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Portuguese citizenship is a 'mentality' problem: Goa CM


Chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar feels that Goans are opting for Portuguese passport not merely to seek well-paid jobs abroad but “it is a mentality problem.”

He has however not elaborated what kind of mentality he means.

Parsekar expressed this opinion during a debate on the question of dual citizenship raised by ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s St Andre MLA Vishnu Wagh in the Assembly today.

He also assured the House that the Ministry of Home Affairs is trying to find an amicable solution in the interest of Goans, who have lost Indian citizenship in the bargain.

Wagh raised several questions regarding this increasing trend in last seven to eight years.

What kind of jobs they do?

What are the conditions Goans live in once they go abroad?

Can we provide them similar jobs in Goa?

Opposition leader Pratapsing Rane narrated an incident at London airport: “I met a Goan there in the toilet, working as a sweeper, who had opted for Portuguese citizenship.”

Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral said Goans working as government servants and earning even Rs 40,000 per month are resigning and opting for Portuguese citizenship.

Do they actually go to Portugal or elsewhere for jobs, asked Rane.

It is a well-known fact that all the Goans take advantage of Portugal being the member of the European Union and go to UK to take up all kind of jobs, paid in Pounds.

According to Parsekar, there are two such cases involving two MLAs of the House and quite a few government officers.

“They lose Indian citizenship and even their voting right in Goa. But still hundreds of people line up before Portuguese Consulate for the passport”, said the CM.

Stating that most of these people belong to Christian community, Parsekar said: “It’s a problem of a kind of mentality.”

When asked, he also clarified that the private agencies providing Portuguese birth registration and Portuguese passports are actually not registered and legal.

“Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj had actually promised us that her ministry will do it instead of people paying huge amount of money for this work”, said Parsekar. 

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The ppl who have 'mentality' problem r those who call coconut tree a grass

Kennedy GrAcias , Goa

Nobody can stop anybody from emigrating or accepting other countries nationalities in a legal way. So, when you become Portuguese, Canadian, American whatever, say good bye to your Indian passport, follow the rules as PIO or tourist or whatever when or if you are living in Goa. At least right now India doesn't allow dual citizenship, so respect the land of the law.

Jagajit , Goa

Parseker is not deserved for CM... Take this seriously and try to improve if you can.. Otherwise as usual get lost.. Because we also not having any expectations from useless person..

Thank you

Keshav , Mandrem Goa

Having a Portuguese Passport gives free and on arrival visa to over 150 countries, this is the best advantage we don't want to miss. This can be only understood by the Indians working abroad.

Goes , Goa

When people embrace other nationalities (passports) they should give up their Indian citizenship for good and not be greedy and illegally maintain two passports to have it both ways!

Examples are Alemaos and their chille pilles, Caitu, Ticlo and lacs of Goans holding Portuguese passports.

Rajeev Kamat , UAE

Aaare Parsekara,

Even if Goan clean toilets overseas, they can lead a better life and save more money than working in Goa.

Remember there is something called dignity of labour in the Western world. I know of a person who cleans toilets and saves about 500 pounds a month in London. That is Rs fifty thousand a month. Remember there is no shame to work and earn a living. But you politicans have raped Goa with your crooked mentality. Focus on solving the garbage issue in Goa. You cannot provide the basics.

A Lobo


Nash Lobo , London

One question Mr CM... Does Indian Passport give us entitlement to Visa on arrival or Visa free access to 165 countries... Answer is NO... so stop running behind such petty issues which should not bother u... coz for years to come India or Goa cant create high paying jobs here... Concentrate on issues like corruption, bribery, land acquisition from outsiders, destruction of GOA in the name of development... Once in ur tenure do something good for the Goans then worrying abt mentality of people applyin for Portuguese passport... Make Goa a place for goans than outsiders...

Abhishek , Panaji

CM Parsekar should not talk about Portuguese Nationatily or mentality of people but sort it out ASAP...The Former CM Manohar Parrikar now defence minister of Union Government of India promised to sort it out long time ago but has no done it so far... When will the BJP sort it out...? Persons of Indian origin has settled in the Western World i.e. UK/Europe/Americas not because of Portuguese Passport/Nationality but for materialistic life as our Selfish and Greedy Politicians has nothing to offer and has destroyed what was once preserved by our fore Fathers... In Goa we are susegad and have the best life style in the world... But there is no basic infrastructure e.g. Regular and hygienic water supply, Continuous electricity supply, Good Transport systems, reliable Communications and finally Justice in Time,etc.

Government of India has granted PIO/OCI to its Diaspora Citizens.

People of Goodwill must come together to improve Indians/Goans living in India...AAP may be the answer.

If our Goan Politicians can offer better life in Our Golden Goa free from corruption and deliver Justice in time people of Goa and Indians will return and settle in their native states...

Jai Hind Jai Goa.

Jose Cunha , GOA(UK)

There should be only one nationality for everyone only rites at one place government should make them to choose ( india or portugal)?

Joe , Kuwait

Tel CM to create more jobs instead of playing wit peoples mentality... He has already sold terecol to outsiders n is on his way to finish goa.. corruption under bjp has increased 10 fold, i pray dey all end up at colvale in time to come

sebayachi , dubai

In my opinion, the government should focus more on the issues like corruption, bribery, illegal encroachment etc. instead of talking about mentality of people. Yes,the perceptions pf people are changing, which has led people to immigrate to better and safe places all over the globe.

Indians work hard, and they are being appreciated for their hard work and dedication in foreign countries . Most of the countries practice what they preach. Hence, it shouldn't be a big scene that Goans are applying for Portuguese passports, if they can support their families.

It would be nice to see better version of Goa in the future and less judgmental people.

Sonia Naik , Canada

Most Christians in Goa feel/think that they are Portuguese descendants and not Indian. This is similar to several Punjabis in Pakistani Punjab feeling that they are Arab descendants and not Indian. This creates an impression of non-belonging-ness to the Indian land. You can observe this even in the MoI issue. Lot of parents argue "We studied English, why should our kids study Konkani and Marathi?" indicating that they think of Konkani as a useless alien language of some native tribes and not their own. This is not surprising as this was the narrative that the Portuguese colonizers spread in the later years of their 450 year rule.

This theory is also supplemented by the fact that most of the people applying for the Portuguese passport are Christians. If corruption, joblessness were the issues this statistic wouldn't have been so skewed up.

Rajat , Margao

What mentality problem?

People are opting for Portuguese nationality and going abroad because Goa is unable to sustain them.

In many families, parents have retired, children have acquired good qualifications but they do not get jobs in Goa and for jobs (even for low posts), they have to shell out lakhs of rupees due to rampant corruption.

Thank God, many people are able to migrate with Portuguese passports, earn money and sustain their families back home.

There is dignity of labour in Europe and no job is a small job.

Francisco Lourenco , Goa