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I want cabinet berth, but not by toppling: Wagh


St Andre MLA Vishnu Wagh admitted that he wants a cabinet berth in the BJP-led government, but denies vehemently that he is involved in any kind of toppling game to seek the ministerial berth.

In an exclusive interview to Goa Doot, a newspaper toeing the BJP line, Wagh has also admitted that he is restless due to government functioning, but does not blame chief minister Manohar Parrikar for it.

In fact he has called Parrikar the real leader of Bahujan Samaj while claiming that he (Wagh) is the second BJP legislator, who has contacts among the Bahujan Samaj from Pernem to Canacona.

He also blames several ministers, who are not reaching out to the Bahujan Samaj in spite of having power in their hands.

Wagh, in the interview, has in fact argued his case for the ministerial berth.

“Chief Minister had assured my constituency workers that it is certain that your person would be a minister and he has to choose the rest 11.”

“Mine is not a traditional BJP constituency, which did not have even a Mandal Samiti when I entered the fray. I am the only MLA elected from a Christian –dominated constituency and thus deserve a cabinet berth.”

 “When you are a minister, people come running behind you. As the MLA, you have to run behind the people. As the minister, I would have strengthened St Andre and also built neighbouring constituencies.”


Wagh has also claimed that he is restless because of the constituency development and also because some officers are taking important decisions without CM’s knowledge.

While calling Parrikar the leader of Bahujan Samaj, the writer-turned-politician says Parrikar is neither casteist nor he believes in caste politics, but some people are creating such image in the public.

While denying that he met Goa’s Congress observer Digvijay Singh, the former journalist has expressed concern over the decaying level of journalism in Goa.

“There are some journalists writing on behalf of some politicians rather than practicing upright journalism”, said Wagh, who has also been the newspaper editor earlier. 

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“When you are a minister, people come running behind you. As the MLA, you have to run behind the people"

--What about the rest of the MLAs. Make them ministers too Mr. Vishnu Surya Wagh? You are supposed to be a writer, thinker, etc. But your logic is upside down.

Caitano , Goa

Bala , Goa & insidetruthofgoa , goa:

I am in agreement with your views/ observations.

Vishnu Waghs greed, can be seen in his "physique" and personality (persona).

I will give him due credits, for his literary/writing skills. But these skills alone do not confirm that he is also good Administrator or Legislator.

Judging by the remark made by" insidetruthofgoa" about Vishnu Wagh changing Political Party`s faster than he changes his underwear leads me to the famous proverb....."ROLLING STONES GATHER NO MOSS".

Looking at this from another angle...it seems like Vishnu Wagh has attended the .."Churchill Alemao University of Politics".

Mr Wagh is now emulating/following his Teacher/Master from the pits of Varca.

What`s more, Mr Vishnu Wagh wishes to be known as the STRONGMAN of St Andre(like Churchill is known in South Goa) and one who can shape Politics in Goa.

Churchill is currently running Helter-skelter. He and his family were given a thorough thrashing by the EVM`s (voting machines).

This fate may also befall Mr Vishnu Wagh.

If I was Mr Vishnu Wagh`s Astrologer, I would recommend he sticks to his God given & gifted talents of writing/literature/poetry. He is unlikely to contribute much to the advancement of Goan Politics.

Many of his views verge towards the negative.

N.Fernandes , London

Nilesh Cabral, a Christian guy won from a hindu dominated constituency. By Waghoba's logic he should also get a birth in the minsitry? Waghoba is a restless character who will be never happy with anything. Once he becomes minsiter he would like to become CM, than PM. There is no limit to his greed.

Bala , Goa

Before joinning bjp mr wagh was in congress, before that in Shiv sena. A very good spoksmen indeed.Has very goog comand over language. But ther is no point in becoming minister in this govt as this govt is already bankkrupt surviving on loan. and in case u become minster some share u will definatly will have to give to ur bosses.

insidetruthofgoa , goa

I can assure Mr Wagh , I am no paid journalist or paid commentator...but a simple observer of Goan Politics from afar.

I have remarked many times about the character & purpose of Mr Wagh.

He is not a trustworthy person and has the characteristics of a chameleon in the Reptilian world.

In joining the BJP (from Congress), he was hopeful of a Cabinet Berth. His only purpose of a Cabinet Berth is to indulge in LOOT.

He should consider himself lucky to be accepted by the BJP.

Why should lifelong, hardcore ,hardworking & loyal BJP MLA`s (or other BJP members) be denied a cabinet Berth, in preference to this disloyal ex-Congressman & overweight "Goan Pumpkin" Vishnu Wagh.?

Had any other BJP candidate been fielded , I am sure they would have won St Andre too.

The true proof of the pudding, in Mr Wagh`s desperation to be a Cabinet Minister, will be the wealth he manages to have accumulated or accrue by the next elections.

I expect he would be a crorepati ,several times over.

N.Fernandes , London

Wagh is shameless creature. Goan Political history has shown that he can sink to any level for personal benefits. He has fallen to the feet of Bhai Khalap, Ravi Naik, Sonia, Luizino, Churchill and Parrikar. Reginaldo and Vijay Sardessai may be next. I wish he could utilize his fertile brain for constructive purpose, also, he should leave at home the heavy Armour of Bhandari Samaj that he wears all the time at all the places!

Ministership should be given for deserving peoeple and not because where you've won from.

J. Kelkar , Goa

Everybody knows that Vishnu Wagh wants to become a minister but there is no other vacancy. Hence, he will continue to be just an MLA.

For that matter, every MLA wants to be a minister.

Francisco , Goa



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