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Fr Bismarque no more, body found floating in the river


The dead body of Fr Bismarque Dias, who was missing since yesterday, was found floating in River Mandovi near St Estevam today morning.

The local villagers, who were helping the search operations since yesterday evening, found his body floating in the river, around 20 metres away from the Babhol Manos, where he had gone swimming.

South Goa SP Umesh Gaonkar, while confirming the news, said the body would be now sent for post-mortem.

The speculations of a foul play in priest-turned-activist Fr Bismarque going missing would be cleared only after the post-mortem is conducted.

The search operations had begun after interrogating the young boys, who admitted that all them had finished almost two cartons of beer, most of which was consumed by Fr Bismarque, said the police.

He had gone for a swim post-midnight when he was drunk, the boys told the police, leaving his clothes, mobile etc on the river bank. 

While the police had put in the dog squad as well as the coastal police into search operations, the local fisher folk community had also started searching with their own canoes.

“The locals know the flow of the water better than us. Accordingly they went searching and found the body floating in the same area”, said SP Gaonkar.

Speculations of foul play had started floating since Fr Bismarque was fighting lots of illegalities in the village as well as participating in several public protests all over the state.

He had also unsuccessfully contested last Assembly election from Cumbarjua constituency.

The locals of St Estevam, belonging to all religions, had even made prayers and Garanem to find him safe. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Y did the two youth did not report the accident to the police if they were with him about the death

Jose , Lindon

It's utter nonsense to say he Fr. Bismarque consumed most of the 2 cartoons of beers. Dear young men who accompanied Fr. that fateful nite, fear not this world, come out with truth,don't live ur lives with guilt & heavy heart, he didn't live for himself but fought for us Goans & our future. It's shocking for us,no will believe it's drowning but he is killed cos the killers wants what he had been fighting for 'OUR GOA' RIP father but God let us know the truth

Cherryl , UK

It is good news that he is dead. Goa needs MOPA airport and golf courses to modernise the jungle that is goa.

People of Goa need employment especially mining so that income is generated to the government and private companies.

Goa suffers the worst unemployment in India.

This priest was doing "social work"... it is the job of a priest to do spiritual work not social work. If we wants to do social work than he is entering left wing politics which is political. Political work is the way of the flesh; it is

not a a godly world.

Most of the lazy Roman Catholics of Goa want to work abroad i.e. in places like UAE where there are numerous airports and golf courses. Most lazy catholic goans work in the Oil drilling fields of the gulf but they make a big hue and cry when they do it in their own state.

Why do so many catholics work in the gulf or foreign countries or other Indian states where there is work and relative economic freedom and complain about the same in Goa?

Silvio Almeida , Margao

even if. the truth is supressed by the authorities.

god will punish the culprits

he sees whats there in the depths of the oceans and in the depths of the human hearts

i woul tell the culprits to surrender and ask forgiveness. from god

otherwise you are doomed

wilfred pereia , saligao

this is a wicked world they will not let good people survive

culprits should be hanged

wilfred pereira , saligao

Any one want to bet?DIG you want to bet?This is a pure murder.was there any plan to catch fish?was there any fishing net put for fishing?was fr Bismark a drunkard like st estevem people?i have been in bars in st estevem and people drink out out of the story is like this the two youths are drunkard who took supari to kill fr bismark.My point is was there a party plan to drink two cartons of beer? Was fr Bismark celebrating his birthday or some occassion? Mr DIG he was a Gods servant and you are public servant so please investigate in deep or Gods severe punishment Will come in st estevem and murderers will not get away from it even if CM does not take the intrest in this case

Romeo fernandes , London

Don't leave those 2 youth. Truth will come our. God is great.

Clerry , Benaulim

His soul will not rest till truth prevails. It will be hard to digest to accept he was drunk and drowned.

mac , margao

Unbelievable can't think it's true that he was drank and went for swimming may God have mercy on his soul

Cajie Rebello , Kuwait

i can't believe a man fighting to preserve Goa from land grabbers will go out at midnight with two young boys, consume two cartons of beer and then go out to swim? This is trying to cover up the foul play done surely by some unhappy people who found he was a threat to their plans. But justice will be done and this will only make the Save Tiracol cause all the more stronger. God help those continuing to fight on.

Greta Monteiro , Margao

Surely he did not drink. He has been killed. Let the authorities find the killers. Or are authorities afriad of the truth?

Bill , Mumbai

"He had gone for a swim post-midnight when he was drunk, the boys told the police, leaving his clothes, mobile etc on the river bank. " So easy for us to critise. But if one has dealt with the authorities and even if right you meet a dead wall, its frustrating. One can imagine a person trying to fight for justice, trying to bring the big and corrupt to book, just cannot do a think because these corrupt fellows are shielded by those in authority. In the end, one either kills himself or if he possesses a shot gun will kill those in authority shielding these bloodly basta...rds. This is Democratic India and this is what we vote fror.

Leonora Machado , Mumbai

May His soul rest in peace.

Jennifer Suvarna , Mumbai

God grant His soul eternal peace.

Jennifer Suvarna , Mumbai

Stop the nonsense, he did not go for a swim, government of Goa you could not fight one man, cause he was true, n you killed him, I swear you will not rest for a single night till you,pay.

morina , goa

a great loss for goa. we will remember forever the your contribution towards goan cause.


This is really very big destiny for dear Fr. Bismarque. It was a bad time that got him forever. We have lost a sincere Goan Soldier for all eternity. There will never be another one like him in all of Goa. May his sincere soul RIP. My heart goes out to all the people who were closely associated with him. May he guide them in the right direction for all that is left unfinished here in Goa. He is a true fighter for the Goan soil and safe Goa.


Fr. Bismarque won't drink 2 cases of beers in few hours. No one can drink more than 10 bottles of 750ml beers in few hours. There's something fishy about this case and he won't go in the night with those 2 young boys to drink 2 cases of beers just for fun. I know him very well and I come from the same village, his neighbour, his friend and my relative. I feel sad to hear all the bad press about him without proper investigation. People from my village Santo Estevam will continue to fight for the good cause and keep in our hearts the good work and courage of our Beloved Fr. Bismarque. I'll miss him a lot.

Diogo Monteiro , Dubai

May his soul rest in peace. You really fought for the people of Goa.

miguel , New Delhi

This is extremely sad to hear.

He was a wonderful human being and was a great visionary.

It is so sad to see a young soul like him pass away at such a young age so tragically.

May his soul RIP.

Lesnin Lobo , Montreal Canada