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Konkani or Marathi exam a must for Govt jobs, for Eng medium students


The BJP-led coalition government has decided to make answering a written examination in Konkani or Marathi compulsory for government jobs if the candidate has not studied in Konkani or Marathi medium at primary level.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar disclosed this at a Head On programme on Prudent, a local TV channel, on the occasion of completion of 100 days in power.

“It would be a special examination and the candidate would require attaining special knowledge to answer the written paper, either in Konkani or Marathi”, said Parrikar.

The examination would not be necessary if the candidate has studied in Konkani or Marathi at primary level, he clarified.

Presently, the state government has a mandatory column ‘knowledge of Konkani compulsory’ for government jobs. Knowledge of Marathi is desirable.

However, this knowledge does not make it mandatory to answer a written paper.

It had been mandatory a decade ago to ascertain that the candidate is a Goan and not outsider, in order to control the inflow of migrants for government jobs.

Knowledge of Marathi was not made compulsory since it is neither an official language nor it is known to all the Goans.

It was also not made optional since there was a fear of Maharashtra candidates could apply for government jobs by producing forged residential certificates.

Parrikar however now appears to be making this announcement in the background of increasing opposition to his policy on Medium of Instruction, to give grants to all the private primary schools which wanted to shift its medium from Konkani to English. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Not even few month in power, the game has already started. Now Goans have to learn marathi to get jobs. BJP, Congress they are all same and together, an example of a meeting with micky at the hotel, smiling all the way as if Goans are fools. The good thing with Churchil is that He speaks good konkani and not like others trying to speak broken konkani with a mixture of Marathi.

John W D Souza , Margoa Goa

Mr. Parrikar, you have decided to make answering a written exam in Konkani or Marathi compulsory for government jobs for those candidates not studied in Konkani Medium at Primary level. Why in Marathi, Is Marathi a Goan language or is it because Bandodkar wanted to merge our Beautiful GOA into maharashtra. Can mr. parrikar answer now??? Or is it because the migrants can settle in GOA and take our jobs?

Secondly, what will happen to our children when we returned back to GOA who have studied out of Goa where there is no Konkani as second language, as at that time we were forced to leave GOA to earn our living as the then Governments would not provide us with suitable jobs. Jobs were provided for the migrants for vote banks instead of GOANS


There are some Government Jobs that are normally filled up, by non- Goan IAS officers.

I wonder what will be the criteria for them.?

I guess that those that are highly & suitably qualified ,will have to seek employment out of Goa and perhaps abroad,if they cannot fulfill this criteria.

N.Fernandes , London

Hello Mr. Parrikar, are you listening ? Goans welcome your move to have Konkani exam if they want a government job.

But can you tell me why exam in Marathi ? Is it the mother tongue of Goans or are you trying to merge Goa into Maharshtra from the back door by binging in Marathi speaking people from our neighboring state by giving them jobs & housing benefits.Remember MGP tried this earlier and failed and if they had succeeded you wouldn't have been a Chief Minister today in the first place. Are you trying to please your masters in RSS or Mr. Velingkar who finished you last time. Goans elected you and you party this time because you said sorry for the mistakes you committed last time. But I think now you are making a deliberate mistakes for which Goans will not forgive you. Can you please explain your logic about children studying in Konkani/Marathi at the primary level will not have the exam to get govt. jobs. Will they be so proficient that they will be able to do their work without answering your SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE TEST ? Watch your steps before it is too late.

It looks like power is going to your head. AMCHI BHAS AMKAN ZAI ! SASHIKALA TAI & MARATHI TUKA DOR.

A. Pinto , Olaulim