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Digambar & Subhash involved in illegal mining: Churchill


Churchill Alemao today threw a bombshell from within the Congress, alleging that both former chief minister Digambar Kamat and GPCC chief Subhash Shirodkar are involved in illegal mining.

Congress lost poll because of them, not Family Raj, he claimed while the whole Alemao family offered to quit the Congress if the poll defeat was due to them.

At a press conference held in Margao today, Churchill opined that Congress would have not faced such a miserable defeat if Shah Commission report was released and action was taken against those involved in illegal mining, before the election.

According to him, both Digambar and Shirodkar are the prime leaders responsible for the Congress debacle.

“If Family Raj was the main issue, then why the others families of Ranes, Monserattes and Dhawalikars got elected,” he asked.

The head of Alemao family also blamed the double standard played by the government on the medium of instruction issue.

“The cabinet had taken a firm stand to give grants to English medium primary schools. But Digambar later constituted another committee and told the committee to tell the court that the decision would not be implemented this year. That angered the Congress voters”, observed Churchill.

He also blamed Digambar for preparing the Regional Plan 2021 without taking people into confidence.

The former PWD minister also roped in Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho into it, alleging that both he and Digambar tried to sell parking space of the Dabolim to one builder. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Well said Churchill

But if you had to open you mouth before Elections, it would have been different case. People would have Elected against Digambar and other corrupts along with Family Raj.

Goans have tolerated enough of curroption and loot.

No matter who runs the government. Keep our trust

True Goan , UAE

HI INTELGOAN::::Churchill can only talk/speak in some form of English(limited),if you place a Gunny bag of cash or loot in front of him.Loot is a kinda of drug, that allows him to speak a few words in English.

N.Fernandes , London

Hi vicentin e rebello:::Churchill wants the "spotlight", turned on the others,so that he can get away with all his & his familys` crimes.Having lost the recent elections , he does not know what to do with himself.As the saying goes..."an idle mind is a devils workshop".

N.Fernandes , London

Chorchill u should take retirement now since 19th Dec., 1985 regarding FLAG ISSUE and there after 1986 Language issue u have cheated us, from CONGRESS to UGDP to SAVE GOAN FRONT to CONGRESS and to FAMILY RAJ CONGRESS U should stop giving coment on illegal mining and DABOLIM PARK SPACE blaming MAUWIM AND KAMANT were u not there in the CONG goverment that time why u open your mouth now TAKE RETIREMENT NOW FROM POLITIC U have loot GOA ALMOST 27 YRS changing PARTY for yours benfiet since u are ALREADY 62 YRS

vicentin e rebello , hounslow london uk

Mr. Alemao, Please give your press conferences in English language....... my kids miss the entertainment.


When you point a finger to your adversaries, four fingers are directed to you. No doubt, Digo, Shirodkar, and the rest of the congress gang have utilized congress machinery over the years to their full advantage to garner wealth sure enough for their next hundred generations. And so did Allemao, the irmaos and their puppies. 15-20 years ago, Alemao was an ordinary worker at Goa Shipyard, through nefarious activities such as smuggling, extortion, illegal mining, etc. he and his brothers now sit on ill-gotten wealth worth billions of $. I hope Alemao and his brothers remain buried dip in a Varca hole, never to see the light of the day again. If Sashti people could ensure that, it would be the biggest gift they will give to Goa and its people!

Jagan , Canada

Churchillbab you can bribe Brar, Reddy and Oscar to get tickets for your family members but you cannot bribe voters to get them elected. Honest people declined to accept money to vote because these money have no blessing of God. In some cases your supporters forcefully left money on their verandah, balcony sofa, gallery etc. Some people have no time to enjoy life with their hard earned money itself and do you think they will have peace with your looted black money ? You cannot survive in Politics without Congress, nobody stopped you leaving the congress and how many times you were out of Congress ?. Do not give threat to leave Congress, which we have been hearing several times (e.g. during YC presidential election, Micky’s minister ship issue, tickets to family members etc). I remember you said Fogetee (Firecracker) to Avertano, which comment reflects your education and family background. Your Save Goa front (whose manifesto promised to save Dabolim airport but when its parking area was de-notified your mouth was shut, which could be due to kickbacks to you, CM, Mauvin and Josephilip) is scrapped. You are a liability now to Congress and nobody, even GVP, is ready to accept you and your family of looters again

Goa for Goans , Goa

Who let the dogs out?

How much Goans must be happy to see this entire Alemao family annihilated in the last election and a feeling of "mission accomplished" finally.

I can't help but admire the maturity that we finally showed to teach these congress morons a lesson. I would often wonder how can people elect and re-elect the same rouges over and over again.

The only aberration was the victory of Monserattes, Rane's, and Dhawalikar's not on family raj but on corruption standpoint.

Proud to be Goan

Dinesh Cota , Betalbatim

Congress fall in Goa. Four reasons Mrs. Sonia correct

them now or repeat the same mistake. Do not trust

your leaders anymore . Make sure drop old faces and

select good and clean candidates which are good

characters and clean without criminal recores.

Congress Leaders made terrible mistakes is that:

Family candidates, criminal, goonda, illegal activities,

bad performance in government functions. This are all

consider my people of Goa and reject congress.Drop

Churchill, Monsorreta, Ravi, Shirodkar, Mauvin,

Vishwajeet Rane,Joaquim Alemao, Felip Nerri, etc.

Don't even think to selct any old faces then you will

see again rise and fall congress in Goa. Investigate

their performance past in their role.

Sanjay Kumar , Goa

Mr Churchill would have done a great patriotic service if he had opened his mouth when he saw the various acts of misuse of power or irregularities by his Colleagues....People would have appreciated his love for Goa and Goans...Now blaming his own Colleagues is difficult to digest...

The Dabolim Airport is centrally located and any move by any corrupt Politician to sabotage it's expansion needs to be condemned in strongest terms and the greedy Politician involved should be exposed and nailed for anti People activities....

vishwas prabhudesail , loliem

Govt of Alemaos and Colemaos

This were the words of Rane when Churchill broke free to form the PDF Govt in the 90s

The Churchil Alemao(CA) I knew as a child had a romantic Robin Hood image in Salcete

Despite his presumed links to smuggling he was widely liked and adored

His mentor and one time political guru, L Faleiro used his skills well in the language agitation

However there is a very strong reason why people with even suspected criminal links should be kept out of Public life like plague

Alemao is once such fine example Those who try to ride a tiger end uo inside it as the saying goes

He moved from party to party with absolute no ideology with the only loyalty he had was towards himself and his family

From a social worker he moved into business, hotels and god know what else. He always seemed to have his face in the trough 24/7 and managed to cross swords with one and all

This time the people of Salcette said enuff is enuff

Time to go on a diet

However if Mr Alemao had his way the maths would be

1 MLA 1998

2 MLAs 2002

4 MLAs 2012

16 MLAs 2017

2022 Goa would then run out of seats for the Alemaos and Colemaos, may be Belgaum? Sawantwadi?

Or as James Bond would say -For the Alemaos- the world is not enough-

If the man had any dignity or shame he would quietly go into semi retirement(Like L Faleeiro) and sort out the money, hotels, mines and cash accumulated from foolish Goans



Neel Fernandes , London

CHORHILL ALEMAO - Why don't you just relax at home instead of bringing all these allegations now. Remember you boasting that you can win if you contest in any Constituency in Goa. You should be ashamed of yourself that you could not even win where you were saying that all the people of Navelim are with you. Mr. Furtado was quite as he very well knew that more people are for him than you. First it was EVMs for you and now it is Kamat and Shirodkar who brought the downfall of the Congress and your family Raj. If it was illegal mining and corruption - why you did not mention anything about it during your campaign. People would have appreciated you and maybe you would have won. But why you will say so as you were sure that you and your family would have four MLAs and that would have given you the upper hand with your blackmailing to make you atleast a Dy. CM and another 2 ministers in the family to loot more what is still left in Goa. Please don't give any more press conferences but relax at home. If you really want to work and be more active, you may again be a sea-man as they want an experienced guy like you to grate coconuts for the staff - the job you are well experience which you were doing there prior to your smuggling activities and then joining politics showing all people that you are for Goa and Goans but internally filling your coffers. Let me tell you today why Congress lost. Surely because of Family Raj. People may vote for only two members of a family, that is why Ranes, Monserates and Dhawalikars won. Congress lost because people did not vote for the two uneducated Goondas and their kids as they knew that you would have jumped from one party to another like a monkey if all your demands were not met in the government.

So please no more press conferences as people are fed up to hear your hoarse voice. If you want, give it in English as I still remember a reporter once asking you who will win the football finals with your team and you said of course Churchill Brothers. When he asked you how you are sure and on what grounds - you said Fatorda grounds. The same moment everyone watching the program came to know how educated you are. Please help the present Govt. in giving up the names {be an informer} of any scams that took place for the last 5 years and that may help you to be on parole.

Khushall Borit Goenkar - kiteak tumi panch vorsan boslet mhun.

Goenkar Put , Saudi Arabia



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