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Alina elected unopposed, Cong & Ind withdraw


Alina Saldanha

Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Alina Saldanha is elected unopposed from Cortalim.

Raymond D’Sa of Congress and UGDP-supported independent candidate Ramakant Borkar withdrew their nominations on the last day of withdrawal today.

The Cortalim bye-election was scheduled on 4 June.

D’Sa apparently withdrew due to internal squabble within the Congress.

Though no official of the Congress is coming forward to state why D’Sa withdrew, his supporters are saying that Congress wanted to make him a scapegoat.

They were upset that local Congress leaders, especially Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho, were not coming out to wholeheartedly support D’Sa.

GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar is still expressing ignorance over why D’Sa withdrew.

However, information gathered in this regard reveals that D’Sa’s supporters and local staunch Congress workers had conveyed to even high command observer J S Brar that he would not contest if the Congress cannot mobilize all the local leaders for a campaign.

Finally, after sensing that the Congress has still not improved even after a debacle in last election and the local Congress leaders would work against him, he decided to withdraw today.

On the other hand, Borkar could not get official symbol of Two Leave since UGDP has been de-recognised by the election commission.

He had to fight the battle as independent.                           is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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My Heartiest congrats to you!! God really heard our prayers as we all knew u will win. May god shower his blessings on you and give you courage in your future assigments. Good Luck.

Sheela Naik , Sancoale, Cortalim

Congratulations Alina !

Everybody predicted your victory but I doubt whether they knew that you would be elected unopposed. Surely this is a blessing from your husband Matanhy who must be smiling in Heaven. May God give you courage to do the right things for your Cortalim Constituency and our beloved Goa!

All the best to you !

A. Pinto , Olaulim

Hello Sanjay Kumar,

I recomend all Congress wallas, have a long holiday in Switzerland or Dubai,, where they have salted away a lot of the loot.

The Lokayukta is soon coming to get them.After that it will be a long holiday in Tihar jail or Sada Jail.

N.Fernandes , London

I have pinched myself 13 times already and still pinching.... making sure i am awake... What more can i write about the Congress and its croonies, and also the 3 idiots from the UGDP. Atleast Churchill would have got a chance to spend his ill-gotten money.

This is a clear call to the Congress Leadership change the idiots that have been running your affairs for so long. People are not against the Congress per say, but against these corrupt men running the show.

In the General Assembly elections the UGDP and the Congress were humbled and ridiculed by the people, this time they have made sure they will not give the people to re-affirm that- instead have DONE IT THEMSELVES. i would also say Hats off to D'Sa and Borkar... you are true politicians who have welfare of the state and the people in your mind. May you two suceed in the future. BUT FOR NOW LET'S CELEBRATE ALINA'S FEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (By the way I am sure Luizinho is bitter, since he no longer holds the record of being elected unopposed.


jaret chandrapurkar , Overseas/chandor

All Congress leaders must go for long leave. People

fedup their faces and corruption dirt. Rather than leaving still meddling again with same dirt. They are happy what they achive last few year. If we ask CBI

to investigate their bank balance one will surprise and

even no place to figure out their balance, Corruption,

cheating public, criminal, tender, looting government

assets etc. Ask Mr. Churchill how to manage PWD and

railways tender focus him then really understand how

clean congress.Mr. Churchill, Ravi Naik, Pratapsingh Rane, Luisinho, Narvenkar,Alex, Babush, have to join Ramesh Kalmadi or Raja how to hide public money.

These leaders are no shame to show their face to the

public. Shame! Shame!!

Sanjay Kumar , Margao

Thank you D'sa and Borkar for saving millions of exchequers money. Congratulations to Alina.

Sudesh , Goa

mrs alina, heartiest congratulation. you deserve it

arvind nagvenkar , old market margao goa

hurray Finally a lady in our cabinet


Time to celebrate



Acacio Fernandes , DUBAI

My heartiest congratulations to Alina.

You deserved to win but I had never even dreamt that you would win this way.

As expected, you will be inducted in the Goa cabinet.

Please try to work for the welfare of the people, not only of Cortalim but entire Goa, just as your husband always did.

You need to keep up the name of Matanhy Saldanha.

Francisco G. Lourenco , England

satyameva jayate!

aagni i.e. FIRE -- testing it's purity can prove too costly!!


long live BJP govt under able leadership of our beloved


p v desai , PUNE

thank god!

At least, there will be no election code and most importantly, No Dry Days on 3, 4 & 15th June.

Viva Fenni and Urrak !

Congratulations to Alina

JoeGoaUk , Goa



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