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Covid recovery rate splendid in Goa, but cases not declining


It's good news during the scary Covid19 pandemic. The recovery rate has improved splendidly in a month. But also the matter of worry is that cases are rising in Goa, which is now also opened for tourists.

The state has reported 16,000 new Covid19 cases in September, compared to 11,505 new cases in August. It is on a higher side, 39 per cent more, but not as alarming as it looked like. 

The matter of worry however is that the cases are not declining. 

From the time the first Covid19 case was detected in Goa on 25th March, cases had mounted to 14,548 till August end, in five months. 

But this number has literally doubled within a month. By September end, the number zoomed up to 33,418 cases, from 16,418 till August.

Is it because of the phase-wise unlocking? Or because Goans are becoming more and more negligent? It’s for the authorities to find out and act accordingly. 



August had reported Covid cases between 100 to 500 every day. 24th August had reported the lowest number of 139 cases while the highest was 570 on 13th August. In fact cases crossed the 500 mark only on four days in August.  

But in September, only on 10 days daily cases came down below 500 and on six days out of it within 300. In fact the lowest number of daily cases reported was 306 on 14th September. 

But for the 20 days, fresh cases above 500 were found every day. And it crossed the 700 mark on two days: 713 on 3rd September and 740 on the 12th. 

Cases within the range of 600 were reported for almost 13 days out of 20. And for nine days between 500 to 550. 

October has now begun with 524 fresh cases on the first day. The month of September had also started with 588 cases on the first day and 513 on the 2nd.

The number of active cases in Goa right now has also crossed the 5000 mark. 


The average rate of recovery is 84 per cent, as on today, as per the media bulletin released by the Directorate of Health Services. 

But actually the month of September has recorded 91 per cent recovery rate. 14,548 cases recovered out of 16,000.

This rate was almost 10 per cent less in August. Total 9366 (81%) Covid patients had recovered out of 11,505 positive cases. 

The lowest number of 142 patients getting recovered was recorded on 7th August, which zoomed up to 479 recoveries on 22nd August. 

But compared to this, above 400 patients recovered every day for almost 19 days in the month of September. And for five days out of it, over 700 patients have recovered every day. 


More interesting than this  is that most of these patients are getting recovered with home isolation, rather than getting hospitalised. 

As on 30th September, Goa had 9764 Covid patients in the hospital and 15652 in home isolation.  It means 61 per cent Goans are getting recovered by isolating themselves at home with all kinds of necessary precautions and consistent monitoring. 

Hopefully, this would bring down the mortality rate, which is still within one per cent in Goa. 150 deaths in August out of 11,505 positive patients. And 233 deaths out of 16,000 cases in September. 

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