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Will Parrikar inaugurate Ram Sene in Goa?


Attack allegedly by Ram Sene in Hyderabad in April

Eyebrows have been raised over Shree Ram Sene leader Pramod Muthalik’s public invitation to chief minister Manohar Parrikar to inaugurate the SRS branch in Goa.

Reacting to Muthalik’s statement that SRS would crack down on bars and pubs in Goa, Parrikar had warned him stating that he would break hands of anybody who tried to take law in their hands.

However, Muthalik, who is down in Goa to attend the Hindu Convention, clarified to the media that SRS would abide by law and work of national pride and protection of cows etc.

He also said that he would invite Parrikar to open the branch of SRS and the CM could verify whether they are in Goa to break the law or protect the law.

“I expected Parrikar to make a public statement that he would not go to inaugurate it. But he didn’t say it”, pointed out Rajya Sabha Congress MP Shantaram Naik.

He even alleged that the BJP had invited Muthalik to set up a branch in Goa.

Parrikar, when asked once again his reaction to Muthalik’s public invitation, reiterated his warning that he would crack down on anybody who would take law in its own hands.

He actually did not make any statement on Muthalik’s invitation to open the SRS branch in Goa. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Dear People,

Need to understand the place of CM, he has his limitation, no body can restrict some body to get register himself in the state, the simple reason is if some sena / organization has to banned then it should be by Central Govt. in Constitution of India, Schedule VII divides this subject into three categories

a) Union list (only Central Government has power of legislation)

b) State list (only State Government has power of legislation)

c) Concurrent list (both Central and State Government can pass legislation).

This item falls under union list.

Now bigger question is Ram sene not there till date in goa , but don’t we have enough hooliganism? So targeting some body is not correct, secondly, some people are jumping the guns and saying that let us see how intelligent is our CM – Where we r trying to drag the issue?

Somebody said that he will inaugurate his Sena in the hands of CM, does that mean CM will do it, he never said so, he only said if somebody tries to create law and order problem, he will not be spared,

So Why why jump the guns?

Purushottam , Ponda

Mr. Manohar Parrikar, our CM should keep away from these type of people. Otherwise, he will be seen as supporting their activities which have not been up to the mark in other states.

We do not need them in Goa.

Francisco G. Lourenco , England

Please Mr. CM, get rid of these people before they get rid of us Goans.

John W DSouza , Margoa Goa

A futile effort by Goa News to rake up the issue of communalism and shake the communal harmony of Goa. Please focus on constructive journalism and development / upliftment of Goans.



Ranjit Naik , Mashel - goa

Shri Ram Sena should be banned in Goa. They should not be allowed opening its branch in Goa. We Goans do not need such violent organisation. SRS destroys the peace of the place wherever they go. And if they are allowed to stay in Goa, it is 100% sure that peace in Goa will be gone forever. Also it will be THE END for BJP and of its candidates in Goa. RAM SENA IS INDIAN TALIBAN. WE DO NOT WANT TALIBAN IN GOA.

Gitesh , Goa

Let Parrikar try it. It will show how intelligent he is. Even if he quotes that the constitution does not restrict him from innaugurating the Sena branch, let him know that it will be the beginning of his end in Goa, and this time it will be eternity.

jaret chandrapurkar , overseas/chandor

Misrepresenting facts is the habit of the media especially when it comes to discrediting a Govt. other than the Party ruling at the Centre...Why is the invitation to inaugurate confused with CM inaugurating---? that too by National Newspapers? Is the media obliged to toe the line of the corrupt?

What is the role of media in curbing and stopping such anti national movements?...Should it remain a mute spectator or join in raising voice against the anti-social elements?

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem



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