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Scarlet film shot without permission: ESG


`Anjuna Beach', a film on the death of British teenager Scarlet Eden Keeling which rocked Goa three years ago, was shot without proper permission, local authorities said today.

Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), the nodal agency for granting permission for shootings, had asked the producers of the film to give a declaration that the film was not detrimental to the image of Goa.

However, ESG Chief Executive Officer Manoj Srivastava said here, neither the producer nor anyone representing the filmmaker returned with the declaration.

He said he learnt from media reports that the film was shot for ten days on Anjuna beach.

The film, produced by Sikandar Khan and directed by Shakeel S Sai, centres around the last few days of Scarlet in Goa, where she was holidaying with her mother, Fiona Mackeown.

Two locals - Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho - are on trial for drugging, raping and leaving Scarlet to die on Anjuna beach on February 18, 2008.

The filmmaker told media that they shot for ten days on the spot where Scarlet's body was found.

ESG, headed by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, has said that there aren't enough laws under which the filmmaker can be penalised for shooting in the state without permission.

The state-run body has become edgy about film shoots after `Dum maro Dum' controversy.

Srivastava said that ESG had submitted a proposal to the Law department, seeking to amend the existing laws so that whoever shoots film without permission can be punished with imprisonment.

Goa is fast emerging as a film shooting destination with over 600 shootings taking place last year.

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I just want to say to all my Goan brothers and sisters that what your neighbors or friends are doing by selling your land to outsiders who you did not and dont even want to know - the "Amir Log" who I am sure have loads of black money (if not from where the money is pouring? does your any minister or police official have the guts to inquire about it) - you lose your identity by supporting them, they threaten you, they grab your land, they abuse you - do you think they are in Goa to make your beautiful or prosper or even let any of your people do a good job? They are systemetically raping the beautiful Goa, destroying the nature, the hills too have not been left by these idiots who are flocking to Goa, tell me who is not in Goa, it is a shame that the government is sleeping as theirs and their entire families bank accounts are fully loaded somewhere out of the country, they have made our country "Bhikari" your sons and daughters have no job, even certain jobs skills that Goans had is taken over by these so called "dadas" what are you doing my brothers and sisters? Long live Anna your eyes and save Goa from these vultures who are systemetically raping the once beautiful land called Goa...the people who run the state are accountable for this situation...stop the Konkan railway who brings thousands of criminals to Goa, as it is a haven for them...all the best and good luck...please save Goa and Concanim

Dharmender Singh , Bahrain

To ghatiyo de bellganv:

Please speak to your Government urgently,who will advise you & explain to you,how these things are permitted for white foreign Dollars,Pounds and Roubles.

Your comment has not offended me .It has just demonstrated your lack of understanting.

I like others here, find you comment laughable and at best of comical & ignoramus value.


N.Fernandes , London

mr.n.fernandes from london seems to have been offended by my what archbishop of goa has said about child abusers in goa.whether he means whites or browns.who exploited africa/south and north america,australia [aborgines] ,new zealand,phillippines,timor, ???BROWNS.?archbishop filippe neri says after thailand goa has become the child abuse capital of the world exploited by poedofiles like freddy pitts. by the way ,what is the colour of pitts`s skin.? brown?russians,israelis,germans,english have their own villages in goa ,where the goans can`t venture.i didnot know that you are a white.or at least a son of one.! and if you are a goan,are you raping london ?why are you there?aren`t you an outsider,unwanted one?

ghatiyo de bellganv , panaji

ghatiyo de bellganv:Have you considered how the "Brown" Brothers" of yours have also raped Goa.

Perhaps you suffer from Tunell vision, and only see "WHITE".

What about the aid India receives from the White Europeans.?

N.Fernandes , London

goa was exploited by europeans for more than four centuries .after hard earned independence ,again these white tribe is raping goa in broad day light.everybody here is after quick buck ,;nobody thinks of the consequences.what is goa s future?what lies there?god save goa.!

ghatiyo de bellganv , quempem

The main issue is not shooting the film without permission....The main issue is the increasing crimes in the State and failure of the concerned authorities to punish the culprits. The concerned agencies would do well if they review their own performance --do a self introspection and take immediate corrective actions to amend their ways and methods of working--to make this place more safer for the public and the tourists. Wasting time to deploy the available resources on permissions and licences--in place of taking pro active action to make the life and property of the common man more safer--looks nothing but foolishness.....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

goas name down the drain like a habitual bebdo.a drunkard.

pedru peixote , merces

we goans have to pay dearly for the sins of our polititians/their/wives/sons/daughters/sons-in-law etc.a lot of sins ,crimes atrocities,have been commited by these corrupt tribe.and our name has been tarnished because of thes sinners.

lolo kamtie , sattari