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Dudu updates Facebook from jail


An Israeli drug peddler in Goa jail is now found to be updating his Facebook account from behind bars indicating that he has an access to internet, banned by the law.

The Israeli drug peddler David Driham alias Dudu, who was arrested for possessing cocktail of drugs, has been regularly keeping in touch with his fiance, sister and friends through social networking website, Facebook.

The account is last updated on June 18, this year, when he was in judicial lock up since February this month.

Dudu is behind bars since February 21, this year when he was arrested with cocaine, heroine, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) and Charas worth Rs 3.81 lakh at Anjuna area here.

Dudu, who had named several police officers accepting bribes from him in his confession, is currently lodged in high security Aguada central jail.

Besides drug case, Dudu is also convicted for three years for overstaying in Goa without valid documents.

"My baby I love you so much, my fiance," Dudu says in the Facebook remark written to Zarine Driham on April 15.

The alleged drug dealer was regularly updating his profile till June with a few of his friends chipping in and wishing him good luck in his case.

"Come on bro Aba"ah truth will come and you will be with us here" Nahari Eyal, Dudus friend from Farzliya, Israel, says.

"Atonement for you. All miss you, and keep you fingers crossed," Jude Yhudit Azulay, a photographer based in Ramat Gen, Israeli writes in.

Dudus sister, who frequently visits Goa, has also kept in touch with her brother on Facebook.

Photographs of celebrating Valentines Day by Dudu with his fianc are also prominently displayed on the social networking website.

Inspector General of Prisons, Mihir Vardhan, told PTI that he would be investigating the matter.

"How sure you are that he himself is doing it?

Someone else may also do it on his behalf," Vardhan said assuring to investigate the uploads on Facebook. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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its not a big thing that someone close to dudu can update his facebook account from outside.....

babalal , tunisia

Nothing surprising! Our systems have become like rotten fruits! You dont know which worm will come out when!

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

'Someone else' could be one of the sakaram(s) got the laptop for free and work as a postman for dudus.

John W D Souza , Goa - Margoa