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CM demands apology from Chidambaram, wants state cadre


Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today demanded an apology from Union Home Minister P Chidambaram for "unilaterally appointing IPS officers" in the state, "without taking the state government into confidence".

The BJP government in Goa has even started refusing to accept the appointments of IPS officers in the state made by the Union Home Ministry.

Talking to reporters in Panaji today, Parrikar said he had sought an apology from the Union Ministry for making appointments without taking the state government into confidence.

Holding the Union Home Minister responsible for the "mess" over appointments, Parrikar said, "Chidambaram is not my boss. We are equal."

"The Union Home Ministry should apologise to me because they have started unilaterally appointing IPS officers in Goa," the Chief Minister said.

He added that the ministry was also issuing renewal order of the officers, who were already posted in Goa, without consulting the Goa government.

"They are doing this without consulting me. I have started refusing every order of the Home ministry pertaining to the appointment of IPS officers," Parrikar said.

Goa government, he said, is already in the process of creating independent cadres of IPS and IAS officers for the state.

"I have asked the Chief Secretary to move a proposal for creation of Goa's own IPS and IAS cadre," he said, adding that currently the state was under Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Mizoram and Union Territories (AGMU) cadre.

The Chief Minister said the law and order situation in the state was much more under control as compared to the past.

Admitting that lack of manpower in the police force was an impediment, Parrikar announced that 186 constables and 45 police sub inspectors will be recruited in the near future.

"All these appointments would be corruption-free and entirely based on merit," he added.

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Your action is commendable but at the same time should have been coveyed to the centre much better way. Keep it up.

santana , dubai

dear cynthia, hope you are old enough to know that criticism of one does not mean support of another. there are 2 main parts to my statement below. 1 is a fact the high court order in black and white and 2nd is a suggestion that our goan boys and girls are better in studies than indians and if a mechanism is evolved to help them crack the upsc exams they can do well. Afterall how many collectors do we need?

peter , margao

this is a political stunt by parrikar who is simply copying narendra modi. ive been to ahmedabad for last 10 years and know this modi drama. Politics is fine. But its dangerous to play hate centre natak in goa. In goa there are large number of hate india viva portugals who call themselves niz goenkars and parrikar is encouraging them by his irresponsible behaviour. This might create a goan bhindrenwale. Beware!

madhav dessai , vasco

Well done Parrikar. Hats off to you. Goa is 200% under control now compared to Digambers regime. And as I see below that Peter says "parrikars demand for apology sounds childish. Last time he was cm he misused his powers and appointed his friends and relatives sons as police officers. in tanvir khatibs case high court blasted parrikar" I am so sure that Peter must be one of Churchill's & Digambers deciples as he does not seem very happy to have you in power. Peter, Parrikar has been elected by the people & Churchill had been dumped also by the people. Even if he appointed his people in the Police force, the cabinet was not corrupted as it was at digambers time. Digamber and churchill have ruined Goa. Now we are all glad that the Monti Dongor vote bank has been demolished.

Looks like you are one of the supporters of Churchill and that is why you speak not in favour of Parrikar. Who does not make mistakes? How mistake free are you? People learn thru mistakes but digamber and churchill will never learn and will continue robbing and selling Goa till the end. Goa is our mother and they have sold their mother. So what good can they do to Goa. So Peter, wake up and be aware of the good and the evil.

Once again, WELL DONE PARRIKAR. YOU ARE GOA'S HERO. digamber and churchill are zeros. actually congress should have given him a ticket in Cortalim. That would have been a second loss to him where he would have no choice but drive straight into the Cortalim river and commit suicide there. His face tells that he can swallow Goa. He told people that he wanted to own GOA some day. He has done enough of threatining.

cynthia , goa

You are truly on right track "Sir" and we all GOAN’S are with you and with your decision. Each and every state has all right to recruitment within the suitable vacancies giving first priority to locals and we have suitable working class individuals in GOA rather than appointing from other parts of India. We GOANS refer piece in our normal life’s. But within Central government you all peoples are corrupted thus you people will appoint corrupted officer which can direct to wipe out our piece full lives. So it’s time dear all GOANS to support our Minister Mr. Parrikar and stay together so that the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram have to apologize for his since. “AMCHE GOI SOBIT GOI “

Toshif Shaik , DUBAI

People from Goa have discarded the Congress to rule our state, since we had corruption starting right from Diggu bab to the Constables in the Police Force.Its a good move by Parrikar to appoint our own cadres since our people will know our place better than the IPS Officers coming from other states. These IPS Officers are appointed to make merry here in Goa, becoz they must have licked some ministers or their chamchas arse's back there in Delhi. And how can the central government take decisions without taking the Goa Government into confidence???? REDICULOUS!!!! Chidambarmama, this is not tamil nadu, but remember this is my place and it is called GOA!!! VIVA.

Francis Fernandes , Margao - Goa

parrikars demand for apology sounds childish. Last time he was cm he misused his powers and appointed his friends and relatives sons as police officers. in tanvir khatibs case high court blasted parrikar. Now he wants to Start the same business. Goa doesnt need goan cadre 1 because it is too small for cadre and 2 goan politicians misuse appointments be it parrikar or congress. Instead arrangement should be done for upsc exam training of goan students and successful ones like apa telis son should be brought to goa on permenant deputation.

peter , margao

It is known that Shenoi Goembab turned to writing in konkani when he was ill treated by Marathi writers and became great Konkani writer. And now , Manoharbab will be great Chief Minister if he will rule Goa by Goans. Chief Minister you are heading in the right direction. Cheers !

A. Pinto , Olaulim

It is right decision to decide what his state need for

good and bad. Do not require centre to interfere or

involved to appoint IPS or any other IAS to state. Goa

Government capable to handle and not centre to judge

for all state affairs. Centre leaders are all corrrupt not

a sngle in clean hands. Our CM Parrikar do not bother

those centre or accept their bitter cake which open

doors for they own people. You have right to appoint

your desire officers which belong to our own state.

Domnick Rodrigues , Goa

The Centre is clearly treating Goa as it's colony...It is taking huge revenue from this small State and giving back too little in form or Budgetary support....Let us have some self respect and self esteem.....It is time we wake up to all this humilation and exploitation....

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem



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