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Rally demands pre-primary educaion also in Konkani


Rally demanding Konkani medium

A new demand has emerged that the government should convert all pre-primary schools in local Indian languages and not English.

A rally organized by the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch at Azad Maidan today evening also demanded that not a single more English medium primary school should be permitted in the state.

The massive rally of over 10,000 was organized in support of the existing system of medium of instruction in local Indian languages like Konkani, Marathi, Urdu, Kannada etc.

The rally also opposed the demand of equally large number of parents that grants be given to the English medium private primary schools.

Quite a few BJP MLAs also attended the rally, sitting in the audience.

The proponents of English have been demanding inclusion of English medium in the Right to Education act. 

One argument the English proponents put forward is the difficulty faced by students to shift from English medium at pre-primary level to primary in Konkani or Marathi and then again English from fifth standard onwards.

To overcome this difficulty, veteran educationist Pandurang Nadkarni at the rally demanded that pre-primary education be also imparted in Konkani or Marathi medium.

Veteran Konkani writer Pundalik Naik demanded that Monseratte resign as the education minister.

A resolution adopted thereafter echoed this demand stating that Monseratte attended a public meeting meant to comment adversely on the present education policy of the government and to demand a change which is in direct contravention of Right to Education Act, 2009.

The rally also passed a resolution that the state should make it mandatory for existing English medium primary schools to teach at least two subjects through Konkani, Marathi or other Indian languages.

Another resolution stated that the existing registered English pre-primary schools and playschools should shift to Indian languages within a given time frame.

Adv Uday Bhembre, veteran thinker and Konkani movement leader, alleged that four MLAs who have been ministers are actually drop outs and studied in English medium. He also named them – PWD minister Churchill Alemao, education minister Babush Monseratte, revenue minister Jose Philip D'Souza and former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco.  

Blaming the Church for playing the mischief of English medium, he asked the Church-run Diocesan Society of Education to mention one country in the world where parents come on the streets to decide education policy of their children.

The meeting was chaired by convenor and former chief minister Shashikala Kakodkar. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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How pathetic, I understand that we should be given more importance to our mother tongue Konkani, but to make konkani as medium of instruction in primary school and then switch to english mediun is a foolish decisions. as a father i will never send my child in these school if i want my child to come up well. do you think Goa Board is having any standart to match other states? these are all political motivated hungry politicians corrupting parents minds to gain votes and disturbe peace loving state. Ushar rao Goankara!

Rocky , Kuwait

people who wear tie ,bow dose not mean that they are well qualified & highly educated.

people who talk ENGLISH ,after reading there views ,i could know certain ways of thinking (mentality) .

what you people think ? people from salsate are more religious & fanatics. & also foreign culture lovers. this not false . this is true by an large. so called sudo seculars may on face not agree with my point . you call people people who support Indian languages semi literate or literate ,. & say that they were brought by misleading just like how catholic masses were brought? "on fatorda ground" ,chrchill is not konkani student . he learned protuguage . konkani educated students are doctors ,engineers & many speck fluent ENGLISH . don't tell me of chotholic students who speck konglish , & whos teachers are not compatible to teach konkani as they don't them-self know to even speck proper.

amol , goa

शिक्षणाचे मलार फोकोत आवोय्भाषा हेच धोरण सरकारण सक्तीन आपणावाचे च लाग्तले ,नजल्यार गोयचे अंधापातन कोनुच आडवापक शक्चोना. GOA is not part of foreign land . & thous who demand English & only ENGLISH are free to go from Goa .

mayur , harvale

hi i reallycant understand why people want medium of instruction as konkani. The politicians who are behind this are not able to speak properly in public cause when you go out no one understands our language. I am happy to be educated in english medium and i have a good job abroad. Dont be like malbaris who learned in malayalam medium and when they go abroad spoil other peoples english. What will be of our state when our own education minister is illiterate. I am afraid in future ,if our konkani medium generation is asked a question on which ground in english .they will answer like churchill .on fatorda grounds.

justino , dubaii

These are self proclaimed thinkers, writers, educationists, who are living in the past. The convenor, in her rule did not achieve in her heyday and now wishes to make a dent in the education policy. Any State has one language, but here we have two, because of the understanding we have for our Goan culture and unique peacefulnes of this region.The party which wanted to make Goa into a province of Maharashtra, still bears the name, which gives the impression, maybe there will be a second Opinion Poll again to decide our fate. Because of peculiar situation evolved in Goa, the responsible people of a section of our population, are demanding an option to educate in English. No other language should feel

threatened. If some people are so anti- English and thnk it should be eradicated, they should not educate anyone of theirs, in that language, but, develop the languages of Konkani and Marathi to the levels required for higher professional studies like the Chinese, Japanese or German can do, as some of the people feel. All protagonists of Regional languages, if they have achieved recognition or prominence or professionalism, could not have done it basically outside of the English language or in Sanskrit. But those who want a choice of English why should they be denied that right instead of jumping in and out, confusing the young minds ? Neither the Indian Constitution nor RTE Act, 2009, does say that English should be banned in educating children upto the age of 14 years, as a policy of the government. The RTE speaks of obtaining parental consent, if not practicable. It certainly does not allow arm-twisting or denying education on account of a language.

Ludovico , Old-Goa

WIth Due Respect to Adv. Mr. Bhembre I would like to ask who the hell are these politicians to decide what is good for my child? another Question to Mr. Bhembre is whether his neighbour had decided what was or is good for his child? DO NOT POLITICISE the issue and misgiude some parents and people who are illiterate. let the parents decide what is good for their kids future.

Florence , Navelim

All these people want Goans to be like the illiterate masses that were hired to attended this rally and meeting and semi-literate like the ones who've conducted the meeting.

Goan Imp , Margao