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Church rubbishes Calvert's allegations


The Goa Church has brushed aside the allegations made by Calvert Gonsalves as baseless.

Calvert, producer of the controversial music CD 'Dogui Bodmas', had alleged that Goa Church is acting like a mafia.

To substantiate it, Calvert had said that some of the priests are involved in selling Church properties while some other are selling antique carvings of the Church under the pretext of renovation.

He had also objected to the Church directly participating in election politics, in an interview called 'Head On' on Prudent, a local TV channel.

Reacting to this, Archbishop's spokesperson Fr Francis Caldeira has described it as yet another stunt by Calvert.

"When he makes allegations, it is his responsibility to prove it also", said Fr Caldeira. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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No Domnick. You read calvert's comment below and it was he who said that I should not be his judge. You have just written without reading all the comments and plus you have not read my comment properly.

Joe Rebello , Panjim

Domnick, with due respects let me tell you that this is not a political matter. Like one person below said that without any evidence we would be fighting against God and that is correct. I can write so many things against the church, the priests etc. but without proper evidence it is nowhere. I have to justify myself when I write against any religious institution or their incharges. What does calvert lose in providing evidence. Once confirmed I am sure all the people on this blog will support him very definitely.

Lily Gracias , Panjim

This jewel colva is a very funny fellow. Menino has given him a neat and clean explanation which I am sure even calvert will accept and this fellow just twists the matter. Let me answer you jewel colva. you say even if evidence is given what Menino will do. Well as he said he would support calvert was his answer. The difference it will make is calvert will have his support to fight wrong. You say he is wasting time by passing through colva and doesn't know any thing. He is passing colva for his work and not to check on this case. Right Menino does not know anything and that is why he has asked calvert for evidence to know the thing properly.

Shyam Sawant , Ponda

Mr. Joe Rebello-Panjim

You asked to Mr.Calvert that he is Judge. Either you or Mr. Calvert are not Judges but

what he said and claim the fact and brought to the light so that people aware about it.

Domnick , Goa

Hey Calvert, I know that I am no JUDGE but are you the JUDGE to judge a priest. I think Jesus said "Do not judge and you will not be judged". By the way have you passed on any evidence against Fr. Diogo to Mr. Menino, like you said you had a talk with him and that you would pass that to him. I am asking this because Mr. Menino has asked you again not to forget to pass on the evidence and the dates of his comments can be seen write below.

Joe Rebello , Panjim

So Calvert is talking through Jewel Colva. It also appears that Calvert has nothing to prove his allegations except his writings. I too can write a lot of things but without any evidence they are nowhere. It also appears that calvert does not want to pass on any evidence to Menino or anyone here who is asking him because he does not have any. Neither does Calvert have any evidence of his allegations against the former tourism minister about what he sang in his dogui bodmas CD.

Jane De Sa , Margao

Dear Menino, I have nothing personal against you too.But there are few things you have to really understand.This is nothing against church and god but you have to really see where we are going wrong.I really can't understand what kind of evidance you need and what differance you going to make? You are wasting all your time.By passing through colva and benaulim you don't know any thing.Please don't watch the trailer watch the whole movie and you will come to know the whole story.

Jewel Colva , Colva

Dear Mr. Jewel Colva, I have nothing personal against Calvert and in fact if he provides a genuine proof of the lady and Fr. Diogo I would be glad to support. Because fighting against the Government or crooks and corrupts is easy but when it comes to Church we must exercise utmost caution because without any proofs we would be fighting against God Himself and invite his wrath. I have been in touch with Calvert on the phone you can ask him. In this case I want to make sure that I am supporting a genuine cause. I have not even completed one year in UK and all this while I was in Goa and frequently used to travel from Valpoi to colva, Benaulim and all that belt along as I have quite a lot of customers arount these areas. I know quite a lot but not everything. Right now I have a family two children to look after in Goa and as such cannot leave my job and come back straight away. Thats all!

Menino G..P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

All the best...

Abhay , panaji

Dear Menino,Please be in habit of watching match live at the stadium and not on your television set. If you need evidence you should come to goa and watch what is going on and not sitting far away.You have to see ground reality.If you are doubting thomases please come and see how deep are the wounds.

Jewel colva , colva

Dear Calvert, I hope you have not forgotten our phone conversation. You told me you would send me the evidence through email. Till date I have not received anything. Just in case you missed my email ID here it is

Thanks FROM ENGLAND Menino de Valpoi

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Shyam, Please stay out of this. What difference will it make if I send you the proof? Will you and some of the others who only post comments be able to do any ground work? No.. So please don’t ask for something that does not tickle you. I have shown the progress that I have made. I have made the difference so far with like minded people. so please keep out of this since you don’t have even a glimmer of knowledge as to what you are interfering in.


calvert gonsalves , colva

Calvert What do either keep quiet or just watch and give suggestions. Even though I am a non catholic, I say that you are rubbish. Till date you are only talking and writing prove your accusations. You have no guts to prove your accusations against the priest or bishop. I don't think you have any proof and now you are trying to create some false proofs.

Shyam Sawant , Ponda

Hi All

When I said “support me”, I just meant – either keep quiet or just keep watching and give suggestions how to get the whole thing sorted out. My letters will be long because I need to be descriptive. Some of us don’t know what is happening within the framework of our Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. I will certainly send the matter that I promised to Menino but it takes lot of patience and time to scan these documents. I would be better off posting them.

Just for information, After all my recent correspondence wherein the Archbishop refused to meet me, there have been lot of occurrences within the Bishop’s Palace. The caste system issue highlighted in my CD Dogui Bodmas has taken centre stage. As was the normal practice, Brahmins took the centre stage in spite of being in the minority. The ancient trend of caste discrimination had continued until now but I am proud to say that it will end soon. Capable Priests will soon be occupying positions where difference can be made.

Post 28th December 2009 (the day my house was stoned), there have been several other revelations where other priests have been exposed. That means people have mustered courage to oppose the wrong. Now our Archbishop is sick and out of action. I doubt very much that he will return to his chair as Archbishop. There is most certainly going to be a replacement & the present Archbishop will be elevated to a different position where he will not have to handle tension. Lets hope that an able priest takes over.

Calvert Gonsalves

calvert gonsalves , colva

I went through Calvert Gonsalves’ blogsite Goa-Kranti. Well I found that he has written a letter to the Bishop of Goa. In that letter there are no proofs attached. But I had a telephone conversation with Calvert and he has assured me that he would email me the proofs. I have requested him for the proofs because I just cannot openly talk against priest or support Calvert without some sort of evidence and just to be sure that I am sure that I am siding a genuine cause. In my phone talk with him he has agreed to send me the necessary proofs. Till then I cannot decide anything on whether to support Calvert and invite the wrath of the Almighty or no. I am waiting for his email. – FROM ENGLAND – Menino de Valpoi

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Now this is FRESH in the Times of India. I am posting the link here and also a part of the write up. Now can we call the guy who sued the Pope as the enemy of our religion?


And a bit of writeup here to those who don't have time to open the link:-

CHICAGO: The alleged victim of a US priest accused of being a serial pedophile sued the pope and the Vatican in an attempt to open secret files containing internal investigations into sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

"There is a painful and long history of the Vatican and the top officials... muffling and suppressing the truth and protecting themselves and their own reputation instead of protecting the children," attorney Jeff Anderson said at a press conference.

Robert , Goa

But where are the proofs of the allegations? He has written, is writting and even composed music CD on it. It says he has written to the Bishop BUT WHERE IS THE PROOF OF HIS ALLEGATIONS. In order to back him and support him he should produce some hard core evidence before us so that we can be sure and go ahead and support him. I can write so many things to the bishop but that is no proof. So Calvert you want us really to be with you and support you then please PROVIDE us with some evidence, proper hard core evidence other wise don't simply don't keep on talking vaguely. I would call Menino a fool if he blindly and without getting any evidence from you supports you. He himself has asked you a number of times for evidence or proof of your allegations which you are not prepared to give. That is because you do not have any evidenc with you.

Lily Gracias , Panjim

After reading all the below comments, it struck me to look into Calverts "Goa Kranti" and I came upon this long writing by Calvert that took me almost an hour to read attentively. Link:

Please go on this link and read word by word. I think there is lot of truth in it as I personally know the affairs mentioned there.

Alexender , Colva

I really frustrated reading again issue of Priest Diogo priest of Colva. My fellow goans do not spare your valuable time on such issue.Whatever, Calvert and his justification will be prevail when time comes.The responsible of this issue is Bishop who have to give top priority to solve first and for all, but where is Bishop. May be Bishop not hearing voice of Colva and to intervene, This is one reason of our faith get mixed up..

Domnick Rodrigues , Goa

We are all humans and tend to do mistakes. Here, there is no mistake by Fr. Diogo if he is really fighting on behalf of his lady love to acquire church premises at Maina Curtorim as compensation for being removed from the Church property. This is shameful for the priest. Doesn't the Bishop know this?

One more question, why does the Church in Goa not condemning Mickey Pacheco and his live in partner for their immoral act? Is it allowed by the Church nowadays to have live-in-partners? Is it moral for these priests to invite these individuals as Guests for their functions? We are the same Kristanvs who go there to clap our hands because these so called immorals have donated a part of their ill gotten wealth to the Church. None of us asked from where he got that since we knew the person as a beggar before he became a politician. Jesus Christ nor Mother Mary went begging for funds to raise our religion nor were politicians.

One last question - Why did the Bishop's Palace at Altinho was silent on the killing of Fr. Eusebio at Macasana and later acquital of the killers? Did they find it mysterious and wise to remain silent?

We may find it unholy to criticise a priest but they should be our role models too. There is nothing wrong if Fr. Diogo has gathered a flock of evil doers around him but can he transform them to give up evil for good? I am not siding with Calvert Gonsalves lest I know who he is but if he sent the issues as he claims, why were they not put infront of Church Fabrica and church governing body for discussion within the local committe? The matter would have ended there. But if the committe is handpicked by the priest, they dare not do anything against him, does it make sense?

Robert , Goa

Joe Rebello

Don’t waste yourself. As I have said earlier, you are only posting comments on the net but doing nothing useful. It's easy to criticise like how you are doing. I am not answerable to you because you are just one of those few people who have gathered dust and rust and refuse to acknowledge what is in front of you. I have not written a Tiatr but have explained as best as I can, so it’s not my fault if you cant or don’t want to understand it. My fight will be on against the Priest Fr Diogo and his type, whether you like it or not. It just takes a click of a button to go to the site that I have posted sufficient proof – goa kranti. I refuse to spoon feed you. I had started a crusade against a bad Priest Fr Diogo which has now gained momentum. People have gained courage to expose other such rogue Priests like Fr Diogo. I have not done anything against religion or scriptures. It's just a bad Priest I am exposing.

Joe Rebello, you are no judge and I don’t see you in a position to be of any assistance other then give your crude comments. By the way Menino and I have contacted each other and explained as to what is the need of the hour. Some people talk just because people will say that they can’t talk. My crusade will continue against Fr Diogo the Priest of Colva Parish even if you don’t like it.

Calvert Gonsalves

calvert gonsalves , colva

I, being from the village of Colva fully stand by the matter written by Calvert. You call it allegations or another story of tiatr. If you know the characters sorrounding Fr. Diogo, one should be ashamed.

Let me ask a few things. How many men or women having affairs have sex by the roadside or in open places so they could be seen, damn the public? Why Fr. Diogo have to move with this woman and fight for her case which she filed against the Church of Maina Curtorim to compensate her by giving the fabrica room in which she was staying as a maid to Fr. Diogo? Was she a daughter-in-law of the Church? Why does Fr. Diogo have to represent her in the Court himself personally? How many people not seen him doing this at the court at Old Market, Margao? Why does not Fr. Diogo carry his Sankistanv and Peddo all along wherever he is transferred? Why has this woman to stay inside the Church premises at Colva? (He rented her a room after the controversy outside the Church for night stay thereafter) How many women in need are helped by Fr. Diogo?

Now going by the next matter, Salu Chepot has cheated many Goans and outsiders too, most of all in the property matters. There is no need to write more, just ask any fellows from Colva or sorrounding villages who SALU CHEPOT is and you wil get the answer. There won't be space left here to write all details.

Agnelo Santimano, shame on Colvacars to call him ganvbhav. He runs a prostitution den and it is not once but umpteen times raided and even sealed by police.

Fr. Diogo was a fan of the Mickey Mouse who actually instigated him to do what he wanted and instigated innocent people by ringing the Church bells to gather his supporters to stone Calvert's house.

Remember the saying -"Tell me who is your friend and I will tell who you are" dear Goenkarando, would you allow your own children or family members to move in the company of bad items? Think first and react.

Alexender , Colva

Mr. Calvert, Writing that entire story below by you does not provide any proof against Fr. Diogo or the Bishop. You are calling people names and you are trying to say that you have won against Mr. Menino, which I do not think so. You are asked to prove your allegations. Just by writing the big story you are not proving anything. If you are so sure about the misdeeds of Fr. Diogo and like you say that Fr. Diogo has sexual relations with the old lady, come out in the open and get some concrete proofs and show us. Other wise just sit quietly at home. Give one good reason as to why your house should not be stoned? When you point one finger at the priest and the church the other fingers point towards you. You are challenging Mr. Menino to work with you, assist you. But I challenge you display the evidence of all the allegations and I myself will support you fully. I do not know about Menino, but I think he too has said the same thing. Don’t write another big tiatre here (story) to twist the matter to your suitability. Writing long stories does not get you anywhere. All you said was you took the spade and did the shoveling of facts. Where are the facts? You say you have provided the bishop with the proofs so why are you afraid to provide them on this blog for everybody? You have no proofs, you are just using your tongue to malign the church and its priests. Why should we or Menino go to the bishop to ask for your proofs? The Bishop or Menino or myself never wrote something rubbish against the church or its priests. When you have done something you should provide the proofs also. So stop writing stories and come up with the proofs Calvert

Joe Rebello , Panjim

Hi All

I always believe that critics improve performance. That is when the criticism is constructive and is directed with a right purpose of making the necessary change. Criticism should not be done by keeping ancient beliefs at the back of one's mind. In this case it’s an age old notion that one should not be talking against a Priest. But before criticising, one has to see if one is worthy of criticising. It means that one has to do the spade work himself or herself first and not just sit and keep giving garbage that things have to be done in this and that manner.

I have been reading comments on the net about my music cd “Dogui Bodmas”. People have been graceful to accept truth whereas some have just preferred to keep quiet after sufficient matter was posted on the net regarding Fr Diogo – Parish Priest of Colva. There is Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) who makes it appear that he’s got all the knowledge in the world including that of Colva Parish Priest – Fr Diogo. Menino asks me to give proof of Fr Diogo’s misdeeds & at the same time he says that he agrees to whatever that is put about Mickky on my music cd “Dogui Bodmas”. I wonder what proof he has got of Mickky. What proof does Menino need and in what form?

I respect everyone’s views but everyone’s views need not be correct. We have to listen, listen and keep listening before we pass judgements. Specially when one is not well acquainted with the matter like that of Fr Diogo’s. Surely Menino does not know what he is talking about and he needs to educate himself first before even entertaining the thought of passing his crude judgements. The Church in Goa does not believe in “Right to information Act”. Hence they keep away vital record from us, the Roman Catholics. It's through other sources that we get vital information. The whole system stinks.

I am not here to win arguments with Menino. It’s my birthright to oppose the wrong doing of this rogue priest Fr Diogo who is on a rampage of looting & leading a cool married type of a life. Menino wants me to see his comments as to what he has written about me. I have personally done the spade work with my friends and well wishers. People have openly come out and exposed more rogue priests since 28th December, 2009 (the day my house was stoned).

As I have mentioned earlier, I have posted some proof on “goa kranti”. After my interview on Prudent Media on 1st March, 2010, Fr Francisco Caldeira responded on Prudent Media that I should provide proof to substantiate my allegation. I sent sufficient proof to the Archbishop which I have posed on “goa kranti”. The bishop's secretary on behalf of the Bishop responded by asking me to meet an unnamed representative selected to hear my grievances. I insisted that I as a Roman Catholic wanted to meet the Archbishop but this was ignored. The Bishop is never available to the common man. He rules from a Palace and refuses to meet his flock to sort out their problems. Why then is he occupying the chair? The Archbishop is supposed to meet his suffering flock when they have serious problems. Specially when the problem is a priest Fr Diogo. As is the normal practice, those at the Bishop's house systematically let the issue die out by wasting time and giving talks along the way. They also instigate others against you if the allegation is very serious in nature like “Dogui Bodmas” where the facts are glaring at everyone’s face. For those at the Bishop’s Palace, it is “My ship my order”. They use the pulpit very effectively to malign those opposing them. The pulpit is not available to the common man to reply and prove innocent.

Once again I say that I am willing to come for an audience with the Archbishop. Let his whole delegation come along with Fr Diogo Fernandes – The Parish Priest of Colva. I don’t need to prove that Fr Diogo is continuously begging for money at all the Holy Mass’s? Do I have to prove that Fr Diogo freely goes around with this lady almost everywhere? Everyone can see that. Do I have to prove that Fr Diogo has appointed one Salvador Fernandes alias Salu Chapot as the Attorney of the Fabrica and one Agnel Santimano as the treasurer of Fabrica? I have provided documentary proof to the Archbishop of Salu's cheating cases. Whereas Agnel Santimano is renting rooms at the Beach to prostitutes and young unwedded couples.

There have been many raids carried out by Police. You can even come and see for yourself – The cottages are called Santimano cottages. Do I have to prove that the Archdiocese of Goa is rampantly selling Church property? Caranzalem and Benaulim are prime examples. The Benaulim property was on record shown as being sold at Rs 2.40paise per square meter. These are just a few facts (not allegations). If anyone needs this proved, they have to do their own ground work by going around Goa. You will get to know much more.

Menino can certainly ask the Archbishop to clarify his stand on the issue & ask him if Calvert’s claims are right or wrong. Let the Archbishop say that Calvert is wrong. All that the Archbishop has done so far is send his Gonvllik chitt in support of Fr Diogo which sympathises with Fr Diogo’s unholy deeds made holy in the said letter which says “the Colva parish priest, Fr Diogo Fernandes, who “had to suffer a great deal because of the above mentioned CD: we extend to him our heartfelt solidarity,” the letter commends his self-restraint and his appeal to his parishioners to exercise the same, even in the face of the defamation he was being subjected to” The Arch Bishop is greatly concerned that Fr Diogo has suffered after being exposed. Is it wrong to call a thief a thief and a Romeo a Romeo?

All that Archbishop has said so far in his “Gonvlik Chit” is that I should not have done all that I did because I am a Catholic. He has also said that they are in support of Fr Diogo in the hour of distress. Nowhere has the most honourable Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao said that the matter on the CD is wrong. Menino and his type take a note of this.

Menino and his type are spectators watching a football match. They say “He should have taken the free kick like this and like that”. They themselves cannot do it but are free to talk. If Menino and his type cannot do the spade work like my friends and myself, he should keep quiet and assist us by giving suggestions as to how we can be more effective. Menino is giving me his email id but not his phone number and address. Come on Menino. I am fighting for an issue that is rotting our Roman Catholic setup and if not corrected, the whole thing will become a bazaar.

One last thing that I need to tell Menino and his type… “It’s better to be thought a fool rather then to speak up and clear all doubts”.

I thank all those who have supported me. You all have inspired me to do better the next time. I assure you that I will not let you down.

Calvert Gonsalves

H.No.62, Copelwado

Sernabatim Colva

Salcete Goa


calvert gonsalves , colva

Calvert there are two querries put to you by Mr. Menino & Mr. Jose. As you said please answer them. Can you? Your arguments are neither your defence nor the proof of what you sang on your CDs about Fr. Diogo or the Church

Lily Gracias , Panjim

OK Calvert, show us a proof or hard and concrete evidence of your allegations against Fr. Diogo and also proof of the Church acting as a Mafia. Look we do not want your arguments but evidence or proof that the Church is acting as a mafia. Just because you made a CD (dogui bodmas) it is no evidence or proof to support your allegations against Fr. Diogo or the Church. Just because you identified yourself does not mean we have to believe your nonsence and rubbish. There are so many people identifying themselves on this blog and write sense and act sensibly unlike you. you are totally naive, irresponsible and ignorant to promote your CD.

Jose Noronha , Mapuca

Dear Calvert, I have also heard your DOGUI BODMAS.

1) You are talking about Fr. Diogo, which I do not agree with. There are lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration before accusing the priest. I would really like to ask: Do you HAVE ANY PROOF THAT FR. DIOGO IS LIVING AN IMMORAL LIFE WITH THAT LADY? As I have mentioned in my earlier comments that “if Calvert can provide hard evidence or proof of the fact that Fr. Diogo is leading that type of life, then I shall be the first one to support Calvert openly” and my words stand you can verify that on my other comments on GoaNews about your CD and church. How can you say the Church is a Mafia? Have you any proof of its MAFIA-ship?

2) All your songs on CD Dogui Bodmas concerning Mickky Pacheco, are absolutely true and that is the truth because I know that it is truth. I fully support you on that and I fully agree with you on that.

3) If you don’t believe me you can visit the following links and the other link is and the third link is in the third link I have put a title or credit in words about your CD and its truth I have uploaded a couple of video clips of the NDTV news and my own clip and see all of my comments and the description of the videos in the description column. You will come to know what I have written about you. And by the way I know you very well though you may have forgotten me.

After this if you feel that I have unnecessarily been getting at you then I have no words…..If you or anybody wish to communicate with me this is my email ID . I fight for right and against the wrong and evildoers and the evil. Thanks – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

All that I can say after reading all the comments on the net is that many Goans have not got to understand the issue. My letters are posted on “Goa Kranti”. I will be obliged to scrutinize any issue with substance so that the necessary change can be made. My phone number is 91 – 9922313214. I have been very blunt to point out the wrong which is not taken well by many. The Church is not exactly guiding people to vote for the right candidates but for candidates that have been kind to them in more ways then one. I have not thrown stones by hiding in bushes. I have also disclosed my identity. Some people claim to know me from my roots. Why then are they not trying to solve the issue and only trying to create a debate which leads them nowhere? I am open to criticism & I believe we can make a change together without getting at each other's necks. Whatever I have put on my music CD “Dogui Bodmas” is true and is coming true as everyone can see. Put forward your queries and I will give you the proof you require. Calvert Gonsalves, H.No.62, Copelwado Sernabatim, Colva Salcete Goa.

calvert gonsalves , colva

Mr. Calvert allegations one who feel then why Bishop stand for this issue and prove it so that the people of Goa will have clear picture of the Church. Bishop is head of the

churches he must intervene and check what;s going on in and where about church.

Priest must stay away from politics and that

Fr.Diago issue must bring to the clear prove only then people will be satisfy and Calvert

will be baseless his allegation till then people still have doubt and it will remain


Domnick , Goa

Pradip apologies accepted but let us not drag the topic because UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Let the bygone be bygone. I don't keep in mind such things. I was a bit hurt, that's all. But it is all over and we Goans have to be united lest as usual someone else takes the advantage of us. But let me also tell you that I know Calvert from his roots - Thanks Menino

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

It is not that I choose to spit venom or anything like that on anyone. What bothers me most is the way Goans handle issues dealing with the Church. I wonder how many scandals have been hidden in Goa simply because no one wanted to ruin the name to the Church.

I would be very interested in knowing your views on the Pope scandal and how you view the people who brought this scandal to light.

Are the victims made up?

And Menino, if I came across harsh, I do apologise. That was not my intention.

As for Jane, I have nothing to say. All I can say is that I am a proud Goan, Fr Niclao antao my uncle was principle of xaviers coll in mapusa, the antao's of betalbatim are first cousins and the late tito menezes judicial comm of goa and freedom fighter for Goa's liberation was my uncle.

I could go on about my family, but I won't.

I hope you understand that I get offended whenever issues are dealt with by stone throwing mobs and politicians with questionable backgrounds.

pradip francis rodrigues , toronto

Who is this Pradip Francis Rodrigues? Looks like you are as ignorant as your comment. I think it is you who has uncommon sense since you cannot understand the clear Engilish written by Mr. Meninio. I have never seen another stupid and brainless character than you Pradip.

Jane de Sa , Margao

Dear Pradip F. Rodrigues, Since you have attacked me personally, let me tell you that if I have come to UK it is only to earn some money and then go home (Goa) and settle down for good. Have you come to Toronto using your uncommon sense and have permanently made Toronto your abode? I am alone here. My wife and my sons are back at home unlike yours. Which uncommon sense did you use to settle with your family in Toronto, leaving your beloved Goa and your beloved Calvert? If you find me, who has come in search of living "Medevial," what about you who left Goa for good? I have made a clear choice that I shall earn some money and go back. What choice have you made? I am sure your children must be saying "I don't know Konkani” My children don't say that. They are fluent in Konkani our mother tongue. They read, write & speak both in Devnagiri and Roman script just like me even though they were born and brought up in Kuwait and plus fluent English. Can your highly common sensed children and you do so like me? My dear, try to come out of your HIGH UNCOMMON SENSES AND STOP ACTING LIKE A NAIVE AND READ AND GET THE MEANING OF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN. If settlers like you had some common sense……. I would have said a lot more, but no, I am not insane like you to attack somebody personally. And I do not have anything against you. The way you spat venom against me it looks like you, a HIGH COMMON SENSED fellow, is totally senseless - Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Menino is probably right when he thinks the Church in Goa ought to guide the faithful flock towards the right political candidate, because they probably don't have the intellect to make right choices in life.

How medieval is that? And Menino himself lives in the UK, among sophisticated people who believe human beings have the right to think. How did Menino make the choice to leave Goa for the UK, was that decision made by a priest or did he use his uncommon sense? Why did he leave to live among people he obviously has nothing in common with in the UK and abandon his semi-literate band of Goans in Goa? He obviously belongs in Goa where his every decision in life is decided by a priest.

How quaint.'

Menino should really be talking to the Irish catholics right now to understand how wrong it was to believe in priests and never question.

pradip francis rodrigues , toronto

I fully support the say of Fr. Francis Caldeira, the spokesperson for the Goa Church. How can Calvert object to the Church participating in the elections? The Church means us all the Catholics, who attend the religious activities of the Church. In that case, all the Catholics should stop voting during the elections according to Calvert. Even the Priests as citizens of India have to cast their votes, being the citizens of India. The Church authorities have to caution its Faithfull to vote the right person. It is a moral guidance by the Church to get proper and right persons elected. Whatever be the case whilst voting……

Till now, has Calvert and his cronies proved any of their allegations? They just made allegations. If they prove,then let Calvert prove it publicly on an Oath. There is a saying in Konkani “Nhoinchem thond ani monxeachem thond konnacheanuch bond korunk zainam” and “Jibek khoim hadd nam” ti koxii cholta. – Menino (Valpoi)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain



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