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Bomb blast accused deserve death penalty: Sanatan


'Jagor' on Prudent regarding bomb blast chargesheet

The eleven accused chargesheeted in the Margao bomb blast cases should be punished even with death penalty, if the law provides for such a punishment, feels Sanatan Saunstha.

This opinion was expressed by Virendra Marathe, managing trustee of Sanatan Saunstha, during Jagor, a debate conducted by Prudent, a local TV channel.

All the 11 accused mentioned in the chargesheet are incidentally the sadhak (seekers) of Sanatan Saunstha.

Ramesh Gawas, a social activist and Adv Cleofato Almeida Coutinho, a constitutional expert, also participated in the debate.

During the debate, Adv Coutinho opined that the Saunstha could be banned by the central government based on the chargesheet filed by the NIA.

The fact was brought to Marathe's notice during the debate that some of the offenses applied in the chargesheet attract severe punishment like death penalty.

Marathe admitted that the act of planting bombs in Margao and Sancoale on the Diwali eve during Narakasur competition was an act of Adharma (evil act) and not a Dharmik (righteousness) act. He also admitted that the act was an evil streak (Durjan Vrutti).

He however vehemently denied that his organisation was involved in the act. "That is the reason even NIA could not implicate our Saunstha in committing these offenses", he said.

If the organisation was not involved, asked Gawas, why none of the accused belong to any other organisation but only Sanatan Saunstha. Secondly, he also pointed out that the Saunstha has always considered organisers of Narakasur competition as Durjan (evil forces) while appealing their Sadhak (seekers) to ‘finish' (naash) them.
Marathe refuted the charge while stating that they have always carried a peaceful propaganda campaign against bad acts like eve teasing, making huge images of Narakasur etc and never taken a violent step.

He wondered why only Sanatan sadhak (seekers), including their trustee Malgonda Patil (died while carrying bombs in Margao), had resorted to such an act. He denied that it is a result of their preaching or philosophy.

During the debate, Adv Coutinho said the offenses filed against the members of Sanatan Saunstha could be enough ground to declare the organisation as unlawful and ban it. (Read his blog "Sanatan can be banned with NIA chargesheet").

According to him, if the members of any particular organisation are found as accused in such serious offense that affects sovereignty and integrity of the country, the central government can take a step to ban it.

However, the government needs to follow certain procedure, including appointing a tribunal of a sitting high court judge and sending show cause notice to the organisation etc, he added.

Adv Coutinho also clarified that the state government has no role to play in banning the organisation, though Goa's chief minister (Digambar Kamat), home minister (Ravi Naik) and Rajya Sabha MP (Shantaram Naik) are making different statements in this regard. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Mr. Mineno you Are wrong . Mr. Marathe is not a HYPOCRITE....If at all you thing go & see the Good Work he is doing . by reading a news dont jump to aconclusion ..

Do you know that there was a terroist attack on MUMBAI IN which more than hundred people died... Now the lone caught terrorist (KASAB) Wid guns , ammunitions & Hand Garante was caught by th Police ,All proofs & every thing to prosecute him... till date No action has been taken,,, Can you tell me why this happens...

In the Case of Sanatan Sausthan they have been traped of some conspiracy to harm their image in the public....It is Not yet proved that they have done it.

Jus think before you Write,



chetan , PANJIM

The guilty should be punished severely irrespective of which party or organisation he belongs to! the vote bank politics should never come in the way of awarding punishment to the proven guilty! But unfortunately this does not happen in this country and every thing is measured in terms of getting votes and grabbing chair for self prosperity!

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

In this debate it is very very clear that Virendra Marathe is nothing but a HYPOCRITE. How can he utter the words “adharmi” when it is the members of his sanatan saunstha involved in this cowardly act. His HYPOCRACY is showing in itself about the activities of the saunstha. He should not try to fool people and people should not get fooled by such hypocrites.

Secondly Mr. Gawas and Adv Coutinho I admire you guts and courage in coming out with truth and challenging this Marathe. Mr Gawas your question “why none of the accused belong to any other organisation but only Sanatan Saunstha” Wonderful question and an eye opener to all the public and specially those who still support the sanatan and try to cover up the ugly incident by saying that it is a spiritual organization.

Likewise Adv. Coutinho has well brought out the fact that the offences filed against the sanatan saunstha members could be enough ground to declare the organization as unlawful and to ban it. Very well said Adv. Coutinho. Has Virendra Marathe got any other hypocritical explanations to give to these questions?

I would like to tell the public that in future to be careful and approach any organization, be it spiritual or social, with caution and do not get decieved its outer beauty.- Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain