....or the mom of a 14 yr English girl...or the hubby of a murdered wife...a granny of her own grandsons...v safe,indeed. also we do not have rapes,dacoities,robberies,stabbing,murders,pick pocketing,looting,overcharging,beating the hell and pulp out of visiters,...whatever the newspapers or media publishes in not true . we are the most law abiding citizens.the so called drugs are not available anywhere in our Goa. Its a myth.

abdul , valpoi

I support Mahendrabab, what he says is correct . our Goa is a v small state .And we had ONLY 342 fatal accidents in Goa.We DO NOT have rash driving in Goa. All our Goans/YOUNGSTERS know how to drive.they all drive v v slowly.v v carefully.never honk.never speed.never overtake from the wrong side.never drive into a no entry.never talk on mobile while driving.never stop abruptly ,if they see their daily friend. they never ride mobike 3 some.they never turn right/left without indicating.never. the buses never speed .our bus drivers and conductors are the most well behaved.our truck drivers in the mining areas are the most polite.our private buses never stop anywhere in the middle abruptly if they see a passenger. never shout macell macell fonyaa fonyaaa rabrey raw rey..the most imp NO GOAN DRIVER EVER DRINKS ! now,the crime against the women . What is it ?

lina , salcette

The extremist element like Ram Sene must be stopped before it enters Goan soil. Goa is peaceful place and these rougue elements would definitely take law into their hands. Goan has got a little westernised culture but every thing goes smoothly and peacefully. It is all right taking strong actions against drug culture. But as far as pubs, bars etc are concerned Goans are quite sober and they know how to behave. There are no rash driving after consumimg liquor in Goa. Or in women related crimes in Goa. If Goans want to enjoy their life in pubs and bars let it be so. Who is Muttallik to teach the Goans the morals of behaviour.

In Goa both Indian and western culture is followed and respected. No outsider need to step in. Government must take timely action before it is too late.

Mahendra Dalvi , Ponda



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