Tuesday 23 July 2024

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Why Mangor hill outbreak of Covid in Vasco city not declared a Community Transmission?

Why Containment Zone is not demarcated as per Central Govt guidelines?

Why Buffer Zone is not declared & no guidelines implemented for it?

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Your analysis is highly professional and spot-on, Sandesh-bab. Clearly, you have put in a lot of efforts and time in preparing it. But, in my opinion, one thing you missed is the ground reality. You have painted a picture of perfection, but please remember, Mangor hills and Baina are slum-like areas, where most people live in shanties are poor and live on daily basis. If these entire areas are quarantine then who will provide them food and necessary items to survive. Does the Goa Govt. has resources to provide free amenities to folks in these areas. I think, the society as a whole together with the Govt., Navy and other should come together and draft a plan of controlling the spread of Covid-19. Secondly, media and opportunistic politicians should not create panic to reap benefits of this crisis. My $0.02. Thank you for letting me post on your web-page.

Jeevan Rane , USA

It's very much essential but don't know why our CM is hesitating..must be some fixing..He should not play with the life of Vascokar.

Don't try to take people for granted.

Pundalik Gaonkar , Vasco

It looks like some compulsion that is preventing the govt from taking correct decisions. Our govt seems more like a uncontrolled, misguided, rogue missile.

Capt. Viriato Fernandes , Chicalim, Vasco

Why till date steps of white documents Health Status paper's made compulsory to all the invited people or immigrants at business in beautiful Goa till date ? After all the stories worldwide know!

LOVIS OSMAN ANTHONY VIEGAS , Goa Housing Board, Rumbamol A/S-2




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