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'Akantwadi' tiatr staged despite Ram Sene threat


Tousif de Navelim staged his ‘controversial’ Tiatr today in Margao defying the threat issued by Ram Sene from Karnataka as Tiatr lovers from Salcete came in full support of the first performance.

Karnataka-based Ram Sene had objected to the staging of ‘Akantwadi Goeant Nakat’ (Don’t want terrorists in Goa), a Konkani  Tiatr, claiming that it was defaming their chief Pramod Muthalik.

Gangadhar Kulkarni, Karnataka organising secretary of Ram Sene, had yesterday even approached the JMFC court, seeking prohibition to stage the play.

Tousif, on the other hand, had claimed that the Tiatr has nothing against Muthalik and had requested the opponents not to jump any conclusion before watching it.

Today’s was the first ever show of the Tiatr.

The police had agreed to provide total protection as the play was staged at Gomant Vidya Niketan, adjacent to the police station.

However, Tousif suddenly changed his stand and announced in the morning not to stage the Tiatr, in order to avoid law and order problem.

However, huge crowd from Salcete gathered at the Margao police station, demanding staging of the play.

Accordingly, Tousif changed his stand once again and staged the Konkani play, which was houseful.

It is pertinent to note that Ram Sene leaders from Karnataka came down to Goa to issue the threat in spite of chief minister Manohar Parrikar last week making announcement that he would not allow Ram Sene in Goa.

Earlier, prominent Tiatrists had objected to Ram Sene’s opposition, asking how the right wing extremist organisation knows the content of the Konkani drama even before it has been staged.

Meanwhile, both Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress sympathised with the director stating that the incident is indication that Goa has been "Talibanised". 

NCP Goa spokesman Trojano D’Mello on Saturday told reporters that the director was ready to sacrifice his talent for the sake of peace. 

Goa Congress spokesman Durgadas Kamat said that freedom of expression in the state should not be hampered.

"We feel that the state is slowly progressing towards the Talibanisation way due to the fascists forces mushrooming up suddenly since BJP govt has come to power at the Centre," he said. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Tiatrists Must Support AAP For Freedom Of Expression & For Freedom Of Speech.

Tiatrists Must Support AAP For Corruptions Free Goa & For Communalisms Free Goa.

Tiatrists Must Support AAP For Swaraj Governance In Goa.

Jose Rod , Goa

I think Goa`s Chief Minister has recently been going on in a nonsensical "Trajectory". I am not talking about his "Economics Trajectory".

He has stated in the Legislature, that the Tiatrist ,Tousif de Navelim should change his mobile Sim Card following threats from the Ram Sene monsters.

Now lets apply the Chief Ministers logic on others spheres of Life.

1. If your wife harasses you on a daily basis or is unfaithful...get a divorce......better still get a new wife.

2. If your motorised car breaks down too often on Goan roads...get a bullock-cart...better still ride a donkey or ass.

3. if your kids are suffering from contaminated mid-day meals...send them to a 5* hotel....better still send them to the tax-payer subsidised Legislature canteen.

4. If Goa Police cannot deal with crime/terrorism in the Army...better still try the Israeli Army.

5. If you cannot get onions in Goa.... just go to Belgaum...better still go on a Foreign Jaunt for some.

6. If your girlfriend started wearing her a saree....better still ,insist on a hijab or burqa.

7. If the Maharashtra Gomantak Party & its 2 nutcase brothers ,have no political relevance ,use or meaning in Goa anymore...advise them to sail across or try Maharashtra.

and finally......

If Goa`s Chief Minister has started acting like a plain FOOL....change the Chief Minister...better still request Presidential Rule or advise him to seek treatment in the IPHB.

N.Fernandes , London

Well done Goans /Goenkars/Shastikars.

The "Karnatakan Goon", Muthalick along with his theoretical Cousins , the Dhavilikar Bros. of Ponda & their subservient /slavish Aunties, should realise that ;

" When a Push comes to a Shove" Goans will not mess around.

The Dhavilkar Bros. & MGP should realise how Goans reacted during the Opinion Poll & Merger with Maharastra and shoved them off.

The MGP today is no longer a viable Political force. They are only in power due to Guaranteed Vote Banks in their Constituencies and a payment of "Black Money" fees to their voters.

The Dhavilikar Bros are the last 2 crumbs left of the MGP.

What will be the outcome when these 2 crumbs(Dhavilikars) come to the end of their shelf & useful life?

The Dhavilikars along with the MGP are insignificant both at State and National level.

During Goa`s State elections, The MGP & Dhavilikar Bros. come in handy for the BJP & Congress as "Spare Parts". This is just to keep, either the BJP or MJP afloat & running.

Their recent outbursts on Indian Culture,Pub culture and Bikinis and now Goan Tiatr, proves that they are still very primitive. They have not yet fully embraced Modern Civilisation.

They are also not fully aware of a Greater World around them.

As per the Dhvailikars, the World spins & revolves around Ponda. Mr Muthalick is now their mentor & Chief Guest.

If the Dhavlikar Bros. are trying their level best to re-invent themselves & the MGP....then they are surely going about it the wrong way.

N.Fernandes , London

Kudos to all Tiatr lovers who asserted themselves and defeated the Sanatani mindset.

Another Marathi/ Konkani Natak is being written by a close friend of mine whose name I do not wish to reveal as RSS led government will begin the witch hunting.

\The natak is titled as ' Kuthe Geli Manda'? ( Khoim Asa Manda)

The plot revolves around a young psychiatrist who decides to take up a profession of a Guru after continuous failure in medical practice. He marries Manda , a young intelligent girl and uses her as his accomplice to expand his empire . Being a reincarnation of God, he claims to cure the world of all ailments if they join his cult based on ancient scriptures that justifies caste system, subjugation of women and hatred towards other faiths.In his attempt to become a Guru he dumps his wife Manda whose utility is redundant. Other women who gather around him are given a special status of Gopis ( alike Krishna Leela) by him and poor Manda lives a miserable life. He manages to control minds of his several disciples but falls sick and dies after a spell of long sickness. After his death his close associates feel threatened that Manda might claim properties and wealth amassed by the Guru and quietly murder her. Various characters portrayed in the play are very amusing with Goa in the background.

Disclaimer: The plot mentioned above as nothing to do with the lives of people alive or dead today . It is a fictitious concept and if someone relates it to the real people , it would be a pure coincidence.

Gajendra Tari , Ponda



Tiatrists Must Form United Goans Party (UGP). They Has Very Good Scope Of Winning. They Can Get Rid Of Congress And BJP From Goa. Divided Tiatrists Gives Advantage To Congress And BJP. Otherwise Tiatrists Should Support AAP For Freedom Of Expression, Freedom Of Speech And For Swaraj.

Jose Rod , Goa