Sunday 23 June 2024

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Singapore style policing in Goa ?

It would be a serious punishable offence if you spit, smoke, urinate, throw garbage, fly kites, fire crackers or even behave indecently in public places in Goa, a la Singapore, once the draft Goa Police ... READ

Will Supreme Court uphold dhirio ban ?

The movement against cruelty to animals started by MP Maneka Gandhi may get a leap forward if the Supreme Court upholds the Mumbai high court's order to ban traditional bull fights in Goa, known as ... READ

Bull owners furious over court ban on dhirio

The landmark judgement of the Panaji bench of Mumbai high court, banning the traditional bull fights, known popularly as dhirio, has shocked over five lakh dhirio lovers and around 2000 families directly or indirectly dependent ... READ

Dhirio (Bull Fights) in danger ?

The bulls race into the ring from opposite directions... catch sight of each other... and screech to a hoof-scraping halt...Tails go up and rigid, like the banners of medieval knightsgoing into battle... hoofs churn the ... READ