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Covid cases are rising or reducing in Goa?


Are Covid cases rising or reducing in Goa?. On the one hand, the government says that the number of active cases have reduced by nearly 200 since yesterday. On the other, it says there is an addition of over 400 cases today. Which number is true?

The  daily media bulletin released by Directorate of Health Services states that Goa had 5,097 active cases yesterday. Today, the number has gone down to 4917.

It means the active cases are reduced by 180. Perhaps it also means that 180 Covid patients have recovered in the last 24 hours.

But at the same time, the same media bulletin says that there are 438 fresh Covid cases found today.

Which one is the true figure? The number of reduced cases? Or the number of increased cases?

CLICK HERE TO READ CLEAR IMAGE could trace the figure of 180 less cases when it calculated health-centre wise cases mentioned in today’s health bulletin, which was compared to yesterday’s figures.

It shows that the cases have reduced by 243 at 19 out of total 33 health centres. But there are 63 more cases reported at 14 centres. This works out to 180.

But at the same time, the DHS bulletin states that 438 fresh Covid cases are added today.

Now, which is the true figure? Are there 63 new cases or 438?                    

Has the count of active cases decreased by 180 (243 recovered minus 63 increased) as the DHS claims, or actually increased by 195 (438 new infections minus 243 recovered)?

The DHS needs to enlighten the public; not confuse them.

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Media Bulletin 27 Sept '20

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