Tuesday 21 May 2024

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Mining industry asks to curb illegal mining

Following the people as well as few legislators, now it is the mining industry itself that has come forward, perhaps for the first time, demanding to immediately put to a stop to the illegal mining ... READ

Control iron ore exports 'for' India: Chatterjee

India’s steel expert has said that the country needs to control the export of its iron ore reserves which is inevitable to meet the requirement for the projected steel production in the country. READ

Mining & builders cause floods

Sanam Vinayak Naik, the eight-year schoolgoer, was sitting in his uncle's shop in Ponda (famous for temples in Goa) with his mother, waiting for the rains to stop. Skipping his mother's eyes, he ran out ... READ

Is mining lobby losing hold over Goan polity ?

The 'economics of politics' is changing, thirty seven years after liberation of Goa. Over 40-year old business lobby, which was powerful even during the Portuguese regime, is now slowly losing its hold over the local ... READ