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FB youth organise meeting tomorrow to oppose Ram Sene


Opposition to open Shree Ram Sene branch in Goa is picking up as secular-minded youth have pulled up sleeves while few politicians and social activists have also come out against it.

A Facebook group “We don’t need Ram Sene in Goa” formed by some youngsters has made over 1800 members in last three days.

The group has convened a meeting tomorrow in Margao, at Konkani Bhasha Mandal hall, at 4 pm to organize a united opposition to stall Ram Sene’s entry.

Following news in this regard in national media, SRS leader Pramod Muthalik, during his Goa visit to attend Hindu convention, had said he would invite chief minister Manohar Parrikar to open the branch.

Though Parrikar had warned Muthalik to break his hands if he takes law in his hands, he has not clarified till date whether he would allow SRS branch in Goa.

“We don’t want any outsider to tell us how to respect our religion and our culture. We are capable of doing it”, said Kajal Kerkar, one of the youth who took initiative to form the FB group.

Vijay Sardesai, Fatorda independent MLA, has in fact demanded that entry to Ram Sene in Goa be banned by the chief minister.

“We can’t allow such lumpen elements to enter a tourism-dependent state like Goa and disturb our communal harmony”, he said.

Alex Reginald Lawrence, a Congress MLA from Curtorim, also vehemently opposed fundamentalist elements like Muthalik in Goa.

“People from all over the world come to Goa since it is a peaceful state that respects all religions and cultures. We don’t need to be told by such fundamentalists how we should behave”, said Lawrence.

Tara Kerkar, a social activist, also appealed to the people not to become member of such extremist organization that is known for disturbing peace in any state. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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we NEVER opposed pope/conversions/james /moulanas/ but we must oppose this guy..i fully agree with goa news VIEW.

unveshshyaaa , goa

No leading or major Country in the world is ethnically,culturallly or religiously pure.Even our India`s big neighbour China and Pakistan,are not ethnically,culturally or religiously pure.

However every country does produce a bunch of so called extremist "MAD-MEN" & women too.

Pramod Muthalik & his Ram Sena are at best, day dreaming "nuts" & worse a bunch of "terrorists".

This radical outfit seems to like& love the look of "BLOODSHED" and the smell of blood.

I wonder if the Ram Sena cowards, will ever attempt to open a Branch of their version of Hinduism in the Sikh dominated Punjab or the Muslim dominated Jammu & Kashmir?.

If they believe that Goa will be a walk-over for them , then the are highly deluded.

Goan Hindus,most certainly, do not need Muthaliks brand of blood-letting Hindusim.

All Goans should join hands and send him back to his Home town.

N.Fernandes , London

I fully agree with this FB group....our Goan youth have every right in the world,given by our constitution, to consume drugs/booze/charas/ganja/lsd/hooqah/ etc. nobody can deprive us from our fav narcotics....pubs/night clubs/rave parties/bars/taverns/ ...this is our unique culture...scanty dresses,provocative tight clothes is our culture...late nights...sleeping at 5 am. and getting up at 6pm. is our unique culture...suxegado is the word coined for us Goans...we hate to to laze...that is our is for ghatti migrants and our gulf uncles/aunties ...not for us...we have ample lands we can sell to white foreigners and enjoy...fenny/frolic/fun/fast cars/faster our stay away from us and our unique culture...

cruz gomes , salcette