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"Konkanis shy away from global issues, lack social commitment"


Damodar Mauzo at 30th Konkani Parishad (Photo: Antara Bhide)

Konkani literature lacks social commitment because creative people in Konkani community shy away from the global issues confronting the society, says Anant Amembal, Maharashtra’s eminent music composer and researcher.

‘Creator’s social awareness and social commitment’ was discussed threadbare at the 30th session of All India Konkani Parishad today, chaired by eminent writer Damodar Mauzo.

“We are busy singing our past legacy while turning a blind eye towards what is happening in front of our eyes. How can we then create art and literature with social commitment”, asked Amembal.

In fact he was blunt enough in stating the facts how Konkani person does not even discuss social issues like rape or global economy but remains secluded from the current situation in the society.  

“I come from Mumbai, a place where there is social awareness but no social commitment,” said Amembal, who was happy that the Parishad is discussing the vital issue of social consciousness vis-a-vis creative people.

He felt that Konkani creators of literature or cultural forms do not discuss the burning issues because they don’t affect them directly, compared to the creators from other languages.

Supporting his viewpoint, Mauzo felt that such creations should come in Konkani at least through translations, if not getting created in original form.

Dr Prakash Vazrikar, director of official language and a playwright, said Konkani needs more writers like Mauzo, who are sensitive to the intolerance spreading around.

Anant Amembal at 30th Konkani Parishad (Photo: Antara Bhide)

“Very few writers like Mauzo reacted vehemently against the increasing intolerance. Others were talking about it as a layman”, he said.

Vazarikar, also a teacher, agreed that Konkani person is socially aware but not socially committed.

He also observed that human being evolved from primitive stages till date due to social awareness right from their food culture to customs and laws prevailing in today’s society.

Sarath Prabhu, a young film maker from Kochi in Kerala, said no creation can have boundaries of religion, caste or creed. 

“Creations are innocent and require nourishment through every possible media,” he said. .

Suchita Narvekar, Goa’s young playwright, said creator should be innovative enough and equally sensitive to reach out to the common people, who do not understand their social responsibilities.

But Dr Pandurang Phaldesai, a folk researcher, had a different point to make, giving examples of folk lore which commented on the social discrimination existed in olden days.

“Our folk literature is full of commentary on the social tensions existed in those days which the folk artists expressed in a creative and sarcastic manner”, he said. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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