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Goa's mining to hit severely due to China ban


China banning low grade iron ore is expected to hit Goa’s mining industry severely. Goa’s 70 per cent ore exports are having ore content below 60 per cent.

This, according to China, is low grade iron ore.

The mining industry is obviously shaken up due to this sudden decision by Chinese authorities. In addition, the decision would also hit the transporters, truck owners as well as the traders.

Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association president Shivanand Salgaoncar, a mine owner, admits that the decision would badly hit the Goan mining industry. He is however still awaiting official communiqué in this regard.

Salgaoncar also hopes that the ban is not permanent.

A sudden boom of mining industry in Goa in the last five years had positive as well as negative effects on socio-economic structure of the tourist state. 

There are allegations that even ministers in the Congress-led coalition government are involved in illegal mining.

While several villagers are getting devastated due to rampant and uncontrolled mining, thousands of Goans have also invested into mining, like buying trucks etc.

Goa exports 35 per cent of India's total iron ore. Over 80 per cent of it is below 60 per cent grade and is exported to China.

Around 36 million tons of the ore is exported to China. Almost 10 MT of iron ore exports are considered to be extracted illegally.

According to Shyam Satardekar, the ore handling agent and Curchorem MLA, the decision would hit the whole state, especially the small truck owners as well as the traders.

The Mormugao Port Trust authorities are however not prepared to react on it until the official announcement in this regard is made. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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hi that is a fantastic news, who make money from the iron ore from its not the common people but in turn its spoils the beauty of goa.I hope it is a permanent ban very happy to hear this

noel , canada

Thats good news..... at least destruction of scenic beauty will be reduced.

Christie , Goa

It's a Blessing in Disguise for Goa. Hope it's a permanent ban.

Goa Govt. can encourage agriculture, fishing, tourism/eco tourism,Information Technology, environment friendly projects. But i doubt it can ever happen as our elected representatives lack vision.

Brian T , Los Angeles-USA

It is a great shame that to save Goa from disaster, Chinese action of banning import of ore from Goa would be useful! It would have been more appropriate the people of Goa would come together to recognize the evil of mining and ban all indiscriminate excavation purely for selfish gains!

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

Hope this is not a temporary ban.

Brian T , usa

Very right Frederick and Shyam. And thanks to China. But somehow these crooks will find some other ways to destroy Goa. Ever since the so called liberation of Goa, the invading forces have found their ways to destroy Goa one way or the other. I do not mean the military but every person should understand that I am talking about the crooks and these crooks have built immense pile of wealth, and horded riches which no one can imagine of. Now they have started the new system of inviting outsiders to buy properties and build buildings and flats and what not and throw the Goans out. They are not satisfied by destroying enough of greenery from Goa. Oh GOD Almighty please save Goa and the Goans from the clutches of these devils known as Politicians (of centre and state) and their diabolical plans of destruction

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Good that china banned. Now Goa is saved from destroying its beauty even more and forcing and coercing people to sell and looting their property will be stopped

Frederick Dsouza , usa

Come on China, way to go.

Stop Illegal Mining Save Goa

shyam , Goa

Drastic effect? Impossible and if mining stop, reset to river sand exploitation and best place to explore is Vanxim, Divar bay. Currently 50-60 boats are dredging sand for 24 hours and who benefits illegal payments or given them "Licentiate to exploit" river beds remains Scott free. Who cares after all for Goa?

Emediavoices , Goa

Good news for all nature lovers in goa

good news , goa



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