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Will FIR be filed against Rane, Digambar, Roy & mine owners?


If the Goa government has to follow directives of Bombay high court to file FIR for illegal mining against the person listed by petitioner Kashinath Shetye, then it would include top politicians like Pratapsing Rane, Digambar Kamat, Ravi Naik’s son Roy as well as most of the mine owners and the top officials.

The order, issued by Chief Justice of Bombay High Court Justice Mohit Shah, states that the Goa police has to file the First Information Report as stated by the petitioner.

The order states that “…we dispose of this petition with direction to respondents No.1, 2 and 3 to file FIR in respect of the offences alleged to have been committed by the persons responsible for illegal mining in the State of Goa, including the lessees of the mines and all those who permitted such illegal mining of iron ore and manganese ore, in contravention of the relevant statutory provisions. The FIR to be filed within a period of six weeks from today.”

The three respondents are Government of Goa, Crime Branch of Goa Police and Panaji town police.

Shetye, in his complaint, has alleged that both Rane and Kamat have delivered the cut of money to the high command.

The complaint thus suggests the police to file FIR against them under sections 120-B IPC, 13(1) C and 13(1) D and also under 13(2) of PC Act and all other acts mentioned in the complaint.

Roy Ravi Naik’s name figures among the lease holders, along with Sandip and Deepak Pawaskar.

The complaint refers to involvement in illegal mining as well as abetment.

The 151 persons mentioned in the complaint are as follows:

1. Ex-mines minister Pratapsing Rane (1994-99)
2. Ex-mines minister Digambar Kamat (1999-2012)
3. Ex-Director of Mines J B Bhingui
4. Ex-Director of Mines Arvind Lolayekar and other officials
5. Director of Transport Arun Desai
6. Captain of Ports James Braganza
7. MPT Chairman Mara Pandyen
8. Chief Town Planner Putturaju
9. Chief Engineer Irrigation Sandeep Nadkarni

10.  Secretary of MoEF and other officials

11.  Chief of Indian Bureau Of Mines and other Officials

12.  Chief Conservator Of Forests and other Officials

13.  Ex-Chairman of Pollution Control Board Simon D’Souza and Officials

14.  Officials of Biological Diversity Council

15.  Official of Wildlife protection dept

16.  National Board Of wildlife and other members and officials

17.  V M Salgaocar & Ltd of Vasco da Gama.

18.  Ramakanta Xetie & Bros. of Bicholim.

19.  Mingoa Sociedade Mineira Goesa, of Goa.

20.  Firm Chowgule & Cia. Ltd. of Marmagoa.

21.  Guitabala Manohar N. Parulcar, of Mapusa.

22.  M/s. Bandekar Bros. Pvt. Ltd. Panjim.

23.  Mineira Nacional Ltd. Of Panaji.

24.  Roguvir Sinai Garco, of S. Lourenco de Agacaim.

25.  D.B. Bandodkar of Panjim.

26.  Empresa Minero Comercial de Goa Ltd., of Margao.

27.  Sheri Gangadhara Narasingadas Agarwal in Shigao, Sanguem, South Goa.

28.  M/s. R. R. Painguskar, Sanguem, South Goa.

29.  M/s. V. M. Salgaocar and Brs. Pvt. Ltd. Village Sattari and Bicholim, South Goa.

30.  M/s. V. S. Dempo & Co. Pvt. Ltd., at Village Rivona, Sanguem, South Goa.

31.  Smt. Berta de Rego E. Fernandes Ugeum, Sanguem, South Goa.

32.  Smt. Ahilabai Sardesai, located in Village Commenem and Bendoli, Sanguem, SouthGoa.

33.  M/s Kantilal &Co. Pvt. Ltd.

34.  M/s. Francis Miguel Mascarenhes at Village Vichundrem, Sanguem, South Goa,

35.  M/s. Mineira Nacional Limitada at Village Santona, Sanguem, South Goa.

36.  M/s. Chowgule & Co. Ltd., located in Xelpo and Ambelim, Sattari, North Goa.

37.  M/s. Raghuvir Sinai Gharse, located in Cudnem, Bicholim, North Goa.

38.  M/s. Emco Goa Pvt. Ltd.

39.  Dr. Prafulla R. Hede, Sanguem, South Goa.

40.  M/s. V.D. Chowgule

41.  M/s. Panduronga Timblo Industries.

42.  M/s. N. S. Navekar.

43.  M/s. Manual Dacosta Iron Ore Mine.

44.  Shri A. V. S. Valingar.

45.  Smt. Kunda R.S. Gharse M/s. Raghuvir Sinai Gharse.

46.  Smt. Shankuntala Bai M. Rege.

47.  Carea Codilupriadam Tembo E Sauripar (Maulinguem)of R.T. Deulkar.

48.  M/s. Emco Goa Pvt. Ltd.

49.  M/s. Sociedade Timblo Irmaos Limitada.

50.  M/s. Haider Kasim Khan.

51.  M/s. Hiru Bombo Gauns.

52.  Shri. Nacul alias Gurdas Him Gauns,

53.  M/s. Damodar Mangalji.

54.  M/s. Noor Mohammad Abdul Karim.

55.  M/s. Chandrakanta Fono Naik.

56.  Sem Denominaco Espevial Patiem Iron Ore Mine M/s. Manual Dacosta.

57.  M/s. R. R. Painguskar.

58.  M/s. Sesa Goa Limited.

59.  M/s. Badruddin H. Mavani.

60.  M/s. R. S. Shetya and Bros.

61.  M/s. Panduranga Timblo Industries.

62.  M/s. Zarapkar Parker. M/s. Sova.

63.  Dempo Mining Corpn. Pvt. Ltd.

64.  M/s. M. S. Talulicar Sons Pvt.

65.  M/s. V. S. Dempo & Co. Pvt.

66.  Shri Gangadhara Narasingadas Agarwal.

67.  M/s. V. M. Salgaocar and Brs.Pvt. Ltd.

68.  Smt. Ahilabai Sardesai.

69.  M/s. Hiru Bombo Gauns.

70.  Smt. Bertade Rego E.Fernandes.

71.  Shri V. D. Chowgule

72.  Shri A. V.S. Valingar.

73.  M/s. Haider Kasim Khan.

74.  M/s. Timblo Pvt. Ltd.

75.  M/s. V. G. Quenim.

76.  M/s. Panduronga Timblo Industries Ltd.

77.  Shri Ashok P. Kudchadkar.

78.  M/s. Gomantak Investment Pvt. Ltd.

79.  Smt. Shankuntala Bai M. Rege.

80.  M/s. Cosme Costa and Sons.

81.  M/s. Ray Antao and Sane Antao

82.  M/s. Noor Mohammad Abdul Karim.

83.  M/s. Chandrakanta Fono Naik.

84.  M/s H. L. Nathurmal.

85.  M/s. Zantye & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

86.  M/s Sallitho Ore Pvt. Ltd.

87.  M/s Lithferro.

88.  M/s. Shri Hiralal Khodia.

89.  M/s. Sociedade Timblo Irmaos Limitada.

90.  M/s. Xec Cadae Xec Usman.

91.  M/s. Salgaocar Mining Industries Pvt. Ltd.

92.  Shri Nacul alias Gurdas Him Gauns.

93.  Ajit V. M. Kadnekar.

94.  M/s. Tisa Moraes Mining Industries.

95.  Galiem Mola Ou Clazarigoga

96.  Vinay G. Mehta.

97.  M/s. Rajaram Bandekar (Sirigao) Mines Pvt. Ltd.

98.  M/s. Virginia Maria Simon.

99.  Shri Jairam B. Neugui.

100. M/s. Shantilal Khushaldas & Bros. Pvt. Ltd.
101. Shri A. X. Poi Palondicar.
102. Guelliem E. Gaval (Pissurlem) Iron Ore Mining Project of Smt. Geetabala Manohar Naik Parulekar.
103. M/s. Sociedade Timblo Irmaos Limitada.
104. M/s. Ralph De Souza.
105. M/S. Emco Goa Pvt. Ltd.
106. Shri Shaikh Mohammad Issac.
107. Shri Haider Kassim Khan.
108. Shri N. S. Narvekar.
109. Smt. Geetabala M. Parulekar.
110. M/S. Mineira National Ltd. (M/S. Mineira Nacional Limitada).
111. Smt. Amalia Rodrigues Fiquereido.
112. Shri Voicunta Canecar (L).
113. Shri Zacarias Antao (L).
114. Shri Vincente Fernandes(L)
115. M/S. Sova (Balkrishna Avde)
116. Shiekh Faisal & M/S. Marzook &Cadar Ltd.
117. Shri Mahabaleshwar Garco.
118. Shri Ramacant Velingkar.
119. Shri Cipriano D' Souza (L) (M/S. Ralph De Souza) Vagler.
120. M/S. Madachem Bhat Ltd.
121. R. R. Paigunkar.
122. M/s. Babai S.N. Tari.
123. Santosh T. Bhangui, Attorney for legal representative of Late Kashinath D. S. Talaulikar.
124. M/s. Smt. Sudha M. Gaundalkar.
125. M/s. Sociedade – Sri Mahalaxmi Companhia Mineria Limitada.
126. M/s. Mineira Nacional Limitada.
127. M/s Companhia Mineira Progresso Limitada.
128. M/s. Francis Miguel Mascarenhas.
129. Shri K. N. Sharieff.
130. Shri Bhancidlo B. S Cassambe.
131. M/s. Late Shri Crishna Mukund Camotim.
132. M/s. Kantilal & Co. Pvt.
133. Shri Noor Mohammad Sheikh Mussa.
134. M/s. Shantilal Khushaldas & Brothers.
135. M/s. S. Kantilal & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
136. M/s. Nalini Vinayak Naik.
137. M/s. Gasa Goa Limitada.
138. M/s. Virginia Maria Simoes.
139. M/s. Bandekar Brothers Pvt. Ltd.
140. M/s. Elray Minerals & Co.
141. Late Mr. Motiram D. Gaundalkar.
142. M/s. Shaikh Salim
143. M/s. Imran Khan.
144. Shri Ambaji Patil and Shripati Ambaji Patil
145. Shri Madhavrao Shivajirao Dessai.
146. Shri Gurunath Kashinath Dabholkar & Ors
147. Shri Rajaram Naik.
148. Shri Thoto Mahadev Gaonkar & Ors.
149. Shri Antonio Maria De Scipiao Fernandes
150. Sandip and Deepak Pawaskar and Roy Ravi Naik, son of Ex-Minister Ravi Naik.
151. Shri Pandurang Bhagwat Naik

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